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“Operation Moscow” “ignited” at the film festival, director Qiu Litao broke through the limit of commercial films

“Operation Moscow” “ignited” at the film festival, director Qiu Litao broke through the limit of commercial films

The main creator of the movie “Operation Moscow” appeared on the stage

  The movie “Operation Moscow” directed by Qiu Litao and co-produced by Han Sanping and Andy Lau6moon10On the 1st, the “Light Up” press conference was held in Shanghai. Ying Xu, the producer and president of Chinese Film Industry, director Qiu Litao, co-producer Han Sanping, actors Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xuan, Janice Man, Gu Jiacheng, Bai Narisu, Zhang Benyu, Shang Yuxian all attended, co-producer and special star Andy Lau sent a Greeted from the air, and came to the scene as a “clone” with a humanoid stand. The crew “appeared” for the first time, and introduced the film interestingly. The “big robbery”, “big showdown” and “big scene” were refreshing and left suspense.In the play, the three heroes confront each other, there are many camps, and all forces fight wits and courage; the actors outside the play also play hot jokes, with wonderful interactions: Zhang Hanyu and Andy Lau’s “four matches” are full of tacit understanding, and Zhang Hanyu even teased on the spot “Andy Lau is digging and digging in the movie Digging”, Huang Xuan and Wen Yongshan personally “demolished theCP“, saying, “If it was love last time, this time it’s hate.” The new special and posters were exposed that day, and the film’s luxurious lineup and top-level industrial standards ignited expectations. What kind of shock will this hardcore action blockbuster bring? , stay tuned!  

  Andy Lau Zhang Hanyu“Four matches” are full of tacit understanding, Huang Xuan’s live show acting “one second is white and black”

  The action masterpiece “Moscow Action” has very hard-core characters, but at the press conference, the main creators made a big show in contrast. This time, Zhang Hanyu plays the criminal policeman Cui Zhenhai in the movie. He enters a strange country, pretends to be a businessman and goes deep into dangerous situations. He has only one goal: to arrest criminals and successfully extradite them back to China.He stated that the role is a“Hardcore master”: “Unlike many high-tech methods that can assist in solving crimes now,90At the beginning of the 1990s, these policemen solved the case entirely by virtue of their rich experience and skills, the wisdom of practicing true knowledge, their perseverance, and the social connections accumulated in handling cases. They were very powerful. “

  Andy Lau acted as the co-producer of the film and played the role of Vasili.“Ineffective spoilers” keep Vasily’s identity a mystery. Zhang Hanyu and Andy Lau have collaborated for the fourth time. When they teased their old partner, they were also “relentless”. He joked that Andy Lau looked like “Super Mario” in the movie because “he has been drilling water pipes underground, digging and digging and digging in it.” “.

  Huang Xuan challenged the villain role on the big screen for the first time, playing the role of the robber leader Miao Qingshan, who he said was actually a“A blackened version of a criminal artist”, the elegant disguise of literature and art can hardly conceal his fierce and cruel nature, and what Shostakovich’s symphony plays is the criminal movement in his heart. For this reason, he studied many documentaries and news materials of real robberies, repeatedly studied and analyzed the gangster’s psychology and logic of doing things, and combined his own characteristics to find bad guys, saying that he did not want to create a bad guy with a facial makeup. On the spot, Huang Xuan demonstrated his “white cut black” acting skills, from gentle and elegant to murderous and sharp in just one second. And Huang Xuan’s handling of the role was also praised by the director for “exceeding expectations and giving this character new life”. What kind of excitement will the “three heroes duel” in the movie bring, which makes people’s expectations soar!

  Janice Man plays Zhenzhen, who wanders among several forces and brings unexpected reversals.Janice Man said Zhenzhen is like a flower“Flame Rose”, because “she is a very charming woman on the surface, but because she has a lot of experience, she actually has another side in her real state, very strong, smart, and independent.” When the main creators appeared in retro fashion, Echoing the styling in the film, the “fashion outfit crew” is eye-catching and seductive. Man Yongshan said that the costumes in the movie are very sophisticated, making people “enter the show in a second”, and even joked that she wanted to take the costumes home.  

