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Pairing assistance to create a new chapter | Mountains and seas draw a concentric circle and work together to promote revitalization

Pairing assistance to create a new chapter | Mountains and seas draw a concentric circle and work together to promote revitalization

As a financial state-owned enterprise, the Bank of Shanghai has always closely followed the national rural revitalization strategic deployment and fully shouldered the political responsibility of paired assistance. Since 2018, it has paired assistance with the “100 Enterprises Helping 100 Villages” with Yanshan County, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. “What superiors require, what Yanshan needs, what Shangyin can do”, implement the work philosophy of “people’s livelihood first, industry first, consumption first, two-way empowerment”, build strong mechanisms, implement precise policies, continue to tackle difficulties, and highlight actual results, Keep moving towards a new picture of rural revitalization. According to the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the total amount of the new round of assistance from the Bank of Shanghai (2023-2025) will not be less than the total amount of the previous round of assistance, focusing on solving the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of the paired villages.

From the morning of November 13th to November 14th, Zhu Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Bank of Shanghai, led a team to Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, to conduct in-depth research on the “100 Enterprises Helping 100 Villages” paired villages and to conduct visits to provide practical services and gain on-the-spot understanding. The Bank of Shanghai has paired up to assist regional industrial development, rural construction, education and medical assistance and other aspects of project implementation results. It held discussions and exchanges with the Wenshan Prefecture People’s Government and the Yanshan County People’s Government to discuss how to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation and the effective connection with rural revitalization. Further enhance the level of assistance.

  I hope my children can answer “people’s livelihood questions” together

The hope of development lies in children, and the hope of children lies in education. On the morning of November 13, Zhu Jian, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Bank of Shanghai, He Chang’e, member of the Standing Committee of the Wenshan Prefecture Party Committee and secretary of the Yanshan County Party Committee, and Sun Yanmin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and trainee president of Shanghai Vegetable Group, waved shovels to lay the foundation and lay the soil. Half a year later, A 3-story comprehensive building will rise here. By then, problems such as poor accommodation conditions for Ajiao Primary School teachers and students eating outdoors will be solved, benefiting 787 households, 268 students and 14 teachers.

“The renderings are so exciting! Thank you Bank of Shanghai for everything you have done for the children!” Tian Weibo, principal of Ahjiao Primary School in Ameng Town, couldn’t hide his excitement. In 2023, the Bank of Shanghai will invest all its assistance funds in the education field. In addition to building a new comprehensive building for Ajiu Primary School, it will also equip Luotaiyi Primary School and Aji Primary School with 13 sets of smart blackboards to connect children to the world and take advantage of ” The new trend of “Internet + Education”.

The “Shanghai Bank Love·Yanshan Dream” youth charity activity launched by the Youth League Committee of the Bank of Shanghai in 2019 has been persisting for 5 years. With the working model of “1 assistance object + 1 paired person + 1 party and league organization”, A total of more than 100 local students have been helped, and 20 of them have been admitted to colleges and universities or entered high schools. In the new round of assistance period, the number of students paired with Shanghai Bank will double.

In order to help the paired students broaden their horizons, Zhu Jian gave the children science and innovation small courseware and encouraged them to study hard.

Education and medical care, one connecting the young and the other connecting the elderly, are the two most important ends of every family. The Bank of Shanghai puts people’s livelihood first and focuses on the “key issues” that the people are most concerned about. Installed solar street lights and built public toilets and bathrooms for three primary schools in paired villages; helped three paired villages repair and renovate clinics and equip them with basic medical facilities such as treatment devices and infusion chairs to help achieve the goal of “keeping minor illnesses out of the village”.

At the newly renovated Ajiao Village Clinic, Zhu Jian carefully asked the villagers about their medical treatment. Villager Aunt Wu happily said that since the clinic has added a treatment device and an infusion chair, it has been much more convenient for them to have headaches and fever. They can only walk a few steps from home. can. Knowing that some basic medical facilities in the clinic were insufficient, Zhu Jian said that he would make overall arrangements and do a good job for the people in the subsequent assistance.

  The key is “blood production”. Let’s answer the “revitalization question” together

The automatic sprinkler device in the field is constantly spraying water, and the green spinach seedlings look more and more lush. This vegetable base belonging to the Fengzhong Breeding Professional Cooperative in Ameng Town has just received a gift from the Bank of Shanghai.

