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Photo Collection | Bank of Shanghai uses financial power to promote high-quality development of technology companies

Photo Collection | Bank of Shanghai uses financial power to promote high-quality development of technology companies

The Central Financial Work Conference clearly stated that five major articles should be completed: technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance, which pointed out the direction for further promoting high-quality financial development and taking the path of financial development with Chinese characteristics.

As a municipal financial state-owned enterprise, the Bank of Shanghai firmly grasps the primary task of high-quality development and spares no effort to use financial power to promote the high-quality development of technology companies.

  Head Office Sales DepartmentFlexible use of special products such as “Shanghai Yin Zhihui+”, combined with the characteristics of Shanghai Langshang Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., a scientific and technological enterprise, which is light on assets, heavy on R&D, and multi-patent, to help its “intellectual property” become “assets” through intellectual property pledge , turning intellectual property “light assets” into financing products, effectively expanding corporate financing channels, reducing corporate financing costs, and injecting strong impetus into corporate innovation and development.

The first week of construction in the new year,Pudong BranchThat is, intensive visits and surveys were conducted to the Lingang Group Trade Service Center and Yangshan Bonded Port Park, and “one enterprise, one policy” propaganda was carried out for enterprises around supply chain, employee stock ownership, cross-border RMB two-way capital pool and other special products, so as to make a good start “The work starts well and gets off to a good start.

  Puxi BranchExchange technological innovation bond investment financial service solutions with United Imaging Medical Technology Group, continue to focus on the development of core industries within the group, and use the domestic medical imaging equipment industry of listed entity United Imaging Medical as the cornerstone to provide medium and long-term R&D funds for start-ups such as United Imaging Intelligence support.

  Shinan BranchIn conjunction with the Songjiang District Economic Commission and Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, the “Songjiang District Integrated Circuit Industry-Academia-Research Academician Classroom” is opened for key enterprises related to integrated circuit design, manufacturing processes, and packaging. 35 specialized and new enterprises in the integrated circuit industry gathered together to listen to the introduction of Shanghai Bank’s exclusive financial service system for scientific and technological innovation enterprises.

  Shibei BranchActively explore new mechanisms and models for industry-integrated cooperation in intelligent manufacturing, proactively connect with Shanghai Electric Automation Group, and exchange integrated financial service solutions for intelligent manufacturing. Continue to focus on the development of the manufacturing industry, strengthen the application of exclusive products for intelligent manufacturing, and provide medium and long-term financial support for upstream and downstream enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing industry chain.

  Ningbo BranchEstablish a science and technology innovation finance working group, assign science and technology innovation specialists, regularly visit science and technology parks to share our bank’s science and technology finance cases, and look for more corporate cooperation opportunities. At the same time, we will connect with relevant departments such as regional economic and information bureaus, science and technology bureaus, and intellectual property centers. Unblock more channel resources.

  Nanjing BranchKechuang’s self-operated team is customer-centric, and all departments work together to carry out integrated operations, customize comprehensive financial service plans for Nanjing Shihe Gene Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and timely provide medium and long-term manufacturing and technology loans, winning corporate recognition.

  Hangzhou BranchExclusively supported the 2023 Zijingang Science and Technology City High-Level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Through in-depth participation throughout the entire process, the Bank of Shanghai’s science and technology innovation enterprise service plan was introduced to dozens of companies from the three professional fields of digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, and life and health, and completed Connected with nearly 20 high-quality scientific and technological innovation projects.

  Tianjin BranchAfter learning about the financing needs of a certain semiconductor company, we immediately connected with the company and matched the company with a special financial service plan. In just one week, we efficiently upgraded the process from credit application to business lending, using the power of finance to promote entities. High-quality economic development.

  Chengdu BranchAnchoring a group of outstanding technology companies in the third Digital Economy Investment and Financing Institutions Sichuan Tour event, we conducted in-depth exchanges with companies including New Hope Finance, Shutian Information, Chuangzhi Lianheng, etc. to explore the needs and pain points of corporate financial services and provide targeted Provide solutions, gain high recognition from enterprises and reach cooperation intentions.

  Shenzhen BranchJointly organized with the Shenzhen Intellectual Property Financial Service Center and various district small and medium-sized enterprise service platforms to benefit enterprises entering the park, the number of IP pledge financing transactions achieved a multiple increase throughout the year. Actively responded to Ruili’s medical needs, helped solve liquidity difficulties through intellectual property pledge financing, and became the company’s only financial partner.

  Beijing BranchThe theme event of “Daxing Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone-Xingzhan Rongda-Shanghai Silver North Branch Strategic Cooperation and Exchange Meeting” was successfully held, and reached an agreement with partners Shuimu Xingchuang (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Daxing Development Rongda Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. Strategic cooperation, using finance to support technological innovation in Daxing District, jointly shaping a high-quality green financial service ecosystem, and fully promoting the high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry in Daxing District.

  Suzhou BranchBreaking through the traditional credit thinking, based on the “soft power” of Suzhou Xizhi Technology Co., Ltd.’s high product barriers and 15 patented inventions, it provides credit support with “hard support” of financial services to help the company grow rapidly at the key node of its rapid development. .

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