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Photo Collection | Green Finance? Bank of Shanghai draws a new picture of high-quality development with new green finance practices

Photo Collection | Green Finance? Bank of Shanghai draws a new picture of high-quality development with new green finance practices

The Central Financial Work Conference clearly listed “green finance” as one of the five major articles in building a financial power, pointing out the direction for related financial work.

As a municipal financial state-owned enterprise, the Bank of Shanghai actively implements the national “double carbon” action plan. Since the release of the “Green Tree City Bank” financial service brand in 2021, it has actively created a “green finance +” product service system to support the green development and development of enterprises. The transformation provides one-stop comprehensive financial services, and draws a new picture of high-quality development with new paths, new models, and new practices for green financial development.

Deeply implement the national “double carbon” action plan,Shanghai BankHead Office Sales DepartmentIt carries out credit cooperation with Yuexiu Leasing to give full play to the function of financial optimization of resource allocation, support the green transformation and development of enterprises in multiple key areas such as sewage treatment, clean energy, and environmental protection equipment, and contribute to the creation of “Green Shanghai”.

  Pudong BranchFollowing the development and internationalization strategy of new energy vehicles of the Automobile Group, a total of more than 3 billion yuan in green loans will be provided to Shanghai Automotive International Trading Co., Ltd. in 2023 to help “SAIC-made” new energy vehicles accelerate their overseas expansion and lead “Chinese cars” to the world stage.

  Puxi BranchProviding professional financial services to support the national specialized and new “little giant” company Boredon Technology Co., Ltd., the company mainly operates electric engineering machinery, electric mining trucks and electric heavy trucks, providing sustainable green power for scenario users. With financial help, the company’s revenue scale and valuation have doubled, and it has successfully entered the C+ round of financing.

  Shinan BranchImplement the national “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” strategy, anchor the “green + financial” service concept, and rely on cloud outlets, smart teller machines, PAD door-to-door services and other forms to promote paperless, electronic and online financial business processing ization and practice green operations.

Electric vehicle company NIO is building the world’s largest smart electric vehicle power swap network, with more than 2,300 power swap stations currently built and operated.Shibei BranchInnovate financial products, promote the deep integration of finance and the automotive industry, help NIO build a low-carbon energy cycle system, and jointly build an “Internet + industry + finance” ecosystem.

  Ningbo BranchActively support the development of the new energy industry, use photovoltaic power generation as a breakthrough, accelerate the investment of high-quality assets, create a new model of “finance + industry + ecology” to empower green industries, use the power of finance to serve the real economy, and assist industrial transformation and upgrading.

Changzhou Juhe New Materials Co., Ltd. has financial needs for purchasing solar cell raw materials.Nanjing BranchWith quick response and linkage, we can customize comprehensive financial service solutions for enterprises, issue working capital loans to enterprises in the shortest time, and win recognition from enterprises.

  Hangzhou BranchSuccessfully provided loans for the national key project “Grand Canal National Cultural Park (Linping Section) Construction Project”, providing basic guarantee for greatly improving the overall environment along the canal, helping to build a green ecological corridor in the city, and protecting green waters and green mountains.

  Tianjin BranchActively integrate into the regional economic green and low-carbon development plan, and support the development of green enterprises such as new energy vehicles, renewable energy, and efficient energy storage through key channels. Recently, it issued 10 million yuan of circulating loan funds to Tianjin Jinshan Wire and Cable Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, to achieve precise financing support for green enterprises.

  Beijing BranchSuccessfully issued a project loan to a large equipment manufacturing company and an energy-saving service company established by Yizhuang Investment for the construction of a 2000KWP photovoltaic carport in Yizhuang Creative Life Plaza, creating a replication and promotion effect for the branch to continue to deepen its development of distributed photovoltaic projects.

  Shenzhen BranchWe vigorously promoted the development of green industries and successfully implemented the first phase of the Guangsui directional asset-backed notes of Everbright Environment, revitalizing the “state-subsidized electricity bill” assets for Everbright Environment, improving cash flow, enriching financing models, further assisting the development of rural clean energy, and realizing the success of the project The material processing capacity is 300,000 tons/year and the power generation capacity is 30 million watts/year.

  Chengdu BranchSuccessfully provided financial support for the third waste incineration environmentally friendly power generation project in Yibin City. After the completion of the project, it will process 219,000 tons of domestic waste annually and produce 88.64 million kWh of electricity annually. It will also eliminate secondary pollution and waste gas generated by the original simple landfill. pollution, and effectively implement the development concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.

  Suzhou BranchThe first carbon emission reduction support tool loan was successfully implemented to provide project financing for a 1500KW distributed photovoltaic power generation project of an energy technology company. It is estimated that this project can reduce carbon emissions by 1,548.22 tons per year.

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