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Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch: “Gathering financial power to create a better life” to help post-disaster reconstruction and financial knowledge “into rural areas” activities

Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch: “Gathering financial power to create a better life” to help post-disaster reconstruction and financial knowledge “into rural areas” activities

In order to implement the spirit of the “Notice on Strengthening Financial Services to Support the Implementation of Post-Disaster Reconstruction” issued by the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, the Tianjin Branch of the People’s Bank of China, and the Tianjin Local Financial Supervision Administration, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch collaborated with Beijing Branch and Hebei Branch, relying on the “Safety Guardian Action” public welfare volunteer brand, held the “Gathering Financial Power to Create a Better Life” event to assist post-disaster reconstruction and financial knowledge “into the countryside”. Through a combination of online and offline activities, the activities covered 12 disaster-stricken villages in Jinghai District of Tianjin, Fangshan District and Mentougou District of Beijing, and Langfang City of Hebei.

Do practical things for the people and assist in post-disaster reconstruction

The disaster-stricken areas in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region have fully entered the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction stage. Ping An Property & Casualty’s Tianjin Branch, Beijing Branch, and Hebei Branch proactively provide disaster-receiving market entities and provide pre-disaster reconstruction services to help the affected people tide over the difficulties. In order to help villagers in the disaster-stricken areas of “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei” restore normal production and living order as soon as possible, Ping An Group’s subsidiaries in the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei” region brought edible oil to 12 severely affected villages in Fangshan, Mentougou, Tianjin Jinghai, and Langfang Bazhou. , rice and other daily necessities, and brought school bags, pencils, erasers, rulers and other school supplies to local disaster-stricken schools to help people in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei disaster area rebuild after the disaster.

Gather financial forces to improve the quality and efficiency of rural financial services

In order to conscientiously provide financial services for flood prevention and disaster relief and disaster-stricken market entities, and to do practical things for the people, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch has given full play to the comprehensive financial advantages of Ping An Group, linking Ping An Puhui Tianjin Branch, Ping An Life Insurance Tianjin Branch, and Ping An Health Tianjin Insurance Company Tianjin Branch, Ping An Pension Insurance Tianjin Branch, Ping An Pension Insurance Tianjin Branch, Ping An Bank Tianjin Branch and other professional companies in Tianjin have established a “financial service team” to organize professionals to provide answers to villagers and people in the disaster-stricken areas at the event site, covering banking, insurance, health, pension, difficult issues in various financial services such as credit, and at the same time explain financial fraud cases to villagers, popularize anti-fraud and prevention points, help villagers understand financial knowledge, and strengthen risk prevention awareness.

The three parties involved in the event conducted a live broadcast of the online consumer protection “Cloud Class” through Ping An’s online platform, realizing online interaction in Fangshan and Mentougou in Beijing, Jinghai in Tianjin and Langfang in Hebei. The “Cloud Classroom” uses live broadcast to explain to the disaster-stricken people in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei how to take personal protection and escape in an orderly manner during disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and fires. It also explains the knowledge and methods of post-disaster epidemic prevention and disease prevention, and introduces the impact of flood disasters. The impact of agricultural production, with an emphasis on prevention knowledge and skills.

In the future, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch will always adhere to the “customer-centered” business philosophy, take it as its mission to satisfy people’s yearning for a better life, persist in inheriting and carrying forward the Ping An spirit of “struggle and enterprising, and overcome difficulties”, and practice Guided by people-centered and high-quality development, we will continuously improve our social service capabilities and demonstrate our new responsibilities and new outlook in protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers.

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