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PICC Health Tianjin Branch organizes seminars on smart technology for the elderly and anti-fraud

PICC Health Tianjin Branch organizes seminars on smart technology for the elderly and anti-fraud

  For a long time, PICC Health Tianjin Branch has conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, adhered to the people-centered development concept in accordance with the requirements of regulatory agencies and higher-level units, and continued to pay close attention to the service frequency and quality of the daily financial life of the elderly.

  On June 26th, on the occasion of the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, in order to further strengthen the awareness and ability of the elderly to prevent fraud, and better help the elderly to learn and master smart technology and understand insurance knowledge, the branch held for elderly customers A special lecture entitled “Smart Technology for the Elderly and Fraud Prevention”. A total of 16 elderly customers participated in the activity that day.

  Lectures are taught in three areas:The first is to play and focus on explaining the “collection scam”, “high rebate scam”, “pretending to be a public prosecutor scam”, “health care product scam” and other typical fraudulent and common means of revealing videos.Use typical cases to remind the elderly to take good care of their wallets, don’t be greedy for cheap, don’t trust strangers, if you really need investment and financial management, you must choose regular channels, if you feel unwell, you should seek medical treatment in time, don’t trustFor health care products that “cure all diseases”, you should also keep in mind the anti-fraud center telephone number 96110, and call in time if you encounter any problems.

  The second is to teach the elderly to master intelligent technology and enjoy the dividends of science and technology.Many elderly customers do not understand smart technology and online operations. It is not that they do not want to learn, but that no one is willing to take the time to teach them. In order to really help elderly customers learn smart technology and let smart technology bring convenience to their lives, the customer service staff will show and explain the online claim settlement process of the branch one by one, and demonstrate the operation in detail step by step. Due to the variety of medical treatment materials, the staff Each type of bill is also introduced in detail.“It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish.” In the view of many elderly people, it is better to teach them how to do it by themselves than to help others do it. When explaining the online operation, the staff first performed a demonstration operation, and then guided everyone to operate by themselves step by step until every elderly person on the scene could master the operation method proficiently, which really made the uncles and aunts feel that what they learned was very practical , the elderly customers present all said that they should keep up with the pace of the times and enjoy the convenience brought by modern technology to life.

  The third is to help the elderly understand commercial insurance knowledge.This lecture uses examples to let customers understand that commercial insurance and social security are not contradictory; for commercial insurance, we suggest that you purchase security insurance first, and then consider annuity and wealth management products; Sort the purchases according to the economic contribution of family members. At the same time, you should purchase insurance as early as possible. It is best to purchase sufficient insurance when you are young and in good health. If you are too old, or have congenital or acquired diseases, etc., the insurance company may refuse to cover or increase the coverage, postpone the coverage, exclude liability coverage, etc. Finally, remind everyone that not all accidents occur, the insurance company will pay Compensation, accidents that do not meet the insurance liability, and the exclusions and exemption clauses stated in the insurance clauses cannot be compensated. You must carefully read the terms of the insurance contract before applying for insurance.

  During the lecture, everyone listened very carefully and took notes while listening. In the subsequent question-and-answer session, everyone also spoke enthusiastically to express their feelings about participating in the conference. Such activities help the elderly better adapt to the application of modern technology. In the next step, PICC Health Tianjin Branch will continue to carry out work related to financial services for the elderly, and further enhance the happiness, sense of gain and satisfaction of the elderly in the era of financial technology.

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