  The confrontation between good and evil excavates the depth of human nature  The star-studded drama deduces the battle of wits and courage between friends and foes

  The duel in the movie “Moscow Operation” is not only between the two camps of the police and the bandits, but also the involvement of various forces.Huang Xuanwen and Yongshan used to play the role of a couple, this time they cooperated for the second time, and the two played hands-on scene“dismantleCP“, saying, “If it was love last time, this time it’s hate.” Janice Man also said that the villain played by Huang Xuan was “real and explosive”, saying that she was “scared” in a rival scene: “Huang Xuan subverted After seeing all his previous images, I felt surprised and at the same time I was really a little afraid of him. I didn’t dare to chat with him on the set, but I was really brought into the play by him. “

  Gu Jiacheng played the role of Miao Ziwen, Miao Qingshan’s younger brother, and said that he was different from his brother’s literature and art.“People don’t talk too much” positive and tough type, and this character has infinite admiration for his brother, he can be described as an authentic “mysterious brother”: “The starting point for many things he does is his brother, which can be regarded as a clear distinction between love and hatred.” For Miao Ziwen The emotional relationship between Janice Man and Gu Jiacheng is described as “love each other and kill each other”, and said that both of them have secrets, which makes people curious. Bai Na Risu plays the criminal policeman Sun Jiandong. In the film, he “was born to death”. Zhang Benyu plays “A Pinch of Hair” and Shang Yuxian plays Zhao Na. The two are a couple in the film. It is also worth looking forward to what kind of dramatic conflict and brilliant performance this pair of “male and female thieves” will bring.  

  Top industries create hardcore action blockbusters  Producer Ying Xu?: “Operation Moscow” is“Triple Feast”

   The background of the movie “Operation Moscow” is the last century90Because it involves the adaptation of real cases, and involves factors such as age and cross-border, in order to ensure the authenticity of the details, the main research is based on a large amount of data.Director Qiu Litao said: “I started from90Over the years, this case was very sensational when it happened. When I knew I was going to make this movie, I also studied a lot of materials. I have almost become a ‘half expert’ on this case. “As “the man who knows blasting best”, director Qiu Litao expressed the tension of shooting police and gangster films this time, and hopes to make more breakthroughs: “I hope to be able to film the appearance of society and people’s lives at that time. “And screenwriter Chen Daming90The personal experience in Russia at the beginning of the 1990s provided a guarantee for the adequacy and authenticity of the details in the film.

     Co-producer Han Sanping said that the movie “Operation Moscow” is not an ordinary police film, but a super action blockbuster representing the top industrialization level of Chinese films. An amazing answer sheet, which means that this is a transcendence, and it will break the audience’s imagination in the future.He also expressed that “Operation Moscow” is visual, fashionable and humane“Triple Feast”: “Many shocking scenes in the film, the underground water palace and the rocket base are all references to historical materials1:1Restored, there are also underground casinos and the Bolshoi Theater, in which many unimaginable but wonderful stories happened. Although good and evil are opposed, each camp has a rich depth of human nature that can be tapped. On the same day, Chen Hongtao, vice president of Wanda Culture Group and executive president of Wanda Films, came to the scene and said that as a strategic partner of Chinese Film Industry, he would give full support to the movie “Operation Moscow”. The film was jointly produced by Chinese Film Industry and Alibaba Pictures. It will be released this year!  

  New special“High Burning Opening” Qiu Litao: There are many scenes in it that I didn’t dare to think about before

  At the press conference, “Operation Moscow” revealed the production special and a new poster, and many behind-the-scenes scenes were exposed for the first time!Special“High-burning opening”, the first glance shows the texture of the blockbuster, the vehicle chase is intense and exciting, the gun battle is exciting and exciting, the explosion scene is densely fired, thrilling and ferocious-director Qiu Litao said that he had a blast this time and hoped that the audience would enjoy it : “There are many scenes in the movie that I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to shoot before. In my own experience as a movie fan, I have never seen these scenes, so I am very excited to have the opportunity to shoot these scenes this time.” As a This is a super action production, and the film’s team is luxurious. In addition to the “commercial film master” director Qiu Litao, there is Han Sanping and Andy Lau’s co-producer to endorse the quality of the film. In the hard-core big scenes of the movie, it is really explosive, strictly built with top industrialization standards, just to give the audience an extremely enjoyable audio-visual experience.

  And the elements in the new poster give the audience more room for imagination: what kind of fierce air battle will be staged when a blood-red fighter jet cuts through the dark sky? The exotic buildings below are patchwork, revealing a hint of mystery. A speeding and burning flaming train is driving on the edge of the shadow of the city, like a loaded pistol, what kind of crime is on the train?And under the darkness of the city, several figures on motorcycles galloped through the dark sewer—Is it chasing? escape? All the mysteries may have to wait until the film is released before it can be revealed.

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