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Pacific Insurance? Asian Games athletes face-to-face event held in Chongqing Hangzhou Asian Games gold medalist Xie Zhenye talks about his feelings about winning the gold medal

Pacific Insurance? Asian Games athletes face-to-face event held in Chongqing Hangzhou Asian Games gold medalist Xie Zhenye talks about his feelings about winning the gold medal

On October 9, the Pacific Insurance·Asian Games Athletes face-to-face event was held in Chongqing. More than 400 China Pacific Insurance customers participated in the event. Xie Zhenye, the men’s 100-meter track and field gold medalist and the men’s 4X100-meter gold medal winner at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, a member of the “CPIC Blue Team” and CPIC Service Experience Officer, attended the event to share his winning experience and interact with China Pacific Insurance customers.

On the evening of September 30, in the men’s 100m final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, 30-year-old Xie Zhenye ran a time of 9.97 seconds and won the gold medal. Subsequently, Xie Zhenye led the team to reverse the Japanese team and regain the men’s 4×100m gold medal with a time of 38.29 seconds. As the “big brother” of Chinese men’s sprinting, Xie Zhenye has written a dazzling new history of “Asian Speed”.

At the Pacific Insurance·Asian Games Athletes face-to-face event, Xie Zhenye, who had just returned from his illustrious career, shared his feelings after winning the championship in this Asian Games. He said, “I was very happy and proud when I wore the national flag. I have always longed to break 10 seconds again, win the gold medal in the grand Asian Games, and show China’s speed and power to the world and Asia. I am grateful to the hard-working team and guarantee behind it , including China Pacific Insurance’s support for me. It is hard-earned and I cherish it deeply.”

CPIC’s warm and considerate service

As the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance has joined hands with track and field athlete Xie Zhenye, China Women’s National Women’s Volleyball Team, swimmers Zhang Yufei and Qin Haiyang to form the “Pacific Insurance Blue Team” to go to the Asian Games, and has set up a green insurance service store in Hangzhou to support green Asian Games, serving contestants, staff and spectators.

When talking about CPIC’s services, Xie Zhenye was full of praise. He said: “In this Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance has invested a lot of energy and financial resources to protect the Asian Games with a total insured amount of more than 400 billion. I was lucky enough to experience the green insurance service store at the entrance of the Asian Games Village. The event with the theme of Green Asian Games is very warm and practical. China Pacific Insurance has been working hard on service and innovatively launched new products and services. Especially during my participation in the competition, they took care of my family and gave me no worries. It is a very heart-warming thing to fight hard. The details are the most touching. I would like to thank China Pacific Insurance for the heart-warming service provided to our athletes.”

At the meeting, Xie Zhenye was also appointed by China Pacific Insurance as CPIC Service Promotion Ambassador to let more people know about CPIC services and enjoy CPIC services.

During the exchange and interaction session, Xie Zhenye held discussions with guests on topics such as the Asian Games, health care, and sports. Xie Zhenye suggested that CPIC customers present should pay attention to their heartbeats and heart rate changes when exercising, and regularly check their physical conditions. In addition, exercise is a long-term and continuous thing and cannot be achieved overnight. You can do regular exercise about three times a week.

Released the “Core Vitality” service brand

At the event site, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance released the “Core Vitality” service brand and officially launched the third health care carnival under the witness of Xie Zhenye. Previously, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance has carried out health care carnival activities across the country for two consecutive years to help customers carry out periodic health examinations, establish long-term health management files, and improve health management levels. In the upcoming third health care carnival event, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance has completely upgraded the event to provide customers with a better service experience.

Zhang Yuhua, market development director of China Pacific Insurance, who attended the event, said that as an insurance service provider, as a guardian of the Hangzhou Asian Games and as a practitioner of responsibility, China Pacific Insurance has done its best to protect the safety of Asian Games athletes. As an insurance service provider, China Pacific Insurance adheres to the customer-centered business philosophy and promotes sustainable growth of value. It has carried out the “Wellness Carnival” series of customer service experience activities for three consecutive years, with “the best customer experience” as the core, and continues to upgrade. Services and experiences. At the same time, under the background of “big health, big pension, and big asset management”, we launched the “health core proposition” of prevention and treatment, the “senior care core proposition” of Fuju Yahu, and the “wealth core proposition” of asset management inheritance. Customers and their families are provided with comprehensive, all-weather, full-cycle temperature services. China Pacific Insurance will always be guided by new development concepts, respond to the direction of the times, serve the people’s yearning for a better life, insist on opening up a new development pattern through synergy and symbiosis, and move forward hand in hand with hundreds of millions of customers towards high-quality development.

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