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[Perspectives of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine]Insufficient kidney qi, the last capital of the body, causes all kinds of diseases.

[Perspectives of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine]Insufficient kidney qi, the last capital of the body, causes all kinds of diseases.

Text: Su Ziqian (Chinese and Western physician)

(Hong Kong News) I recently watched a new documentary on YouTube, which talks about Singapore’s financial reserves. It turns out that the country has always had a slightly secret financial reserve, which is managed by the Central Bank of Singapore and other government investment companies. In fact, the number of financial reserves in Singapore is a state secret.

It turns out that even ordinary Singaporeans may not be aware of the government’s secret financial reserves. Until the financial turmoil in 2008 and the covid epidemic in 2020, the government used its reserves to vigorously use money to save the economy, becoming one of the few governments that did not need to borrow money to stimulate the economy.

People discovered that Singapore had a strong financial reserve as a backing.

Improper daily routine damages kidney qi

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has repeatedly emphasized in the program that this reserve started from the founding of the People’s Republic of China and was gradually saved by the people’s economic hard work. If it is overused or disappears, it is difficult to re-establish this powerful reserve. Of course, this column is not about economics. I suddenly realized that everyone’s body also has this reserve. Once this reserve is reduced or eliminated, the body will be riddled with diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine relatively pays more attention to the body’s reserves. The body’s reserves are generally called kidney qi or kidney essence in traditional Chinese medicine, which can be said to be innate reserve capital. Any disease that seriously affects the body will damage kidney qi.

This kidney qi is like Singapore’s secret reserve. Under normal circumstances, the reserve is rarely used, and minor problems rarely damage the kidney qi.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, “long-term disease enters the kidneys.” In order to get better, the body will use kidney qi to cure long-term and stubborn diseases. People with weak kidney qi will age, and people with weak kidney qi will die.

As for the strength of kidney qi, it is actually related to natural factors. Some people are born with strong kidney qi. Such people generally have larger bones and longer faces. Many strong political leaders and wealthy people in China also believe that they have strong kidney qi.

Therefore, after some people become seriously ill, especially after being infected with the coronavirus (covid) in recent years, they suddenly look 10 years older, precisely because of the loss of kidney qi. Therefore, kidney qi can be said to be the body’s final capital.

Of course, it is not only diseases that can deplete kidney qi. Many improper daily routines can cause even greater damage to kidney qi. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the most common cause of damage to the body is lack of sleep, which is almost a common problem among modern people.

In addition, poor sleep quality or going to bed very late at night can cause damage to the body’s liver and blood. If the liver blood is deficient, the vision will be blurred, and the person will become nervous, often have a bad temper, suffer from fascial pain all over the body, and have poor ability to resist stress.

Different emotions hurt the internal organs

Liver blood can be said to be the liquid capital of the human body. If the liver blood is weak for a long time, the body will use its last reserve, which is kidney qi, to support it. Many patients ask me why I often read newspapers or books. Many people with successful careers seem to think that 5 hours of sleep is enough. Why does the doctor ask me to sleep for 8 hours?

The reason is that some people in the world are born with sufficient reserves and can endure it; but many patients already have physical problems, so they need to get enough rest to increase their body’s reserves. The physique of ordinary people cannot be compared with that of people who are naturally strong.

In addition, the so-called extremes of the seven emotions, any excessive emotion, will cause damage to the body. Different emotions cause different damage to the internal organs, but in the end, all damage will also damage the body’s reserve kidney qi.

As for the cancer patients I see most often,

Generally, there are many negative emotions (some may be affected by the negative emotions of family members),

The general treatment effect of overly nervous patients does not seem to be as good as that of other optimistic patients.

This theory is absolutely based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Excessive sadness and random thoughts can indeed cause substantial harm to the body.

In addition, we recently treated a 10-year-old middle school student patient and nursed him back into health. At every follow-up visit, I also told him not to work too hard in his last year of middle school, and that when he enters university, it is best to choose a subject that is commonly known as “hea” (easier). The reason is that he has some hormonal imbalance in his body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is due to a natural deficiency of kidney essence. It is true that he cannot study or stay up late at night. I hope to take good care of my health in the next few years and plan for my future work.

Adequate sleep and normal sleep schedule

Reserve adult kidney energy before development

Clinically, it is also common for overworked people to injure their bodies. Work overwork includes long hours of stressful work and overuse of the brain. In addition, because of the fierce competition for academic performance, many primary and secondary school students study for long periods of time for cramming, and they also have too many interest classes. Without time to rest, it actually damages the body.

From a health perspective, underdeveloped children are actually best suited to play and study without pressure, and they must get enough sleep. Because the reserve of kidney qi in adulthood depends largely on the period before development. Some diseases that some people suffer in adulthood may be caused by a serious illness they had in childhood or a poor lifestyle.

Proper use of dietary supplements

As I was writing this, I suddenly realized that the life schedule of being a doctor, including often working late at night in the hospital, using a lot of brain, reading a lot of books, and facing the high-pressure work of life and death, is really very taxing on the body. (including the author)

Traditional Chinese medicine divides the fundamentals of the human body into “innate capital” and “acquired capital” (the original text is “the foundation”, slightly modified to suit the meaning). The previous article has already talked about innate capital. Acquired capital, as Chinese medicine calls it, is the intestines and stomach. That is to say, good nutrition absorbed by the intestines and stomach can not only nourish the internal organs and various tissues of the body.

Moreover, the acquired capital has a surplus (Surplus), which in turn can enrich the innate capital, and plum nourishes kidney qi. This is why after a serious illness, or after a period of long working hours, in addition to relaxing and resting, it is also very important to make appropriate use of dietary supplements. There are indeed many dietary therapies that can regulate the gastrointestinal tract and replenish kidney qi and strengthen the essence.

If the body’s capital is sufficient, good capital can generate interest, and this interest can restore the body’s health and resist aging. However, if the acquired capital is insufficient and the body enters an era of negative equity, physical health will only continue to decline.

Treatment during recovery is important

After many cancer patients have completed surgery, electrotherapy, chemotherapy and other treatments, I often remind them that treatment during the recovery period is also very important. This is because the body has to face such a serious disease and the damage caused to the body by various treatments, coupled with the emotional shock and various worries. In fact, most cancer patients can see their kidney qi weakening after completing the treatment. . Therefore, during the recovery period, on the one hand, it is possible to replenish kidney qi through traditional Chinese medicine, and on the other hand, it is also very important to take appropriate rest to avoid overwork and make appropriate use of diet therapy.

I often say that whether cancer will eventually recur depends not only on various Western medicine treatments, but also on kidney qi. Strong kidney qi means strong immunity, which is what traditional Chinese medicine calls strong righteousness. Strong immunity is the most important factor in suppressing cancer for a long time. However, this aspect is rarely considered in general Western medicine research. Therefore, I often calculate with patients that the recovery period after treatment is actually as important as the treatment period. It can be said to be the key to reducing physical relapse.

Unfortunately, many patients usually relax after two or three years and return to their unhealthy lifestyle, increasing their chances of relapse.

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