Operations, market expansion, and products work together to make charging services more efficient.


In the past 2023, the offline consumer market has shown a good trend of steady recovery, and many brands have ushered in development opportunities. As of September 30, 2023, Monster Charging has 1.189 million POIs (points) across the country, 8.7 million online shared power banks, and a total of 379 million registered users.

According to industry reports, the significant recovery of offline catering, transportation and hotel accommodation scenarios is expected to promote the shared power bank industry to increase to 16.8 billion in 2023 and exceed 70 billion in 2028. Combined with Monster Charging’s performance in Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2023, the rebound in offline consumption has significantly boosted its performance. The company not only achieved operating profits in Q2, but its mobile charging service GMV in Q3 increased by 18% year-on-year. reached an all-time high.

Monster Charge’s ability to achieve this result is inseparable from its strategy of focusing on efficiency improvement. Cai Guangyuan, CEO of Monster Charge, once said: “We have always attached great importance to the improvement of corporate operating efficiency on the premise of healthy growth, and will continue to use these two strategies as the direction for continued growth in the future.”

First of all, on the operation side, Monster Charging has established a refined operation system with data drive as the core. Monster Charging operators can improve operational efficiency through data analysis and refine operations to each power bank, including real-time monitoring of equipment status and optimizing the number and location distribution of power banks to comprehensively improve equipment utilization. , optimize the user experience.

Secondly, in terms of market expansion, Monster Charging has built a charging service network covering all scenarios, and continues to expand blue ocean scenarios in industries such as hotels, transportation hubs, hospitals, scenic spots, and comprehensive playgrounds; for traditional scenes such as catering, shopping, and entertainment, Monster Charging also From the penetration of single stores to the layout of chain brands and medium and large commercial complexes, the brand influence continues to increase. At present, Monster Charge’s brand circle of friends has expanded to cover all scenarios and industries, and has established cooperation with leading brands in various fields such as KFC, Shanghai Disney Resort, and Beijing Universal Resort, achieving full scenario coverage of food, drink, entertainment, travel, and shopping. .

It is worth noting that Monster Charge is vigorously developing its agency business and raising its expansion efficiency to a new level. The channel model can drive rapid growth in the number of points and complement the direct operation model, which is conducive to jointly improving the coverage of the shared charging service network.

Finally, Monster Charging maintains updates and iterations of software and hardware products on the product side to continuously improve user experience. The “three-in-one” shared power bank pioneered and introduced to the market by Monster Charge is still the most popular shared power bank product on the market. In terms of product innovation, Monster Charge is also taking brand actions such as IP co-branding and cross-border cooperation in order to create more interesting products and experiences for users.

Overall, Monster Charging meets consumer needs from different levels and provides consumers with a more secure experience. In the future development, Monster Charging will continue to be based on user needs, innovate and improve products and services, and help more people’s lives be fully charged.


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