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Paid holidays are not allowed!All Mousse staff take time off to support World Sleep Day

Paid holidays are not allowed!All Mousse staff take time off to support World Sleep Day

The Spring Festival has just passed, and working people are already looking forward to the next holiday. Recently, Weibo’s trending search #It’s not Musi, you really have a holiday# has made many netizens envious. Musi officially announced that “all employees will have a holiday” on World Sleep Day on March 21. Netizens said, “What kind of magic is this?” “Company”, “Muliao Mu Liao”, “Dream Love Department”.

It turned out that on March 12, Mousse’s official Weibo accepted the declaration of war from a big V on Weibo, saying that if the Weibo post exceeded 10,000 retweets, all employees would be given a day off. As of March 14, the Weibo post had been forwarded 16,000 times, and Mousse officials immediately issued a notice, “Keeping our word, all employees of Mousse will have a day off on World Sleep Day, March 21.” As a leading brand in the field of healthy sleep in China, Mousse has given all employees a holiday to support World Sleep Day, which shows that the brand attaches great importance to healthy sleep. Through substantive care for employees, De Mousse leads by example to arouse the public’s attention to sleep.

All employees are on holiday, calling on the public to pay attention to sleep health

The origin of World Sleep Day is to draw people’s attention to the importance of sleep and sleep quality. However, in this era of information explosion and social media, a comfortable sleep has become a luxury. According to the “2024 Mood and Healthy Sleep White Paper”, 61% of respondents have sleep problems. Difficulty falling asleep, easy waking up, and difficulty falling asleep after waking up are the three typical manifestations of sleep troubles. When waking up from a dream in the middle of the night, most people will unconsciously think and plan for the next day, worrying about the impact of insomnia on the next day’s state.

It’s not that I don’t want to sleep well, it’s just that it’s really hard to do it. Especially for those who work, 007 has become the norm in the workplace. In the workplace environment that pursues efficiency, rest time is severely squeezed. In addition, emotional distress causes insomnia. Worry about work status makes it difficult to fall asleep after waking up. A good night’s sleep becomes a luxury. On World Sleep Day, Mousse “forced” employees to go home and sleep with pay, encouraging employees to have a good rest, which became a breath of fresh air in the corporate world. This wave of envy of part-time workers may make more people pay attention to the importance of sleep health, and let more companies understand that allowing employees to rest well will help improve work efficiency. This is actually the responsibility of companies and workers. “Win-win”.

Deep cultivation and innovative actions to solve sleep problems

On World Sleep Day in 2024, China’s theme is “Healthy Sleep, Shared by Everyone”, aiming to allow everyone to enjoy healthy sleep. Through the employee holiday event, De Mousse not only makes more people aware of the importance of sleep, but also takes actions to help those who suffer from sleep problems.

The “2024 Mood and Healthy Sleep White Paper” shows that high work/life pressure, unhealthy sleeping habits, uncomfortable sleeping environment, and some emergencies in life are the main factors affecting sleep quality. In order to remind the public to pay attention to sleep health and develop good sleeping habits, Mousse not only gave employees a holiday, but also launched the “world’s smallest mattress” power bank, called on people to put down their mobile phones and sleep well, and launched a “Sleep Good Night Radio” in conjunction with Himalaya , helping users heal their emotions and enjoy high-quality sleep. Continuously exploring sleep technology to help users enjoy a more comfortable sleeping environment has also been a long-term persistence of Mousse. De Mousse has innovated in the industry to create a “tailor-made and exclusive healthy sleep system”. It has been upgraded to the eighth generation smart healthy sleep system, realizing a major change in “the bed adapts to people”. At the same time, De Mousse’s original AI ” The “Tide” algorithm has also achieved “thousands of people and thousands of beds” to help users fall asleep faster and improve the quality of deep sleep.

Marketing ingenuity, building brand image step by step

World Sleep Day has always been a must-win marketing event for major sleep-related brands every year, but Mousse took a unique approach by giving employees a day off to go home and sleep. This operation not only cleverly matched the hot topics, but also triggered tap-like attention and communication. The policy of paid leave without compensation has aroused many working people’s expectations for holidays. After the official Weibo account of Mousse stated that it had been retweeted more than 10,000 times and it was time to apply to the boss for a vacation, internal employees of Mousse took the lead in retweeting it for their own welfare, and many netizens started to share it. With practical support, many Weibo KOLs and KOCs also came to help. Although netizens expressed that they were “gently broken” and “other people’s companies”, they were still actively forwarding “helping dreams”. Both mousse users and people who eat melons fully participated in this challenge. It has successfully narrowed the distance between the brand and users, and successfully implanted Mousse’s corporate culture of “let people sleep better” into the hearts of consumers.

Giving employees a break, calling on everyone to put down their mobile phones and go to bed early, and using radio to help everyone heal their emotions and fall asleep as soon as possible. Mousse’s progressive brand interaction has effectively paid attention to users’ sleep pain points, and is also supporting the world with practical actions Sleep Day allows the brand to deeply connect with “World Sleep Day” and continue to expand the brand’s voice.

Every year, World Sleep Day raises our awareness of the importance of healthy sleep. Whether it is by improving the sleeping environment, establishing regular living habits, or using scientific methods to fall asleep, these are key steps for us to move towards a healthy life. On March 20, the day before World Sleep Day, Mousse will hold a new product launch conference at the National Aquatics Center (Water Cube). At that time, what kind of sleep black technology products will Mousse release to improve the sleep quality of the public? We can also look forward to it.

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