Pioneer anti-aging force, protect women’s “muscle” wisdom

The gentle wind and drizzle are not as good as your gentleness, and the time is full of confidence and smiles. Women in the new era do not need to be defined to express themselves. The March 8th is the right time to pamper yourself. Since its inception, 111SKIN has always adhered to its original intention and is committed to protecting the healthy beauty of women’s skin. And use professional medical concepts and technologies to solve women’s skin problems, so that every woman can enjoy the beauty of self-confidence.

111SKIN helps all women to be healthy and confident, and regain their youthful posture. Heal the traces of time, and protect women’s “muscle” wisdom with the pioneering power of anti-ageing. Ace Black Diamond series is specially designed to protect young skin. It integrates the core black diamond particle technology. By opening the micro-channels of the skin, it seals the activity of nutrients and helps the maintenance ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and better exert the maintenance effect. It has excellent anti-aging effect. Aging, effective in preventing and improving the efficacy of visible signs of aging.

To solve skin fine lines and aging problems, start with delicate skin care at night. After cleansing the facial skin, you can choose to use 111SKIN Black Diamond 1% Retinol Essential Oil to apply evenly on the face, and gently massage until absorbed. 111SKIN Black Diamond 1% Retinol Essence Oil is 111SKIN’s flagship product. With 1% high-concentration retinol essence formula equipped with cutting-edge black diamond particle technology, it can directly deliver luxury nutrients deep into the skin, Repair and improve skin aging problems from the source. 111SKIN Black Diamond 1% Retinol Essence Oil has obvious and excellent anti-aging effects, accelerates the speed of cell renewal, and effectively rejuvenates the skin.

Facial skin needs multi-level care, and the role of face cream should not be underestimated. 111SKIN Black Diamond Essence Cream contains precious ingredients such as licorice root, hyaluronic acid, and centella asiatica. It also adds 111SKIN’s exclusive patented ingredient-NAC Y2, which can not only help the facial skin to restore a translucent, elastic, and delicate youthful radiance, but also Provides an anti-oxidant protective film on the outside to help the skin reduce external damage. The rich essence formula can nourish the horny barrier in time and intensively repair dry and dehydrated skin.

In addition to night skin care, day care and maintenance can not be ignored. Under the basic sun protection measures, if you want to keep the facial skin white and moist, you need to choose 111SKIN Black Diamond Vitamin C Brightening Essence to use in conjunction with other moisturizing products. Containing licorice root, glutathione and rich vitamin C ingredients, 111SKIN Black Diamond Vitamin C Brightening Essence acts like a booster, introducing these concentrated active ingredients into the skin, while helping whitening and anti-oxidation, it can also Effectively improves hyperpigmentation, age spots, uneven skin tone and dullness. The formula of 111SKIN Black Diamond Vitamin C Brightening Essence is mild and non-irritating, light and easy to absorb. It is an efficient product to improve facial whitening and smoothness. It is very suitable for young and old skin with uneven skin tone.

The 38th Festival skin care is proper, resisting the wind and frost of the years with professionalism, entering a new era of anti-aging together with 111SKIN, and witnessing women’s “muscle” wisdom with the pioneering power of condensing time. The luxury black diamond series resists the signs of aging and protects every woman’s self-confidence and upward posture.

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