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Pay tribute to the power of “her” | Pamper “her” for “her”? Shanghai Bank’s “March 8th” International Women’s Day themed event is colorful

Pay tribute to the power of “her” | Pamper “her” for “her”? Shanghai Bank’s “March 8th” International Women’s Day themed event is colorful

When spring wakes up, the peach blossoms are blooming and I hear the swifts return. On this warm spring day when everything is reviving, the 114th International Women’s Day has arrived as scheduled. Bank of Shanghai has gone into surrounding communities and sent its most sincere holiday blessings to women through thematic activities, financial fraud prevention publicity, and special offers. In addition, Bank of Shanghai also “gathered” colorful thoughts and added a touch of brilliant color to “Half the Sky”.

  For “her”: “good life” delivered to her doorstep

“Young man, please help me see how this mobile banking works? I really can’t get it.” “Last time I received a scam call. Thanks to your promotion last time, I hung up decisively…”

In this festival that belongs to women, the Bank of Shanghai Lingang New Area Branch went into surrounding communities to provide professional fraud prevention publicity and financial consultation to Shanghai aunts, helping them to bridge the digital divide face-to-face and step-by-step. Amid the inquiries from the aunties, Bank of Shanghai employees patiently and carefully answered questions and provided solutions, and spent this warm holiday together.

Chasing dreams in a new era, women bloom with youth. Bank of Shanghai Zhangjiang Branch joined hands with Xiangnan Neighborhood Committee and Dangui Road Neighborhood Committee to jointly organize a theme event to celebrate “3.8”. At the event site, the staff of Bank of Shanghai brought a unique plant cultivation activity to the community residents who came to participate in the event. Plant small plants, turn soil, and decorate together, feel the joy of farming together, and experience the continuation and vitality of life.

  Pamper “her”: holiday welfare giveaways

Before and after Women’s Day, Shanghai Bank Credit will combine the consumption needs of female customers, unite with many online and offline platforms and merchants, launch many “understand her” consumption scenarios, and carry out a number of consumption promotion activities.

On the day of the festival, the Bank of Shanghai social security card accompanies female customers to spend a wonderful day from morning to night. 8:30 On the way to work, I met CARINO, which offers 10 off on purchases over 50, so that the baking smells delicious. At 12:30, I had a light and healthy lunch. I went to KOKA SALAD, and got 10 off on purchases over 100, which made me feel light and happy all day long. At 15:00, I was in Novo with my best friends. Get together with cakes, get 20 off when you spend 200 or more, share the sweetness of the festival; enjoy the Mediterranean taste at GOLOMICI for dinner at 19:00, get 20 off when you spend 200 or more, and encounter the rich Italian style.

Bank of Shanghai joins hands with “China Free Daily” to launch APP and mini-program consumption discounts, and gathers luxury gifts such as skin care and cosmetics, perfumes and fragrances, clothing accessories, food and wine, to accompany “her” to enjoy the graceful spring. During the event, if you use Shanghai Bank’s UnionPay credit card starting with 62 and bind Cloud QuickPass payment on the China Duty Free Rishang APP/WeChat mini program, you can enjoy a 55% discount for a single transaction of 2,000 yuan or more, with a discount of up to 198 yuan.

In addition, Bank of Shanghai has also cooperated with landmark business districts such as New World and Wanda to carry out credit card shopping discount activities, and continues to create offline business district scenes to meet the shopping needs of female customers during the festival; it coincides with the “Better Life” on Friday Activities, Bank of Shanghai and many well-known merchants in light meals, baking, and beverages continue to carry out consumption discount activities to meet the consumption preferences of female customers for delicious food and drinks.

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