Peninsula College students and lecturers Huang Guanming and Chen Fuquan were selected for the EU Erasmus + Higher Education Program and were selected to exchange at WSG University in Poland | Business News

Peninsula College students and lecturers Huang Guanming and Chen Fuquan were selected for the EU Erasmus + Higher Education Program and were selected to exchange at WSG University in Poland | Business News

(Penang News) Students and lecturers of Peninsula College, The Ship Campus, the first cruise-themed campus in Malaysia, were honorably selected to participate in the European Union’s Erasmus + higher education program. Jovial Bong Quan Ming, an outstanding student of the school, and Chen Fuquan, a lecturer, were awarded Recommended, went to Poland WSG University to participate in the exchange program, harvested a lot, and returned in the middle of this month.

The EU Erasmus + Higher Education Program is to enable college students to obtain education funds to go to EU countries for several semesters of study abroad exchanges, to broaden their knowledge and gain valuable experience of living abroad.

Huang Guanming arrived at WSG University in Poland.

Huang Guanming studied abroad at WSG University in Poland for up to 10 weeks. He received a monthly living allowance of 800 euros from the European Union Erasmus + plan and a one-off transportation fee of 1,500 euros.

Chen Fuquan will conduct a one-week exchange in the local area, and will receive a one-time living allowance of 800 euros and 1,500 euros for transportation expenses from the European Union’s Erasmus + program.

This cooperation between Penn College and the European Union Erasmus+ will give the students of Penn College the opportunity to participate in academic courses of universities, institutions or organizations abroad, broaden their horizons, broaden their knowledge and experience, and have a different learning experience in a foreign country , free of charge. \=

Chen Fuquan carefully prepared the content of his speech, and introduced Puineng College and Malaysia to everyone at WSG University in Poland.

In addition, this student exchange program also allows Penn College to increase the enrollment rate of domestic and international students, not only providing opportunities for college students to study abroad, but also accepting international students to come, creating a diverse and inclusive teaching and learning ecosystem , there are partners from different countries sharing interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, making the teaching environment of Pooneng College more international, and enhancing the international network and brand awareness of Pooneng College.

Huang Guanming, from Penang, is studying logistics management at Puineng College, and will also study related courses in Poland. Guanming, who is enrolled in a bachelor’s program, was selected as an exchange student after passing the interview and won the opportunity to go to Poland to experience the life of studying abroad. Chance.

In addition to his academic achievements, Guan Ming is also a famous athlete. Puineng College attaches great importance to the balance and performance of students in academic and extracurricular activities, which is one of the reasons why Guan Ming was selected as an exchange student.

Chen Fuquan (middle) took a group photo with the staff of WSG.

As a state soft hockey player, Guan Ming is also the soft hockey coach of Hamid Khan Junior High School (SMK Hamid Khan), providing professional training for juniors. With his outstanding performance in both academic and extracurricular activities, he is definitely able to represent Penn College to communicate with Polish universities, discover foreign cultures, and share the characteristics and customs of Malaysia.

Huang Guanming is studying at The Ship Campus, the headquarters of Puineng College, located in Batu Kawan.

The reason why Guanming chose to study at Puineng College is that he has always been deeply interested in logistics, and he especially likes management. He also believes that the future trend of the logistics industry will continue to expand, and it will touch many aspects and fields. Strong room for development.

“The tuition fees at The Ship Campus are quite reasonable, and the facilities provided on campus are of a high standard. We have theaters, gyms, libraries, karaoke, etc., and the restaurants offer a variety of food. The student life here is very happy. The teaching of our lecturers is also very effective. They lead us, who have just graduated from middle school, into a brand-new course step by step. Their creative teaching methods allow students to master and absorb it faster.”

The laid-back environment of The Ship Campus is perfect for students to concentrate on their studies here.

At WSG University in Poland, Guan Ming experienced the local teaching culture, and there are also a variety of subjects to choose from. He also made many local classmates and started a new learning experience in a foreign country. Not only that, but he also contacted the local soft hockey association long before departure to train with the local soft hockey.

In Poland, Guan Ming’s study abroad life is also colorful. Whether it is schoolwork or sports, he can satisfy his thirst for knowledge, and he is also practicing his favorite things in foreign countries.

Chen Fuquan, a faculty member, will conduct a one-week exchange program at WSG University in Poland, where he will give lectures, give guest lectures, and teach Polish students.

The magnificent reception hall of The Ship Campus, the first cruise-themed campus in Malaysia.

The purpose of the exchange of faculty members is to conduct knowledge and academic exchanges, and at the same time promote the teaching and advantages of Pooneng College to the local area and attract local students.

“We will carry out teacher exchanges to acquire applicable teaching skills or theories in Poland. At the same time, we will conduct educational research with local teachers, complete homework, etc., and discuss cooperation plans and opportunities. On the other hand, we also We will carry out education promotion in the local area, show the concept and characteristics of Penneng College, and hope to attract interested students to come.”

LOGO of Peineng College

Chen Fuquan said that Puineng College is very lucky to receive funding from the European Union Erasmus+. This exchange program is not limited to disciplines, and students from any department can apply. In the past, the exchange program was only available to EU countries, but now it is open to other countries to combine education and create a more inclusive and diverse teaching method. More are available for this rare opportunity. “

“Next year, Penn Academy will also focus on exchange programs with Romania and Poland, so that more people can get this rare opportunity.”

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