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Ping An Annuity Insurance Tianjin Branch carried out a promotional activity on the theme of “Keep the money bag and protect the happy family” on 6.15 to prevent illegal fund-raising

In order to strictly implement the relevant spirit of the 2023 Prevention of Illegal Fund-raising Publicity Month at all levels, comprehensively promote the deepening of publicity and education on the prevention of illegal fund-raising, and improve the risk awareness and prevention capabilities of the general public, on the morning of June 15, Tianjin Branch of Ping An Pension Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ping An Annuity Tianjin Branch) participated in the People’s Park hosted by the Financial Bureau of Hexi District, the Propaganda Department of the District Party Committee, the Political and Legal Committee of the District Party Committee, the Hexi Branch of the Public Security Bureau, the District Procuratorate, the District Court, the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the District Market Supervision Bureau , District Judicial Bureau, Xiawafang Sub-district and other departments and units jointly carried out the publicity campaign on the theme of preventing illegal fund-raising of “keep the money bag and protect the happy home”.

During the publicity campaign, the publicity film will be played on the LED screen, the publicity audio will be played through the speakers in the park, a publicity stand will be set up at the publicity event site, publicity cloth labels will be hung, publicity posters will be posted, and publicity materials such as promotional leaflets, handbags, and wet tissues will be distributed.

Ping An Annuity Tianjin Branch analyzed the methods of illegal financial crimes by interpreting industry policies and laws and regulations, explaining typical cases, guiding and preventing investment risks, and reminding the general public to strengthen prevention of various illegal fund-raising behaviors, so that ” The concept of promoting capital preservation and high returns is financial fraud is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

This campaign distributed more than 5,000 publicity materials of various types, which improved the ability to recognize and prevent fraud, and was warmly welcomed by the general public, helping to form a social atmosphere of mass prevention and mass governance.

On the 6.15 theme publicity day, Hexi District used more than 150 bulletin boards in various communities to post promotional posters, used more than 50 electronic screens of financial institutions in the jurisdiction to play promotional slogans, used publicity screens at important intersections to play publicity films, and used the “Shoushan Hexi” website , “Tianjin Hexi” and “Financial Hexi” WeChat public accounts, Hexi Cable TV, Douyin and other new media resources carried out all-round publicity, creating a strong publicity atmosphere for preventing illegal fund-raising.

In the next step, Ping An Annuity Tianjin Branch will, in accordance with the requirements of the District Financial Bureau and other government documents at all levels, further implement the relevant spirit of the publicity month, continue to promote the publicity month to prevent illegal fund-raising publicity activities to penetrate to the grassroots, realize the normalization of publicity and education work, and raise the awareness of the general public. The awareness of preventing various financial risks contributes to building a harmonious and stable financial environment.

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