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Pension Finance | Door-to-door service is even better. Bank of Shanghai protects the financial environment and handles “key matters” for the masses.

Pension Finance | Door-to-door service is even better. Bank of Shanghai protects the financial environment and handles “key matters” for the masses.

“My mother has forgotten the passwords for these two time deposit certificates and is in a hurry to use money. What should I do?” Mr. Zhang anxiously asked the branch staff as soon as the Yijiang Road branch of the Bank of Shanghai opened its doors recently.

The bank staff learned that Mr. Zhang’s mother, Grandma Yu, had difficulty moving due to cerebral infarction and had been undergoing rehabilitation treatment in the hospital for a long time. This time I went to the bank branch to withdraw funds from the time deposit certificate to pay for the treatment fee in a week.

There is no trivial matter among the masses. After learning that the customer was unable to go to the branch to handle the password reset business due to mobility issues, the staff of the Yijiang Road Branch of the Bank of Shanghai immediately started the door-to-door service process, and informed Mr. Zhang of the relevant formalities that needed to be prepared, and promptly passed the door-to-door service. The service successfully solved the customer’s problem.

  Don’t “take trivial matters lightly”, see the true feelings in the subtleties

According to the guidance of the branch staff, Mr. Zhang quickly provided proof of relationship, identity certificate, mother’s medical record, guardian certificate and other information. After verification by the branch staff, he made an appointment for the fastest door-to-door service date.

Since the door-to-door service date is close to the peak period of the pension agency business, in order to ensure the orderly service of the outlets and solve the problem of “urgency and difficulty” of customers at the same time, the centralized operation center of Shanghai Bank Pudong Branch received the door-to-door service demand on Yijiang Road. At the branch level, mobile troops were deployed to support the sub-branches and coordinate the door-to-door service.

On the day of door-to-door service, Xiao Zhang from the centralized operation center of Pudong Branch and Xiao Xu from Yijiang Road Branch used their lunch break to go to a community health service center 2 kilometers away where Yu’s grandmother was hospitalized. Xiao Zhang and Xiao Xu were dressed in Shanghai Bank’s uniform door-to-door service attire, with red scarves, blue vests, and gilded words “Better Life”, which became a beautiful touch of warmth in Shanghai’s cold winter.

“Hello Grandma Yu, we are employees of the Bank of Shanghai. Today we are coming to the hospital to help you handle business.” In the ward, Xiao Zhang warmly greeted Grandma Yu in the wheelchair. Due to Grandma Yu’s mobility difficulties and difficulty in writing, bank employees came to provide door-to-door service based on the actual situation. After verifying Grandma Yu’s business needs and wishes in person, her designated relatives completed the password reset at a bank outlet.

“What’s your name? How old are you this year?” “Do you know what kind of business we need our bank to come to handle this time?” “This business requires you to entrust someone else to come to our bank to handle it. Who are you going to entrust it to? He and your What’s the relationship?”

In accordance with the Shanghai Bank’s relevant specifications for door-to-door service, Grandma Yu answered the above questions correctly and pressed her fingerprint on the door-to-door service verification form. Subsequently, the staff of the Bank of Shanghai, together with Mr. Zhang, went to the branch to reset the password and successfully withdraw the money, ensuring that the next phase of rehabilitation fees were paid in time.

  Improving quality and processes to be “suitable for the elderly” and more “helping the elderly”

It is reported that Shanghai Bank’s door-to-door services are mainly targeted at special customers who are unable to handle business on-site at the business institution due to reasons such as the elderly, serious illness, or mobility issues, but who can truly and clearly express their willingness to do so. “We have done statistics and found that among the customers who need door-to-door services, the elderly group over 60 years old account for more than 95%.” Relevant staff of Bank of Shanghai introduced.

Grandma Deng, a 90-year-old woman who lives on Anshun Road in Changning District, Shanghai, also “enjoys” the attentive home service of Bank of Shanghai due to her mobility difficulties and declining eyesight.

The staff of the Panyu Road Branch of the Bank of Shanghai used a mobile counter to reset the pension passbook password for Grandma Deng at home through “online verification + face recognition”. “The service provided by Bank of Shanghai is so attentive. With just one phone call, bank staff came to my home in time. My wife’s passbook password was changed without having to go to an outlet.” Grandma Deng’s family said gratefully.