On the morning of November 13, Zhu Jian, He Chang’e, and Sun Yanmin jointly awarded the “Shanghai Waiyan Vegetable Production Base” to the Fengzhong Breeding Professional Cooperative, which also officially announced that the cooperative has further obtained the qualifications to enter Shanghai’s large market, large circulation, and large platform.

  Rural revitalization focuses on industry.Ameng Town? Fengzhong Breeding Professional Cooperative has flourished with the help of the Bank of Shanghai twice: for the first time, the Bank of Shanghai invested 1 million yuan in assistance funds to inject village collective assets and leveraged the establishment and expansion of the cooperative; The second boost was the joint promotion between the Bank of Shanghai and Shanghai Vegetable Group, which helped it successfully be awarded the “Shanghai Extended Vegetable Production Base”. Today, the annual output value of the vegetable base exceeds 10 million yuan, driving more than 1,200 people from surrounding areas to work nearby. With the help of the Bank of Shanghai, Aji Village of Ashe Township, Luotaiyi Village of Jiayi Town, and Ajiu Village of Ameng Town combined their respective realities and used assistance funds to leverage the formation of “one village, one village” for vegetables, fruits, and beef cattle breeding. “Industry” characteristic industry to promote villagers’ income increase.

  Consumption is the key to rural revitalization.Consumption assistance is an important way to increase people’s income and promote the improvement of industry quality and efficiency. Shanghai Bank has helped create a full chain model of consumption assistance. Based within the bank, we favor “Yunpin” and “Yanpin” products in labor union procurement; launch the “Shanghai Bank Consumption Assistance” mini program; and set up special purchase areas for assistance products in some canteens. Facing outsiders, we have successively promoted Yanshan vegetables, yellow beef, apples, eggs, etc. to be rated as one of Shanghai’s “100 Counties and 100 Products”. So far, the Bank of Shanghai has promoted the “Hundred Counties and Hundred Products” platform to help sell 27,000 kilograms of Yanshan Gaofeng beef, 120,000 kilograms of apples, 6,000 kilograms of soft-seeded pomegranates, and 1,000 boxes of eggs.

  Focus on deepening assistance and jointly answer “development questions”

On the basis of visiting paired villages to consolidate the results of assistance, Shanghai Bank further deepened the paired assistance and held discussions with Yanshan County and Wenshan Prefecture to lay a solid foundation for planning a new round of assistance and promote the expansion of paired assistance work. class.

On the afternoon of November 13, at the symposium on deepening paired assistance work with Wenshan Prefecture, the Bank of Shanghai, together with Shanghai Vegetable Group, signed the “Memorandum of Cooperation on Deepening Consumption Assistance to Support Rural Revitalization” with Wenshan Prefecture. By giving full play to Shanghai’s large market and large circulation, Advantages, help “literature products come out of mountains” and “articles enter Shanghai”.

The Bank of Shanghai, together with the Shanghai Children’s Foundation and Wenshan Prefecture, reached a tripartite consensus and signed a contract to provide assistance to children with congenital heart disease. By upgrading the scope of public welfare treatment for children with congenital heart disease from Yanshan to 8 counties and cities in Wenshan, it will benefit more families with children; at the same time, we will strengthen exchanges in education and medical and other livelihood fields, relying on resources such as hospitals and universities served by Bank of Shanghai, in personnel exchanges, learning Explore cooperation in training, mutual visits and mutual learning.

Lu Bo, the deputy governor of Wenshan Prefecture, said that the Bank of Shanghai’s dedicated assistance has allowed the people of Wenshan to truly feel the “Shanghai temperature”, “Shanghai power” and “Shanghai spirit”. Wenshan Prefecture will strive to transform Bank of Shanghai’s sincerity in pairing and assistance into development achievements and benefits for the people, and jointly create a model of pairing assistance.

On the morning of November 14, Zhu Jian and his delegation also made a special trip to visit Bian Huixia, director of the Shanghai Municipal Government Office in Kunming, to better plan and implement a new round of paired assistance work.

Mountains and seas are not far away for those who share the same goal. For more than 2,100 days and nights in 6 years, Shanghai and Yunnan joined hands to cross a distance of more than 2,000 kilometers and forged a profound friendship. In the future, Bank of Shanghai will always adhere to the “requirements of superiors, what Yanshan needs, and what Shanghai Bank can do”, actively contribute the wisdom of Bank of Shanghai, provide Bank of Shanghai with solutions, gather the strength of Bank of Shanghai, and work together to turn the grand blueprint into vivid practice and move towards a common goal. rich.

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