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pay tribute!Industrial Bank Tianjin Wuqing Sub-branch won the title of “2023 Tianjin Worker Pioneer”

pay tribute!Industrial Bank Tianjin Wuqing Sub-branch won the title of “2023 Tianjin Worker Pioneer”

On the occasion of May 1 International Labor Day, Tianjin Wuqing Sub-branch of Industrial Bank won the title of “2023 Tianjin Worker Pioneer” issued by Tianjin Federation of Trade Unions.

Tianjin Wuqing Sub-branch of Industrial Bank was established on July 30, 2012. In the second half of 2019, it responded to the reform call of the head office branch on the establishment of comprehensive sub-branches and became the first batch of comprehensive sub-branches of the branch.

  Party building leads service entities to promote development

Conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, adhere to the principle of returning finance to its origin and serving the real economy, take the region as the core, actively deploy new tracks, implement the “region + industry” business strategy, and participate in the construction of major regional infrastructure and people’s livelihood security projects, Seize the asset investment of high-quality medium-sized enterprise customers to support the development of real enterprises.

  Fulfilling Responsibilities, Supporting Inclusive Benefits and Relief

Insist on putting inclusive finance at the top of the work, continuously improve inclusive financial service capabilities, and effectively support the development of small and micro enterprises. Especially for small and micro enterprises that have been greatly affected by the epidemic, have a willingness to repay, and have a strong ability to absorb employment, various financial products will be used to relieve difficulties.

  Highlight the background of rural revitalization tree brand

Actively respond to the national rural revitalization strategy, and practice the party branch brand of “Party building leads rural revitalization”. All accounts of agricultural-related enterprises have signed a “settlement benefit” agreement to reduce or exempt various business expenses for enterprises; open a green channel for credit application, optimize service plans, simplify the credit process, and ensure that credit funds can efficiently help rural revitalization.

  Digital Transformation Technology Empowers and Builds Scenarios

Keeping up with the development requirements of the digital transformation of the head office and branches, focusing on the ecological construction of the scene, and actively deploying new online tracks. Taking the Xingye Pratt & Whitney platform as the starting point, quickly carry out systematic docking with the investment promotion and service platforms of major online enterprises in the region; through the construction of scene ecology, lay out the inclusive online financing track, and acquire high-quality inclusive small and micro customers in batches; use financial resources The construction of the cloud platform has enabled group customer subsidiaries to open accounts in batches and collect funds from other banks; at the end of 2022, innovatively mortgaged living organisms and relied on Internet of Things monitoring, and obtained the branch’s first “Xingniudai” product loan approval.

2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the year to carry out the theme of learning Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and also the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch. Based on the new development stage, Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch will support the entity With the goal of economy, digital financial innovation, and serving people’s livelihood needs, we will further increase support for inclusive small and micro enterprises, rural revitalization, technological innovation, green development, and entrepreneurship and innovation clusters to better serve regional economic development.

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