As the aging of the population intensifies, the demand for door-to-door services from special customers such as the elderly is also increasing. How to solve people’s problems in a timely manner? How to provide both branch service and door-to-door service? How to follow up the entire service process in the digital era? For the Bank of Shanghai, which serves more than 5 million elderly customers in the Shanghai area, it focuses on improving the quality of financial services for the elderly. It must not only provide home-based services, but also achieve “best” services.

On the basis of repeated demonstrations and studies and soliciting opinions from multiple parties, the Bank of Shanghai issued door-to-door service operating procedures, which standardized the standards for customer service at branches by clarifying management requirements such as the first-hand responsibility system, prudence principles, and processing timeliness; establishing a system at the branch level The mobile unit coordinated with outlets to carry out door-to-door services, optimized resource coordination arrangements, and formulated a “standardized manual” to respond to customers’ door-to-door service needs.

At the same time, Bank of Shanghai has established a digital management tool for door-to-door services before, during and after the event, and followed up the online process to make door-to-door services clear and visible. Before door-to-door service, branch personnel register the customer’s scheduled door-to-door service time, address and other information in the system, and inform customers of the required materials in advance to ensure the success rate of door-to-door service. During door-to-door service, branch personnel verify customer identity information and business materials, and handle door-to-door service matters one by one. After the door-to-door service, the customer completes the system evaluation and the entire door-to-door service work comes to an end.

It is reported that the digital management tool for door-to-door services not only realizes full online management of demand registration, circulation, service confirmation, evaluation, etc., but can also automatically notify customers of door-to-door service times via text messages, completing the closed loop of door-to-door service management.

In order to solve the problem of limited staff in some branches, it is difficult to coordinate the time arrangement of door-to-door services. By establishing a “Party Member Service Pioneer Team” and a door-to-door service “mobile unit”, Bank of Shanghai organized party members and middle and back-office employees to support front-line branches, release service potential, improve customer experience, and promote “double improvement and double guarantee” of branch and door-to-door service quality. “.

  Technology empowers you to “go to the bank” at home 

Digital finance serves a better life, thanks to the in-depth advancement of the digital transformation of Bank of Shanghai. There is no need for “online points” or “door-to-door visits”, and you can quickly handle it at home.

Grandpa Wu was in a hurry to transfer money after receiving his pension. Because he was not used to using mobile banking, he originally planned to go to a bank branch to handle the transfer. However, he was hospitalized for long-term recuperation due to a chronic underlying disease and was unable to go to the branch alone.

After learning about the Bank of Shanghai’s online financial service “cloud outlet”, Grandpa Wu called the “cloud outlet”. In less than 5 minutes, the “remote service specialist” completed the large-amount transfer business for him and informed him that the funds had arrived. It solved Grandpa Wu’s urgent need.

“Cloud outlets” are the product of Shanghai Bank’s in-depth integration of financial technology and business. They not only have the advantages of face-to-face manual services of traditional branches, but also meet the needs of safe and convenient processing at home. Become a powerful online support in addition to door-to-door services.

Bank of Shanghai continues to focus on the difficulties and pain points of senior citizens using mobile banking, and promotes the improvement of the “cloud branch” senior-friendly experience from the interface, interaction, process, etc. “Cloud outlets” can be processed as long as there is an Internet connection, breaking through geographical restrictions. The business process only requires customers to call in with one click, no need to fill in forms, no need to fold cards, ID cards, etc., and can be easily processed by verbal requests.

The mobile banking senior care special edition displays the “Cloud Branch” entrance ICON in a prominent position on the homepage, simplifies the menu content and provides dialect services, allowing the elderly to dare to use, know how to use, and use it easily, and improves the inclusiveness and availability of financial services.

At present, “cloud outlets” have covered non-cash businesses commonly used by the elderly, and support common transaction scenarios such as large-value transfers and password services commonly used by elderly customers. Since 2023, cloud outlets have served more than 250,000 customers annually, and the number of incoming calls from customers over 60 years old has increased 1.5 times compared with the same period last year.

Bank of Shanghai has always been committed to providing more professional and warm financial services to the general public. In the future, Bank of Shanghai will continue to enrich the Bank by further creating the “four expertise” brand features of specialized facilities, exclusive products, exclusive services and professional teams, as well as the “five-hearted” service experience of caring, comfortable, assured, happy and heart-warming. The old service connotation demonstrates the responsibility of “people’s city for the people” with practical actions.

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