Pioneering new equipment, the 100,000-yuan automatic pickup truck King Kong Cannon was officially launched

Pioneering new equipment, the 100,000-yuan automatic pickup truck King Kong Cannon was officially launched

A well-off society looks at pickup trucks, and thousands of industries are diamond guns. On March 2, 2023, another product of Great Wall Cannon that practiced category innovation-the King Kong Cannon automatic transmission model was launched at the Haikou Auto Show.

King Kong cannon automatic transmission has two kinds of diesel/gasoline power, two/four-wheel drive, and three types of cargo boxes: standard box/long box/flat box. The official suggested retail price of gasoline models is 97,800-113,800 yuan. The suggested retail price is 104,800-120,800 yuan.

In order to give back to new and old users, if you buy a King Kong cannon with automatic transmission, you can also enjoy a “70,002-year 0-interest financial gift, a 5,000 yuan/unit replacement gift, 80,000 points/shell for recommending a friend to buy a car, and 20,000 points/shell for buying a car yourself Recommendation gift” triple benefits.

  Category innovation King Kong gun AT leads the value benchmark

The Diamond Cannon automatic transmission model is positioned as a “100,000 yuan-level automatic transmission pickup” to bring users a super cost-effective choice. The four extreme products of “King Kong” strive to create new equipment for entrepreneurship, helping users to do business well and live better!

  Hardcore King Kong, powerful

2.0T+6AT golden power combination, the power is efficient, mature and stable, among which the maximum torque of diesel is 400N m, the maximum torque of gasoline is 360N m, the torque is huge and powerful. 6AT has super high cost performance, and the transmission has passed the rigorous test of 300,000 kilometers. The technology is mature, the quality is reliable, and commercial transportation is more assured.

  King Kong quality, extremely reliable

The diamond cannon is built on the same platform as the Great Wall cannon, which has the inherent advantages of high load capacity, high reliability and high safety; the Jingmen smart factory guarantees the high quality of the product. In terms of safety configuration, it is equipped with ESP and four-wheel discs as standard. brake, reversing radar, automatic parking, etc., to ensure the safety of users in an all-round way.

  super power king kong

1.82m flat long box, square/round barrels can be placed at will, 3 times of transportation can be changed into 2 times, and the more you pull, the more you can earn;

Ultra-small turning diameter, easy to handle U-turns/turns in mountainous areas and narrow road conditions;

It is equipped with high-brightness cargo box lighting as standard, which is very convenient for loading and unloading in the early morning or evening market loading and unloading.

  Fashion King Kong, giant face

The King Kong Cannon automatic transmission vehicle adopts the design concept of “minimalist aesthetics”, which subverts the image of the traditional pickup tool truck. The newly designed appearance of the championship belt and the grille, and the interior design of passenger comfort ensure that it is more convenient to go out and talk about business, and at the same time The spacious rear passenger space, high door frame/low threshold and other designs also bring you a better passenger experience.

In addition, Great Wall Pickup has 2,000+ sales and service outlets across the country, the sales and service are the most convenient, and Great Wall Pickup is highly recognized, and the value preservation rate of used cars is high. The five-year residual value can reach 47%, and the second-hand market is rushing to buy it!

  Deeply plowing the business alliance to create and help new agriculture

Pickup trucks are not only consumption on wheels, but also value creators on wheels. As a representative of people’s livelihood vehicles, pickup trucks are widely used in various industries such as national large-scale infrastructure, urban life security, and private economic development.

As a leader in pickup trucks, Great Wall Pao has always fulfilled its industry responsibilities, insisted on product category innovation, and user ecological construction. Relying on the industrial Internet, it has joined hands with users to create King Kong Alliance, King Kong Business School, and King Kong Products, and realize co-creation, sharing, and innovation with users. Win-win, continue to be committed to creating value cars and people’s livelihood cars for thousands of industries, helping users to do business well and live better!

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