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PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch held a mobilization meeting for the first quarter peak of 2024

PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch held a mobilization meeting for the first quarter peak of 2024

On October 9, 2023, PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch held a mobilization meeting for the first quarter of 2024. Comrade Tong Tong, the main person in charge of the branch, made a concluding speech, and Comrade Du Zhibin, a senior expert of the branch, chaired the meeting. Members of the branch party committee, general manager’s office, heads of various agencies, heads of departments, and senior managers attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, the Financial Accounting Department first conducted the branch’s 2023 operating analysis and financial analysis; the Individual Insurance Business Development Department, Individual Insurance Human Resources Development Department, Individual Insurance New Army Development Department, Banking Insurance Division, and Group Insurance Division respectively conducted their own analysis. The key work of the channel will be reported on the first quarter peak work; the person in charge of each business unit will conduct a first quarter peak work report from the review of holiday marketing work, the breakdown of Honor Xinsheng’s goals and the first quarter peak work measures. Comrade Xu Chunsheng and Comrade Feng Jianghai analyzed and commented on the business development of large individual insurance channels and syndicated channels respectively and put forward work requirements.The meeting emphasized thatWe must “revere the goals and keep the bottom line”, “strengthen the diamond diamond”, “innovate and strive for excellence and set an example”, “make overall plans and consider detailed calculations”, “emancipate the mind and take responsibility”, “focus on the goals and implement them pragmatically”, “enlarge the pattern and strive to be the first” .

  Comrade Tong Tong made a concluding speech, clarifying the two core purposes of this meeting: “Deploy the next stage of closing and getting off to a good start” and “Enhance the sense of urgency”; analyze the results and gaps in the development of the branch; and put forward specific requirements for the next stage of work.

  meeting requirements,One isAll employees of the branch must go all out to participate in the sales of decentralized products that are the main focus of large insurance companies, and be prepared to finish during the good start process;two isThe middle and back-office departments must go all out to support the front line of sales and serve sales;The third isBancassurance and group insurance must be planned and launched in advance to make a professional “good start.”Meeting notificationThe spirit of the instructions given by President Xiao Jianyou at the head office’s special meeting on large-scale individual insurance stage inspection was pointed out, and the significant progress and existing shortcomings made by PICC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch in 11 aspects this year were encouraged, and everyone was encouraged to enhance confidence, expand the pattern, and unite as one. , continue to work hard, fully achieve all task indicators, and end smoothly, the first season peak will be fully popular!

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