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Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch: Won the 2023 “Excellence Award for Serving the Real Economy” & “Contribution Award for Serving Rural Revitalization”

Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch: Won the 2023 “Excellence Award for Serving the Real Economy” & “Contribution Award for Serving Rural Revitalization”

Recently, Jinyun New Media Group’s “2023 Financial Industry Brand Ranking Selection” was announced. In this selection, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch won the “Excellence Award for Serving the Real Economy” and the “Contribution Award for Serving Rural Revitalization”.

As an annual financial brand event in Tianjin, the Financial Industry Brand Ranking has been successfully held for fifteen consecutive years. The event is hosted by Jinyun and has attracted more and more attention and attention from the financial industry, and has had a wide impact. , has become an important industry event to showcase the development style of Tianjin’s financial industry. Adhering to the consistent rigorous, scientific, objective and fair stance, this selection solicited votes from netizens in Jincheng, and a jury of authoritative experts and scholars selected a total of 22 awards, covering banking, insurance, trust and other fields. With a professional attitude, we listen to the real voices of the people, select the best in various fields, and help promote high-quality brands.

It is reported that Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch has continued to proactively adapt to the new normal of economic development in recent years, and is oriented to serving national strategies and the real economy, seizing development opportunities brought by the construction of the Tianjin Free Trade Zone and the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and focusing on the insurance industry. To ensure functions and serve the overall economic and social situation, it has been the chief underwriter of many Tianjin rail transit projects for many consecutive years; it has been the chief underwriter of the insurance projects of China National Offshore Oil Corporation for many consecutive years; it has been the chief underwriter of the Tianjin Expressway Group’s package insurance projects for many consecutive years. Exclusively underwrites Tianjin lawyer professional liability insurance projects, school liability insurance projects for primary and secondary schools in some areas of Tianjin; Tianjin Emergency Bureau safety production liability insurance, Tianjin Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee safety production liability insurance, Transportation Commission safety production liability insurance and other large-scale projects, fully supporting It has reached the role of “social stabilizer”.

Relying on its rich insurance product supply system and innovative ecological service advantages, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch has been the chief underwriter of a new airport maintenance hangar project at a Saudi international airport for 23 years, with an insurance amount of US$577 million. It also participated in the underwriting of an Indonesian steel plant. , nickel smelting plant construction and other projects provide solid guarantee for escorting the “Belt and Road” cooperation projects. In the future, the company will strengthen its interconnected cooperation with the global insurance market, jointly create a win-win international insurance cooperation mechanism for all parties, and protect Chinese enterprises’ “going out”.

In addition, under the guidance and guidance of the Group’s “Three Villages Project”, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch has actively responded to the deployment of rural revitalization work from 2021 to the present, and carried out the “Rural Style Civilization 100” activities in 13 grassroots towns in Tianjin, with a total donation value of Over 450,000 yuan of grassroots party building materials, and the two bases jointly established a party building cultural propaganda position; supported the organization of the “Ping An Cup Beautiful Countryside Health Run” in Baodi District, and the “Tulip Festival Opening Ceremony and International Flower Planting Seminar and Exchange Meeting” in Yuelong Town, Ninghe District , “Hemei Rural Basketball Competition (Village BA)” in Duliu Town, Jinghai District, and other activities to deeply explore agricultural, cultural and agricultural tourism resources; actively design the integrated application of agricultural insurance with credit, guarantee and other financial tools, and explore a variety of “insurance +” initiatives , forming a “revitalization and guarantee” model. So far, it has successfully assisted in the implementation of exclusive loans such as “custodian loans”, “beef cattle loans” and “greenhouse loans” in Jizhou and Baodi, and has provided a total of nearly one million yuan in industrial loan discounts and rural revitalization funds. , leveraging tens of millions of yuan in loans to the agricultural industry to help revitalize the industry; through online and offline cooperative sales of nearly 10,000 high-quality specialty agricultural products in Tianjin, we continue to polish the golden sign of “Tianjin Agricultural Products”.

In the future, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch will also focus deeply on the economic and people’s livelihood fields to play the role of insurance protection, continuously improve the ability and level of financial services to the real economy to protect social and people’s livelihood, inject financial power into serving the real economy, and add financial vitality to assist rural revitalization. , continue to explore and launch high-quality insurance, financial, medical and health products and services to help Tianjin’s high-quality economic development.

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