Overlord Clause can’t afford it? Jingdong’s tens of billions of subsidies have overturned!

Overlord Clause can’t afford it? Jingdong’s tens of billions of subsidies have overturned!

Without any precautions, Qiangzi’s tens of billions of subsidies finally came!

Which platform do you prefer when buying digital and home appliances online? In the past few years, Pao Ge used JD.com the most, because the after-sales service is reliable and the logistics is fast enough.

But since Pinduoduo launched tens of billions of subsidies a few years ago, many people, like me, have not been able to withstand the test of low prices… and the service of tens of billions of subsidies has also been gradually improved in the past two years. The gap is getting shorter and shorter.

Under such an impact, JD.com finally couldn’t stand it anymore… On the eve of the 3.8th Festival this year, it quietly launched a subsidy of tens of billions, and started a direct battle with Pinduoduo. Pinduoduo also started to fight back immediately.

The beloved Dachang teaser is finally here…

Originally, Brother Pao felt that with the endorsement of JD.com’s reputation and service advantages, and the price was cheap enough, Qiangzi would not be unable to win this turnaround.

But after actually experiencing it, I realized that it doesn’t seem to be the case…

  01. The price difference is not big, there are advantages but not many

They are all tens of billions of subsidies. I believe everyone is most concerned about who is cheaper? When Jingdong’s 10 billion subsidy was first launched two days ago, the price did have a slight advantage.

But as Pinduoduo increased subsidies to fight back, the price difference between the two is really not that big now.

For example, the Redmi 11T Pro, the flagship of the thousand yuan machine, has the lowest price of 1699 yuan for the 8+256GB version.

More expensive ones like the iPad Pro 2022, 11-inch 128GB WIFI version both have a minimum price of 5908 yuan.

In terms of other categories, the price of a single bottle of Wuliangye Puwu is 873 yuan on JD.com, and 896 yuan on Pinduoduo. Considering the different product batches, this difference can actually be ignored. Liby laundry detergent of the same weight is 4 yuan cheaper than Pinduoduo.

It seems that Pinduoduo is determined to fight to the end…

But there are differences. For products with the same price, JD.com’s subsidies come more directly.

For example, for the 128GB iPhone 14, the price after the two subsidies is 4949 yuan, and JD.com can directly place an order. And Pinduoduo is a familiar routine: grab coupons.

I believe that many friends have the experience of squatting for a long time and not being able to get coupons, right? From this point of view, Brother Pao felt that Qiangzi was quite sincere…but it really wasn’t cheap.

Moreover, as an old player with tens of billions of subsidies, Pinduoduo covers a wider range of categories than JD.com. On the whole, JD.com’s advantages are not too obvious in terms of preferential strength alone.

  02. The service is not perfect, even hidden routines

However, since the cheap and low-quality impression left by Pinduoduo in the early days has not been completely erased, many people still do not trust Pinduoduo’s sales services. This part happens to be JD.com’s strength. Does it mean that JD.com’s tens of billions of subsidies are more reliable to buy?

not at all……

Although many people trust JD. Strictly speaking, what they trust is actually JD.com’s self-operated products. However, not all JD.com’s tens of billions of subsidized products are self-operated, and many third-party sellers are also included. Therefore, JD.com is not responsible for logistics, after-sales and other services. The description of Jingdong customer service is also very vague.

So this part is not much better than Pinduoduo…

In addition, Pinduoduo has played tens of billions of subsidies for so many years, and has already established a complete service system.

JD.com has made a clear promise at present only free shipping and freight insurance for the whole site.

The most important thing is that Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies support the service of “buy expensive, you must pay”. Simply put, if you find other platforms are cheaper, Pinduoduo will pay the difference.

Jingdong does not have this service…

In addition, Jingdong’s highly acclaimed price protection (within the same platform) has also been completely cut off from Jingdong’s tens of billions of subsidies…

It is also clearly written in the rules, that is to say, if you buy the same tens of billions of subsidized products, if JD.com increases the subsidy in a short period of time, it will not pay the price difference.

Of course Pinduoduo is like this…

But the most extreme thing is that if you buy a product that is not subsidized by tens of billions, and then add a subsidy of tens of billions later, JD.com also does not support price protection!

If this is the case, there will be a lot of room for manipulation… As long as the price of the product is reduced, JD.com can definitely pull in tens of billions of subsidies for it, and those users who bought expensive before can only suffer from being dumb!

The pattern is small!

Although Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies do not support the price protection of its own platform, and JD.com’s consistency in rules is understandable, but it is both overbearing and unkind to come up with such a practice that damages users’ rights and interests.

In short, JD.com’s tens of billions of subsidies can indeed compete with Pinduoduo in terms of price, give users more choices, and change the situation where Pinduoduo is the only one. These are worthy of recognition. After all, as users, everyone still benefits.

As a new player, JD.com has some deficiencies that are understandable. But since there is going to be competition, I still hope to open up the situation. Besides, Pinduoduo’s reputation of tens of billions of subsidies has already been established. If it hurts the hearts of the brothers again, it will be even more difficult to turn around…

I hope Jingdong will come on!

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