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Photo Collection | Bank of Shanghai actively carries out financial legal promotion activities

Photo Collection | Bank of Shanghai actively carries out financial legal promotion activities

In order to implement the requirements of the Shanghai Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration on organizing and carrying out financial legal publicity activities to “implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and promote the high-quality development of financial legal construction”, the Bank of Shanghai recently “vigorously promotes the spirit of the Constitution in conjunction with National Constitution Day, With the theme of “Building a Socialist Rule of Law Culture”, we comprehensively used offline channels such as business outlets and our own online channels to organize the entire bank to carry out various financial legal promotion activities.

Baiyu Branch of the Head Office’s Business Department teamed up with Changqiao Sub-district to carry out party building and co-building based on the Longhua Association public welfare market platform, and went deep into the community to display Constitution propaganda posters and videos to residents.

At the launch ceremony of the 2023 Constitution Publicity Week held by the Chuansha Town Government, the Chuansha Sub-branch of Pudong Branch actively popularized constitutional knowledge to on-site participants, as well as carried out illegal fund-raising and other related financial knowledge popularization work.

Lujiabang Road Sub-branch of Puxi Branch carried out the Constitution Publicity Week themed activity “Walking with the Law and Consolidating the Constitution into People’s Hearts” to answer questions and promote constitutional knowledge to customers who visited the branch.

Caohejing Sub-branch of Shinan Branch actively visited enterprises to explain to enterprise employees the political rights, social and economic rights, cultural and educational rights and freedoms of citizens stipulated in the Constitution.

Wanli Community Sub-branch of Shibei Branch has set up a Constitution propaganda column in the hall to carry out special activities for Constitution propaganda with diversified services.

Beilun Sub-branch of Ningbo Branch placed carefully crafted posters in the outlet halls to create a strong publicity atmosphere.

Nanjing Branch organized young employees to study the Constitution to further enhance their awareness of the rule of law.

Hangzhou Branch and Shaoxing Branch strengthened their awareness of the rule of law through collective study of the Constitution.

Shenzhen Branch Science and Technology Park Sub-branch visited nearby shops to promote constitutional knowledge to operators, do a good job in popularizing the law, and create a good atmosphere for the rule of law.


The Chengdu Branch has built electronic posters and videos of the Constitution into business units within its jurisdiction, and promoted the Constitution to customers in its outlets to enhance the atmosphere of studying, abiding and respecting the Constitution.

Daxing Xihongmen Community Sub-branch of the Beijing Branch displays constitutional promotional materials on electronic screens to pass on constitutional knowledge to more people.

Huayuan Sub-branch of Tianjin Branch set up a “Constitution Publicity Week Publicity Station” in the hall and placed relevant publicity materials for customers to read and study.

Fenhu Sub-branch of Suzhou Branch visited Moon Bay Community and popularized constitutional knowledge to community residents through interactive Q&A, distribution of promotional leaflets and other forms.

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