Ouxia? Mediterranean Hotel creates a new model of a new generation of travel with the “Mediterranean” IP

Ouxia? Mediterranean Hotel creates a new model of a new generation of travel with the “Mediterranean” IP

Compared with the huge crowds of major attractions, more and more people choose the “light vacation” mode. Choose a city, choose a scenery, stay in an Ouxia·Mediterranean hotel, and you can enjoy your vacation time in the original “Mediterranean” style.

Then, how does Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel perfectly reproduce the original “Mediterranean” vacation experience? In terms of style design, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel integrates a lot of Mediterranean elements and fashion trend elements, and uses a lot of stone, logs, and textured tiles and walls, complementing the soft and bright colors, creating a distinctly different hotel style. Mediterranean style.

In terms of cultural experience, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel uses the form of Mediterranean culture + landmarks to integrate different modular characteristic products with the project’s own characteristics and surrounding customer groups into different projects, creating one after another with social check-in attributes. Brand new scene.

The Mediterranean cuisine is a “little surprise” brought by Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel to tourists. Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel also regards health as the core of hotel products, creating a healthy diet mainly consisting of vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, beans and olive oil, and creating a unique healthy living experience.

“Mediterranean” delicacies such as Greek yogurt, olive oil light food and homemade PIZZA have become a highlight of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel while fully satisfying the taste buds of tourists.

As the first innovative hotel brand carefully crafted by Jinjiang Global Innovation Center (GIC), Ouxia·Mediterranean was founded in 2019. It is committed to presenting distinctive products and services so that passengers can experience the “Mediterranean” style of health and leisure in China. lifestyle, providing a “light vacation” experience in the city.

At present, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has been distributed in Guilin, Yangjiang, Shenzhen, Zhangzhou, Shanghai, Jinan and other cities along the East China Sea. Moreover, under the strategic layout of “one city and one sea”, the Guilin store of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has also realized the link between mountains and rivers and the sea. In the future, Ouxia Mediterranean Hotel will also promote the combination of “island and sea” and “city and sea” in Nan’ao Island, Qingdao and other places, and truly establish a “Mediterranean” resort brand business card. From the active deployment in first- and second-tier cities to the deep cultivation of third- and fourth-tier cities, the strategy of “one city and one sea” of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel is being fully rolled out across the country.

Based on the needs of contemporary consumers, with its unique “Mediterranean” IP design and creative scenes created in line with local culture and consumer needs, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has created a new travel model for the new generation, and at the same time realized its own rapid development.

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