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Photo Collection | Bank of Shanghai comprehensively carries out various “Inclusive Promotion Month” activities

Photo Collection | Bank of Shanghai comprehensively carries out various “Inclusive Promotion Month” activities

In order to implement the requirements of the first “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” activities of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, under the guidance of the Shanghai Supervision Bureau of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, the Bank of Shanghai actively responded and mobilized all forces to comprehensively carry out various forms of “Inclusive Finance Promotion Month” “Financial Promotion Month” activity, through sinking services, actively meets the financial needs of market entities, and continuously improves the coverage and availability of inclusive financial services for small and micro enterprises.

  Shanghai Bank Business DepartmentActively use the inclusive credit product “Piaoyidai” to design special financing plans for Haode and Ke convenience stores owned by Nonggongshang. Suppliers with small and micro enterprises holding commercial invoices issued by convenience stores can obtain fast, convenient and efficient financing online. , helping small and micro enterprises reduce financing costs.

  Bank of Shanghai Pudong BranchTogether with Shanghai International Medical Park United Development Co., Ltd. and “Wanku” Incubator, the Shanghai International Medical Park In Vitro Diagnostic Enterprise Symposium was held to discuss new development ideas with participating small and micro enterprises to help the development of in vitro diagnostic industry enterprises in the park.

  Bank of Shanghai Puxi BranchParticipated in the 2024 Productive Internet Service Platform to Promote the Integrated Development of Domestic and Foreign Trade Summit Forum, and made on-site promotions on online supply chain business plans, bringing new ideas and solutions to the financing issues faced by different types of enterprises in the supply chain ecosystem. solution.

  Bank of Shanghai Shinan BranchCooperate with West Hongqiao Economic Development Co., Ltd. and West Hongqiao Property Management Co., Ltd. to carry out an exchange meeting to learn and build together. By strengthening “silver park” cooperation and resource sharing, we can realize “bank and enterprise are one family” and jointly accompany the growth of small and micro enterprises in the park.

  Bank of Shanghai Shibei BranchThe “Shibei Park·Micro Salon” customer seminar was held, with the theme of inclusive financial services and intellectual property financing, and in-depth exchanges on regional policies and financial policies were held to accelerate the creation of the park ecosystem and build a broader government-enterprise Silver integrated platform.

  Bank of Shanghai Ningbo BranchA special business meeting for cross-border logistics was held to discuss the pain points and difficulties in the financing of small and micro enterprises with participating enterprises, and provide enterprises with a number of inclusive financial financing plans and international balance of payments facilitation plans to alleviate the financing problems of small and micro enterprises.

  Bank of Shanghai Nanjing BranchTaking industry chain service providers in each park as an entry point, we actively promote inclusive financial products such as “park insurance”, “uplink e-chain”, and “ticket loan”, extend financial services to the entire process of the industry chain, and extend the batch service chain to Target inclusive customers and improve customer service efficiency.

  Bank of Shanghai Hangzhou BranchActively participated in the “Jiangnan Phoenix Camp” series of activities in the Hangzhou High-tech Zone, and promoted key products such as science and technology innovation, inclusiveness, and cross-border products, assisting the full life cycle development of small and micro science and technology enterprises in the region, and allowing more financial policies to reach market entities directly.

  Bank of Shanghai Chengdu BranchCarry out inclusive finance promotion activities for science and technology enterprises. Taking the financial service needs of science and technology enterprises as the starting point, the branch introduced the branch’s special science and technology innovation inclusive products, and demonstrated in detail the product’s applicable objects, application procedures, etc., and continuously smoothed the financial services for science and technology enterprises. channel.

  Bank of Shanghai Tianjin BranchActively mobilize branches within the jurisdiction to strengthen customer linkage, actively promote financial policies to benefit the people through corporate visits and other forms, and demonstrate the “Uplink Benefit Accompanying” mini program and the Tianjin “Tianjin Huitong” platform to allow companies to fully experience the “one-stop shop” “Financial services bring convenience.

  Bank of Shanghai Beijing BranchActively connect with high-quality cooperation platforms, have face-to-face and in-depth exchanges with the Financial Street Service Center, and plan to jointly organize a series of activities such as the “Financial Street Forum” to pool efforts to jointly serve small and micro enterprises within the jurisdiction.

  Bank of Shanghai Shenzhen BranchActively connect with government departments, and jointly organize inclusive financial exchange meetings with the financial services bureaus in the jurisdictions. Through face-to-face communication and publicity, the inclusive financial business will be promoted to more small and medium-sized enterprises to help the healthy development of the regional economy.

  Bank of Shanghai Suzhou BranchActively carry out the promotion of the “Hui Xiang Bing” inclusive financial brand, and introduce various inclusive credit products and convenient application procedures to over-the-counter enterprises in detail by placing product brochures and promoting the “Upside Hui Xiang Bao” applet, effectively improving Inclusive financial coverage.

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