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Originating from Australia, precision nutrition, Usiyi continues to empower everyone’s nutrition and health

Originating from Australia, precision nutrition, Usiyi continues to empower everyone’s nutrition and health

Nutrition is the cornerstone of health. But generally speaking, daily diet is difficult to meet everyone’s healthy nutritional needs, and nutritional imbalances or nutritional deficiencies are quite common. Therefore, the value of nutritional supplements has gradually emerged and has become a mainstream force in promoting the development of nutritional health in the world. Data shows that the global nutritional products market exceeded US$100 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach nearly US$150 billion in 2025.

Safe and effective, Australian nutritional products are highly trusted

Judging from China’s nutritional product market data, Australian brands are highly trusted. According to research data from the JD Consumer and Industry Development Research Institute in 2024, Australian nutritional products account for half of the domestic turnover, reaching 53%. The reason is mainly due to Australia’s outstanding advantages in natural ingredients, technological innovation, and strict regulatory systems.

Most of the raw materials of high-quality health products are extracted from animals and plants. The characteristics of being pure natural and pollution-free are related to the environmental factors in which they are produced. Australia is one of the regions with the richest biodiversity and the least air pollution in the world. It can provide richer and greener raw materials for nutritional products, which is crucial to the safety and quality of nutritional products.

In addition, Australia’s biological and pharmaceutical technology is also at the forefront of the world. It is the first biotechnology R&D center in the Asia-Pacific region and the sixth in the world. Seven scientists have won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Therefore, Australia’s nutritional products industry has given full play to the regional biological and pharmaceutical technology advantages and collaborated with Australian scientific research institutions, universities and hospitals to actively explore the research and development and production of nutritional products. This has provided a strong impetus for the sales of Australian nutritional products.

Of course, in addition to environmental and technical advantages, the Australian government plays a more important role in the supervision of nutritional products. Unlike other regions, the Australian government has extremely strict management of nutritional products and regulates them as drugs. The Australian Federal Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is responsible for supervising all aspects of raw material procurement, inspection, production technology and processes, to packaging and inspection of finished products to ensure that they meet the quality standards and safety requirements of drugs. Only after repeated laboratory tests and clinical trials, as well as strict evaluation and approval, can Australian nutritional products be introduced to the market.

Originating from Australia, Yousiyi focuses on “precision nutrition”

Among the many nutrition brands in Australia, Usiyi has already opened up a new track in the health field with its core health solutions of “precision nutrition” and has become a health nutrition expert for thousands of families.

According to public information, Yousiyi has a rich product line system, covering women’s nutrition, children’s nutrition, men’s nutrition, elder nutrition, comprehensive nutrition, etc. These nutritional products use Australia’s unique pure treasures and follow strict Australian drug regulatory standards and high-quality pursuit. At the same time, through the deep integration of modern advanced biotechnology, Yousiyi has developed precise nutritional compound formulas to meet the nutritional needs of different groups of people.

In response to the demand for “accurate eye protection”, the blueberry eye protection pills created by Yousiyi have triggered a rush to buy in the market. Data shows that during the promotion period for many years, Usiyi Blueberry Eye Protection Pills have been ranked Top 1 in the lutein category on Tmall. During the Double 11 period in 2023, its sales across the entire network were as high as 22 million+, taking the top spot on Tmall’s cross-border lutein category sales list, Tmall Lutein V list, imported lutein best-selling list, top-rated list, and Douyin overseas meals Nutritional health care lutein extract Top2.

Yousiyi Blueberry Eye Protection Pills innovatively adopts a six-in-one compound formula, breaking through the limitations of previous single blueberry products. Six main nutrients complement each other to achieve better synergistic effects. The combination of European blueberry + eyebright + grape seed + vitamin C can synthesize super antioxidants, reduce free radicals produced by the eyes, filter blue light, and supplement nutrients for the macular area, thereby achieving precise eye protection.

In addition to blueberry eye-protecting pills, in response to the demand for “precise liver protection”, Usiyi launched a major upgrade product in 2023, milk thistle liver-protecting capsules, which is also the crystallization of technological innovation. The formula of Thistle Liver Protecting Capsules has been upgraded from the original herbal three-in-one to a synergy of 5 major ingredients. The core ingredient silibinin has been upgraded using 88 times highly concentrated extraction technology. Each capsule reaches 80% high purity. In experiments It has been verified that while it effectively protects the liver, it will not cause additional burden to the health of the body.

In addition, the Iron Drink Vitality Pack is Usiyi’s flagship product for “precise iron supplementation” created for women. Usiyi Iron Drink Vitality Pack uses EDTA chelated iron and adds acerola cherries to ensure high iron absorption. At the same time, the Iron Drink Vitality Pack is designed in a thin and compact bag. Each bag contains 14 mg of iron. Only one bag, combined with daily diet, can meet women’s daily iron supplement needs. In the Double Eleven event in 2023, the sales of iron drink vitality packs across the entire network reached 10 million+, ranking top 1 in Douyin’s overseas dietary nutrition and health care iron supplements, and top 3 in Tmall’s cross-border iron category sales.

Since its establishment, Yousiyi has always insisted on continuous in-depth research and innovation in “precision nutrition” and is committed to providing more personalized health and nutrition solutions to Chinese consumers. This is not only of great benefit to individuals, but also provides a feasible path choice for the implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy. We believe that Usiyi, which originates from Australia, will set a new benchmark in the field of nutrition and health, and strive to help more people enjoy a higher quality of life and have a healthier and more beautiful life.

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