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Photo Collection | To improve payment convenience, Bank of Shanghai carries out various convenience measures

Photo Collection | To improve payment convenience, Bank of Shanghai carries out various convenience measures

Recently, the People’s Bank of China held a promotion meeting on optimizing payment services to urge and guide financial institutions in Shanghai to increase their efforts.

As a local financial state-owned enterprise, the Bank of Shanghai continues to optimize payment services and carries out a variety of publicity and promotion activities to allow the elderly and foreigners in China to truly enjoy my country’s convenient payment services.

  Shanghai Bank Business DepartmentImplementing the concept of “suiting the elderly, serving the elderly, and benefiting the elderly” and adapting to the payment needs of elderly customers for small amounts of cash and small notes, the Bank launched a “coin purse” exchange service and equipped machines with 10 yuan and 1 yuan bills; mobile banking supports scanning The code deposit and withdrawal function is linked with ITM machines to achieve a convenient experience of deposit and withdrawal without card discounts.

  Bank of Shanghai Pudong BranchCooperate with communities within the jurisdiction to carry out charity sales activities, proactively provide coin purse supporting services to community volunteers, and promote RMB-related policies and various financial product information at the event site, and actively promote the construction of meaningful community financial services.

  Bank of Shanghai Puxi BranchProvided door-to-door coin purse delivery services to taxi companies within its jurisdiction, delivering a total of 30 coin purses with a delivery amount of 3,000 yuan. It also established a complete contact mechanism to enhance the convenient payment experience for ride-hailing customers.

  Bank of Shanghai Shinan BranchGo into the community to promote the new highlights and new measures of Bank of Shanghai in optimizing payment services for senior citizens, and provide more payment convenience for senior customers.

  Bank of Shanghai Shibei BranchThere is a comprehensive food market within its jurisdiction, which usually has many elderly customers and merchants have strong demand for change. The outlets actively cooperated to solve the change needs of the food market and provided payment facilitation services, which were unanimously recognized by the food market merchants.

  Bank of Shanghai Ningbo BranchWhen a foreign customer asked for help and urgently needed to exchange change, the branch staff provided enthusiastic service and solved the customer’s urgent need, which was well received by the customer. The branch will continue to improve payment levels, clear up payment congestion points, and provide standardized and diversified “coin wallet” products to meet the cash needs of our customers.

  Bank of Shanghai Nanjing BranchThe coin purse exchange service was launched and received unanimous praise from surrounding merchants and customers at the outlets. Through this service, customers can easily exchange large-denomination banknotes into convenient change, which not only solves the problem of inconvenience in carrying change, but also improves the convenience of using change.

  Bank of Shanghai Hangzhou BranchWe launched coin purse cash services and arranged branch personnel to promote merchant cash services and distribute coin purses, which was highly praised by the market and merchants.

  Bank of Shanghai Chengdu BranchWe provide payment service guarantees for overseas visitors to Chengdu from two aspects: strengthening “internal strength” and targeted publicity. First, arrange for service specialists who are fluent in foreign languages ​​to conduct daily business oral drills in the morning meeting to ensure smooth business communication among overseas people. The second is to place “Huapay” in a prominent location in the business hall to help overseas people use mobile payments.

  Shanghai Bank Tianjin BranchOKOrganize staff to go into the business district to promote the convenience and safety of mobile banking payment and bank card payment to the elderly; educate merchants about the responsibilities and obligations of not rejecting cash or accepting bank cards, and jointly creating a good financial payment environment. .

  Bank of Shanghai Shenzhen BranchRecently, I served an elderly customer and used an efficient and smooth process to withdraw money for the customer to meet his urgent need for money and provide the customer with a good service experience.

  Bank of Shanghai Beijing BranchHosted four visitors from Australia. The hall service specialist gave patient answers and operational guidance to the “Hua Pay” business binding issues encountered by foreign tourists, introduced the product usage and features in detail, and successfully assisted foreign tourists to complete binding and recharge, which was well received by tourists. .

  Bank of Shanghai Suzhou BranchCommitted to improving services for the elderly and opening up the last mile for the elderly to receive services in stores. Recently, the branch came to help a centenarian grandma to reset her bank card password. Through the patient guidance and considerate care of the service specialists, we have won praise from the customers’ families.

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