Photo Collection | To pay tribute to the power of “her”, Bank of Shanghai organized various “March 8th” International Women’s Day themed activities


The 114th International Women’s Day has arrived as scheduled. Bank of Shanghai has gone into enterprises and communities to carry out various themed activities to send its most sincere holiday blessings to women.

The flowers are blooming into a sea, and spring is full of joy. In order to celebrate Women’s Day,Shanghai Bank Business DepartmentThe joint hair agency company launched the Family Trust Wealth Salon flower arrangement activity of “Flower Arrangement to Pick Up Fun and Wealth Blooms”, and held a “flower arrangement” with female employees of the company for three months to enjoy beautiful flowers together.

  Bank of Shanghai Pudong BranchIn conjunction with the Zhujiamen Community and the Hudong Veterans Office, we jointly held the “Bright March of Youth” Women’s Day Client Salon. The “goddesses” not only gained anti-fraud knowledge and financial knowledge, but also showed off their “skills” in making spring-themed handmade bags, showing their agility and wisdom.

  Bank of Shanghai Puxi BranchJoining hands with the Lianhua Neighborhood Committee, we launched the Women’s Day activity of “Women with Skillful Hands, Enjoying Life with Ease”, which attracted more than 50 residents to participate. At the scene, Bank of Shanghai employees introduced recent hot financial products to residents, and provided patient answers and guidance to various questions raised by residents about financial management and deposits.

  Bank of Shanghai Shinan BranchJoin hands with Fengcheng Village Committee to organize a series of activities with the theme of “Strive for Equality with Both Hands, Work to Create Happiness”. Fengcheng Sub-branch and Fengcheng Village Committee signed a joint party building agreement to start normalized joint construction cooperation. The account manager introduced deposits, financial products and pension activities to the villagers present, and together they felt the diligence and wisdom of women in the art of flower arrangement, conveying holiday blessings to all women.

  Bank of Shanghai North BranchThe bank organized a unique “March 8th” Women’s Day flower arrangement activity. The atmosphere at the event was lively and warm, and it received unanimous praise from customers.

  Bank of Shanghai Ningbo BranchTogether with the Tashan community, we launched the DIY production activity of “Make moxa hammers with skillful hands and bring love home”, aiming to celebrate Women’s Day and send warmth to female friends on Women’s Day, a festival that belongs to all female friends. Show love, experience the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, and share a good time together.

  Bank of Shanghai Nanjing BranchOrganize and carry out the theme activity of “Cooking Tea Around the Fire”. Branch employees and customers sat around the table, placed teapots, and brewed scented tea, filling the air with aroma. In the process of waiting for the food to be cooked and spending leisure time together, everyone talked freely about work and daily life, allowing everyone to relax their body and mind after busy work and experience the comfort of “stealing half a day’s leisure” .

Love is warm in March, and the “flower” is like years.Bank of Shanghai Hangzhou BranchEntering surrounding buildings, carrying out financial knowledge promotion activities, and sending exquisite flowers and holiday blessings to the workplace goddess, it effectively shortened the distance with customers and enhanced the influence of Shanghai Bank among surrounding customer groups.

  Bank of Shanghai Chengdu BranchA series of Women’s Day activities were organized and carried out, such as “Going to Spring to Bloom Women’s Youth”. Each branch invited corporate and retail female customer representatives to the event site to seize the holiday marketing craze and carry out family trust product promotion, flower arrangement and other activities.

On this warm spring day,Bank of Shanghai Tianjin BranchThe “Half the Sky” employees devote themselves to various positions with their unparalleled charm and hard work, and impress customers and themselves with their gentle and considerate services. I wish every woman can show her beauty and confidence in all walks of life and reflect her own value in the development of the new era.

  Bank of Shanghai Beijing BranchEach business outlet has carefully prepared a series of heart-warming activities to attend festival appointments with female compatriots, enhance communication with customers, create a beautiful and warm festival atmosphere, effectively bring customers closer, and actively provide customers with ” Five Hearts” service.

  Bank of Shanghai Shenzhen BranchThe sales and financial warm-hearted activities of “Heart is like a flower, and the youth is free” were carried out to send holiday greetings to the staff of the company, and the activity was well received.

  Bank of Shanghai Suzhou BranchHeld the “Meet a Better Self” exclusive salon for Goddess’ Day. Teachers from Weitang Pearl City were invited to explain pearl knowledge. Customers opened clams and retrieved pearls by themselves, and finally made them into brooches, earrings and other accessories. Looking at the Goddess Day gifts they made by themselves, the customers beamed with joy and felt full of accomplishment. .


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