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Photo Collection | Bank of Shanghai carries out various “3-15” consumer rights protection education and publicity activities

Photo Collection | Bank of Shanghai carries out various “3-15” consumer rights protection education and publicity activities

During the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign, Shanghai Bank carried out a wide range of sinking activities to achieve full coverage of key groups, help protect consumer rights, make financial knowledge easier to understand, and allow financial consumers to More sense of gain.

On March 15, Bank of Shanghai actively participated in the “3·15 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Theme On-site Event” hosted by the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Dispute Mediation Center. The Bank of Shanghai set up a promotional booth, displayed promotional materials, and enthusiastically distributed promotional leaflets and bookmarks to consumers. It actively popularized financial knowledge such as the eight basic rights of financial consumers, explained techniques to prevent telecommunications network fraud and illegal fund-raising, and provided consumers with Reveal the dangers of illegal intermediaries such as agency complaints, and share anti-fraud and anti-fraud techniques. Bank of Shanghai uses fun and interactive methods to effectively improve financial consumers’ risk prevention awareness and identification capabilities, improve the popularity of basic financial knowledge, and enhance consumers’ ability to safeguard their rights according to law.

Bank of Shanghai participated in the 2024 “3·15” Consumer Rights Protection Day series of publicity activities jointly organized by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee, Liberation Daily, and Shanghai 12345 Citizen Service Hotline Office, and set up a booth in Jing’an Park to handle citizens’ consumer demands on-site , listen to consumer suggestions.

  Shanghai Bank Business DepartmentActively participate in the Jiangning Road Street Charity Joint Fundraising and “3·15” consumer practice theme activities, bring financial legal education and financial consulting services to community residents, carry out anti-fraud knowledge prizes and quizzes, and distribute publicity on preventing illegal fund-raising and telecommunications network fraud The manual uses “face-to-face” legal education to help citizens build a “protective wall”, guard their “money bag” and keep their “happy home”.

  Bank of Shanghai Pudong BranchGo into the community and distribute brochures on basic financial knowledge, scientific investment and financial management, and prevention of financial fraud to residents, and provide residents with financial service consultation and answer operational process questions such as mobile banking and smart machines.

  Bank of Shanghai Puxi BranchVisit ShanghaiTech University and carry out financial publicity and education activities among teachers and students, and distribute educational leaflets to popularize financial knowledge and help teachers and students improve their awareness of risk prevention.

  Bank of Shanghai Shinan BranchVisit the elderly activity center to conduct anti-telecom fraud and anti-money laundering propaganda to elderly customers in the community, and at the same time popularize rational investment concepts among consumers.

  Bank of Shanghai Shibei BranchIn conjunction with the three household committees in Tongzhou, Linping and Yuezhou, we carried out a publicity and education activity on “Financial consumer protection is by your side, protecting rights and interests and preventing risks”. It has popularized financial knowledge among surrounding residents in terms of misleading sales, preventing telecommunications fraud, and illegal fund-raising, etc., and has been well received by customers.

  Bank of Shanghai Ningbo BranchCreate a publicity and education atmosphere of “Learn Finance, Understand Finance, Believe in Finance, and Use Finance”, innovate the form of publicity and education, shoot a micro video of “President Talking about Consumer Protection”, actively fulfill the responsibilities of financial institutions, and contribute to maintaining a harmonious financial order.

  Bank of Shanghai Nanjing BranchParticipate in the “‘Stimulate Consumption Vitality’ 2024 16th Financial Consumer Rights Protection Special Event” hosted by the Nanjing Consumers Association and hosted by the Financial Committee, explain financial knowledge to on-site citizens, and improve consumers’ self-protection awareness and Risk prevention capabilities.

  Bank of Shanghai Hangzhou BranchCarry out the “Optimizing Cash Services” cash service caravan to educate residents of Wulinmen New Village in Shangmacheng Community and surrounding merchants on financial knowledge on preventing telecommunications fraud, deposit insurance, RMB anti-counterfeiting, and anti-money laundering, and provide small-denomination cash exchange and scheduled events.

  Bank of Shanghai Chengdu BranchGo to the agency companies, conduct point-to-point and face-to-face education and publicity on consumer rights protection to company employees, implement publicity work on basic laws and regulations and related policies on consumer rights protection, and enhance consumers’ awareness and ability to safeguard their rights in accordance with the law.

  Bank of Shanghai Tianjin BranchCarry out salon activities to explain the eight basic rights of financial consumers and legal rights protection channels to on-site customers, and vividly explain financial scams such as “investment for retirement” and “housing for retirement” through the method of “case-based insurance” to help financial consumers comply with laws and regulations. Keep your own “money bag”.

  Bank of Shanghai Beijing BranchCreate a propaganda atmosphere in the hall, guide customers to the public education and publicity area, distribute promotional leaflets to customers, answer customer questions in detail, and do a good job in popularizing financial knowledge.

  Bank of Shanghai Shenzhen BranchTogether with Lark, we organized a caring parent-child public welfare consumer protection education activity, targeting children, parents, and teachers, to popularize financial knowledge and basic financial and business knowledge Q&A on-site, and enhance consumer awareness of rights protection.

  Bank of Shanghai Suzhou BranchEntering the Huabang business district, a consumer protection promotion stand was set up to distribute educational brochures on deposit insurance, anti-fraud and prevention, and illegal fund-raising to consumers to popularize basic financial knowledge.

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