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Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch: 315 financial consumer rights protection publicity “Five Entry” activities were carried out smoothly

Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch: 315 financial consumer rights protection publicity “Five Entry” activities were carried out smoothly

In order to enhance consumers’ awareness of consumer protection, further enhance consumers’ awareness and ability to safeguard legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law, and improve financial service satisfaction, during the 2024 “3.15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin The branch organized and carried out a number of “Five Entry” education and publicity activities to explain financial consumption precautions to consumers face-to-face.

“Five Entry” activities – entering school

On March 11, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch launched the 2024 “March 15” educational campaign to eliminate campus loans at the Dagang No. 5 Middle School in Binhai New Area to promote to teachers and students to stay away from “campus loans”, illegal fund-raising, and popularize financial knowledge. , rational consumption concepts, popularization of basic consumer rights, correct ways to protect rights, etc. Remind teachers and students to establish correct values ​​and consumption concepts.

“Five Entries” Activity – Entering the Rural Areas

On March 13, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch went deep into Baodi District to carry out the “Going to Rural Areas” activity. By setting up a consultation desk and distributing promotional leaflets, it targeted the basic rights of financial consumers, preventing telecommunications fraud, and preventing illegal fund-raising. , providing in-depth and simple explanations for rural consumers. An interactive Q&A session was also held at the event to provide one-on-one answers to villagers’ questions and further deepen their understanding of financial knowledge. Villagers present said that this educational activity gave them a clearer understanding of the rights and interests of financial consumers and enhanced their awareness of protecting personal information and account security.


“Five Entries” Activity – Entering the Business District

On March 13, Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch launched a financial knowledge promotion activity with the theme of “Financial consumer protection is by your side to protect rights and prevent risks” at Huicheng Plaza in Dongli District. At the event, many citizens consulted on consumer rights protection issues, and the staff present patiently explained them with easy-to-understand cases. The consumers at the scene included old, middle-aged and young people, and paid special attention to the explanation of the eight basic rights and interests of financial consumers. For the elderly groups around the business district, the staff actively promoted financial knowledge on preventing illegal fund-raising, telecom and network fraud, etc. to improve the elderly’s risk prevention capabilities. The atmosphere of on-site interactive communication was warm and harmonious. At the same time, the staff also distributed promotional materials to nearby shops, actively popularized financial knowledge such as anti-money laundering, and promoted the principles of honesty and trustworthiness in insurance. This promotional activity has been unanimously recognized and praised by shopping mall consumers and business circles.

Through this event, financial consumers can understand basic financial knowledge and prevent financial risks in a more intuitive way. Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch will also continue to carry out other colorful financial knowledge promotion activities to help consumer groups establish the concepts of rational consumption and value investment, effectively do practical things for consumers, solve problems, enhance consumers’ sense of access to financial services, and provide Financial consumers are protected.

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