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PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch held the “Friendly Oxygen and Fresh Gas Run Vitality and Health Tour” offline group running event

PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch held the “Friendly Oxygen and Fresh Gas Run Vitality and Health Tour” offline group running event

  The breeze is gentle and the flowers are blooming. On the morning of October 21st, PICC Life Insurance’s “Friendly Oxygen and Fresh Gas Run for Vitality and Health” themed running group event Tianjin Station was officially launched at Nan Cuiping Park, Nankai District, Tianjin City. There were more than 150 people from internal and external staff and customers of PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch. Participate in activities. This event was hosted by PICC Life Insurance Company and hosted by Tianjin Branch. The leaders of the branch attached great importance to it. Comrade Feng Jianghai, member of the party committee of the branch, deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, assistant to the general manager, and chairman of the labor union, as well as responsible comrades of relevant departments and institutions, Most of the company’s back-office employees participated in the event.

Before the start of the race, all contestants conducted pre-run warm-ups and stretching preparations under the leadership of professional coaches, and fully activated their physical fitness. The athletes were very enthusiastic about sports. At the beginning of the competition, the contestants raced against time on the 4km track with full passion, enjoying the joy of exercise, admiring the scenery along the way, and going all out for the final sprint. After fierce competition, the top 20 people in the “Friendly Oxygen and Fresh Gas Run” Tianjin Station were finally determined. Branch leaders awarded prizes to the winners. The event also presented exquisite commemorative prizes to all contestants who completed the competition. The event set up mini-games with various interesting scenes at the end of the race, such as “Blindfolded Fighting”, “Don’t Fall Down the Forest”, etc., so that runners after finishing the run could relax and experience the infinite fun brought by the game, and enhance the experience of participating in the event.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the event, the Tianjin branch made comprehensive arrangements in terms of event supplies, medical rescue, and professional logistics support. It set up medical stations and arranged staff to arrange two supply points along the way to provide functional drinks and energy foods. PICC Life Insurance insurance protection services are provided for each player to ensure that every event participant is safe, secure and satisfied.

Advocate green sports and highlight dynamic life. The Tianjin branch actively responded to the deployment of the head office, adhering to the glorious mission of “people’s insurance serving the people”, and made meticulous preparations and organized this healthy running event, so that all participants can take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen their physical fitness and fall in love with sports and pay attention to their health. In turn, the family and society are more harmonious, and the event has won unanimous praise from all participants.

PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch will take this event as an opportunity to continuously enhance the close relationship with customers. All the branch’s cadres, employees and business partners will unite as one, have the courage to work hard, and work hand in hand with our customers towards the future. .

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