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People’s Livelihood Finance | Ignite the heart-warming season!Bank of Shanghai focuses on “triple effects” to boost consumption

People’s Livelihood Finance | Ignite the heart-warming season!Bank of Shanghai focuses on “triple effects” to boost consumption

In response to Shanghai’s work plan to boost confidence, expand demand, stabilize growth and promote development, since this year, the Bank of Shanghai has relied on the “National Tide Four Seasons Beautiful Application” organized by the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to invest in special teams, special funds, and special planning to create a promotion with distinct four seasons. consumption activities. At present, the Bank of Shanghai is gathering financial strength to focus on “burning the winter and warming the heart”, through exerting the “multiplier effect” to stimulate “catfish consumption” and create “synergistic effects” to continue to boost consumer confidence and stimulate consumption potential.

  Give full play to the “multiplier effect” to increase the popularity of merchants

As a unique waterfront vitality hub of “one river and two banks, a combination of Chinese and Western” in central Shanghai, the popularity of the Suhe Bay area has always been high. Recently, many citizens who come here to spend money will take out their mobile phones to open ” “Bank of Shanghai” APP, use the Jing’an District cultural and tourism consumption coupons to pay the bill. This consumer voucher is an initiative launched by the Bank of Shanghai, Jing’an District Culture and Tourism Bureau and China UnionPay to promote cultural tourism consumption. It aims to use the “multiplier effect” of the consumer voucher to guide citizens into the business district and stimulate more consumption.

  Cultural tourism consumption vouchers guide citizens to go out of their homes.In order to help cultural tourism venues and businesses gather more popularity, Bank of Shanghai consumer coupons can be collected online and used offline. The boosting effect of consumer coupons is also obvious. A staff member of the “UCCA Edge – Matisse of Matisse” art exhibition that just opened in Suhewan in November said: “Many visitors at the exhibition used coupons. It brought us a lot of traffic, and many customers bought some peripheral products after visiting the exhibition.”

  Cultural and tourism consumption vouchers cover citizens’ life scenes.Bank of Shanghai consumer vouchers cover nearly a thousand cultural and tourism enterprises and cultural tourism venues in Jing’an District, including “food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment”, providing citizens and tourists with various cultural and tourism venues such as cinemas, theaters, art galleries, hotels, etc., cultural tourism merchants, and cultural tourism venues. Travel products and discounts in popular business districts.

  Stimulate the “catfish effect” and bring benefits to citizens

“Shanghai Bank’s car installment plan is so convenient. It takes almost two hours to get it done,” praised Mr. Wang, who had just picked up a car through Shanghai Bank’s installment plan. He compared the financial plans of several car brands and finally selected Shanghai Bank’s direct car installment business. In order to guide citizens to green consumption, Bank of Shanghai offers direct car installments with a maximum amount of 2 million yuan, regardless of brand, and supports online application, and can help customers pick up the car within two hours at the fastest.

In order to achieve greater financial benefits to the people, the Bank of Shanghai focuses on high-frequency daily consumption scenarios of citizens, and invests more financial resources in creating brand activities such as “Wednesday Drinks”, “Friday Good Life” and “High-end Car Shopping”. Citizens have truly enjoyed benefits.

  Focus on large-ticket consumption and create a “Car Purchase Day”.The Bank of Shanghai actively cooperates with automobile merchants and continues to be stationed at its locations to provide on-site consumer financial consultations to citizens, conduct joint promotional activities with merchants, and provide convenient financial services such as door-to-door signings. This move has been well received by citizens. From January to September 2023, it served more than 18,000 car buyers in Shanghai, and issued a cumulative car installment quota of nearly 2 billion yuan.

  Focus on light food and beverages, and delve into “Wednesday Drinks”.Focusing on coffee and tea, two categories with Shanghai characteristics and widely popular among citizens, Bank of Shanghai actively carries out buy-one-get-one-free and discount discounts with brands such as Starbucks, Luckin, and Heytea, allowing citizens to enjoy the beauty of new products. You can enjoy extra discounts while drinking. So far, under the theme of “Wednesday Drinks” of Bank of Shanghai, there have been 34 cooperative merchant brands in 2023, covering 37,000 merchant stores and benefiting more than 550,000 customers.

  Focus on daily consumption and build “Friday Good Life”.Focusing on the needs of citizens in various aspects such as life, shopping, food, travel, and tourism, Bank of Shanghai has long-term cooperation with major brands such as Dingdong Grocery, Hema Fresh, Sam’s, Metro, Didi, etc., to carry out “beautiful home” and “beautiful travel” Special promotions such as “Good Food and Light” provide feedback to customers and promote consumption growth through attractive preferential activities. Among them, focusing on “beautiful travel”, the Bank of Shanghai has joined hands with the Shanghai Carbon Inclusive Platform to carry out special rights and interests activities of carbon point redemption, and has achieved the redemption of 1.25 million carbon points.

  Create “synergy effects” and let the market release momentum

In order to create more “synergistic effects” in promoting consumption, the Bank of Shanghai has exerted both online and offline efforts, focusing on popular city landmark business districts, and jointly with online platforms to carry out fee reduction and profit promotion activities to release more momentum in the market.

  Link with landmark business districts to reduce fees and promote consumption.Relying on the layout of its outlets within its jurisdiction, Bank of Shanghai focuses on popular urban business districts in the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and other regions, and carries out targeted preferential activities. It cooperates with well-known business districts such as Bailian Youyicheng, Jiuguang and New World in Shanghai to carry out full discount activities; it also cooperates with China Duty Free Rishang and China Duty Free Hainan to carry out online and offline shopping discount activities for imported goods to boost large-ticket transactions. As of the end of September, the Shanghai region had invested more than 18 million yuan in consumption promotion activities, with nearly 80 brands and 35,000 stores participating in the activities, attracting more than 200,000 customers to participate and conducting more than 2.2 million transactions.

  Join online platforms to enjoy discounts on mobile payments.The Bank of Shanghai has joined forces with the top ten mobile payment platforms such as Alipay, WeChat, QuickPass, Douyin, and Pinduoduo to carry out preferential activities including full discounts, random discounts, instant discounts for the first purchase, and multiple points. In the Shanghai area from the first to the third quarter of 2023 Mobile payment consumption exceeded 18.3 billion yuan. Combining cultural and tourism consumption scenarios, we have carried out instant discount activities, targeted customer full gift giving activities, overseas consumption cashback activities with platforms such as Ctrip, Fliggy, and Jinjiang Travel, and launched time-based movie viewing activities with Maoyan. In 2023, the cumulative number of participants in the activities will exceed 10 Thousands of people.

Consumption is the basic driving force for economic development. Bank of Shanghai will continue to practice the concept of financial services for the people, timely gain insights into residents’ consumption needs, create an all-round, multi-level financial service model, and use high-quality financial services to increase confidence, promote consumption, and benefit the people. born.

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