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Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch actively carried out the activity of “July 8 National Insurance Publicity Day”

Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch actively carried out the activity of “July 8 National Insurance Publicity Day”

2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is the key year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” to connect the past and the future. Insurers ushered in the eleventh “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” , CPIC Life Tianjin Branch actively responded to the call of the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association, the group company, and the head office, and carried out a series of insurance publicity activities around the theme of “insurance power, work harder for you” to actively practice the insurance industry. Political and people-oriented, contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry with practical actions.

  “Singing the New Journey Green Run” brisk walking activity set off a boom

On July 6, Tianjin Insurance Industry Association and Tianjin Insurance Society organized insurance institutions in Tianjin to carry out the “Singing the New Journey Green Run” walking activity in Nancuiping Park. Meng Lingbo, general manager of Pacific Life Tianjin Branch, and vice president Manager Wang Hongyu and his 17-member “July 8 National Insurance Public Propaganda Team” participated in the activity.

The activity is carried out in the form of a combination of singing and brisk walking. More than 500 people at the scene sang “My Motherland and Me” together, expressing their determination to appreciate the party, listen to the party, and follow the party with loud and clear singing. With the firing of the starting gun, the brisk walking activity kicked off. The publicity team of Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch, waving the flag, completed the 2-kilometer brisk walk around the lake with sonorous and powerful steps. During the event, the publicity team of CPIC Life Tianjin Branch showed the high-spirited demeanor of the insurer to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, forge ahead on a new journey, and make achievements in the new era. Active, healthy, low-carbon lifestyle.

  Call for CPIC’s live broadcast of public welfare assistance to farmers, helping rural revitalization

On June 28th, on the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance held a live broadcast of public welfare and agricultural assistance to help Baiyinchagan Town, Chayouhou Banner, Inner Mongolia. Wang Guangjian, the executive deputy general manager of the life insurance company, served as the “cargo officer” , introduced agricultural products, advocated the concept of public welfare, and at the same time gave a micro-party class on “Jining Battle History” and “Three Thousand Orphans Entering Inner Mongolia” for online party members. CPIC Life Insurance Tianjin Branch organized a total of 80 party members, party activists, and some marketers to watch the live broadcast and call the whole process. The consumption assistance was 23,400 yuan, and the power of insurance was used to help the revitalization of the countryside.

Interact with the public in various forms, and carry out the “Insurance Five Entry” campaign

During the “July 8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, the whole jurisdiction of Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch actively created a hot publicity atmosphere by posting posters and playing insurance industry promotional videos. Subsidiaries under the jurisdiction of Hedong, Hexi, Jinghai, Hangu, Tanggu and other public living areas, such as communities and vegetable markets, set up consulting service stations at multiple points and distributed promotional materials, focusing on preventing illegal fund-raising, anti-insurance fraud, and rectifying agency withdrawals , consumer rights protection, striving to be civilized and courteous Tianjin people, etc., popularize financial and insurance knowledge to the public, disseminate insurance concepts, promote the power of insurance, and enhance public risk prevention and financial security awareness.

“Healthy life every day” campaign carried out online + offline

Since June 25, relying on the WeChat mini-program of the insurance public welfare activity “78 Follow Your Heart” by the Insurance Industry Association of China, Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch has organized all its internal and external employees to actively participate in health inspection activities, through heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen and other indicators, upload test data, participate in “knowledge breakthrough” to learn and publicize insurance knowledge, donate the love value obtained to insurance public welfare projects, and jointly light up public welfare love on July 8. At the same time, offline stores use health checkup machines to conduct health tests for the public, actively convey the concept of health management to the public, and be the masters of their own health.

CPIC Life Tianjin Branch will take the opportunity of “July 8 National Insurance Publicity Day” to actively implement the people-centered thinking of the financial and insurance industry, focus on “serving the people, serving customers, and serving the grassroots”, and keep in mind the mission of insurance protection. With continuous professional improvement, we will resist the four seasons of wind and rain for customers, take protecting the people’s better life as our own responsibility, provide the public with “responsibility, wisdom, and temperature” CPIC services, and join hands with companies in the same industry to improve the brand image of the insurance industry and promote the high quality of the insurance industry Contribute to development.

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