Opening a new chapter for “Suizihao” sweet potato, this major Suixi sweet potato conference is about to be held


The spring is getting warmer, and Suixi County, located on the Leizhou Peninsula, is filled with the joy of harvest. As a major winter potato planting county in the country, Suixi is busy seizing the market “window period” in March, bringing high-quality Zhanjiang Suixi to the market. Creek sweet potatoes are sold north.

In recent years, Zhanjiang has relied on its unique light and heat conditions to continuously expand the sweet potato “planting territory”. Through the staggered sales method and efficient and high-quality planting model, sweet potatoes have transformed from “soil lumps” to “gold ingots”.


Suixi, the “No. 1 sweet county in China”, has a reputation far and wide. In this harvest season of unlimited spring, Suixi sends an invitation to the world: On March 28, Suixi County will hold the Guangdong Suixi Sweet Potato Industry High-Quality Development Conference and the first Sweet Potato Culture Week event, which is scheduled for March every year. The sweetness from the land is shared with the world.


  “China’s No. 1 Sweet County” produces more than 1.2 million tons of sweet potatoes annually.

Sweet potatoes, also called sweet potatoes, are one of the most familiar foods. But what few people know is that the food rations they once relied on to satisfy their hunger have actually become high-end products and brand names in Suixi, Zhanjiang.


Suixi County is located in the southwest of Guangdong Province, with a total population of about 1.12 million people and 16 towns (streets) under its jurisdiction. It is the core winter potato production area in the country. It is rich in potato resources and has the reputation of “China’s No. 1 Sweet County”. historical.


In recent years, with the strong support of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, scientific research units and financial institutions, Suixi County has made full use of the selenium-rich volcanic red soil and winter fallow field resources to develop the sweet potato industry as a way to ensure food security and cultivate The key to enriching the people and revitalizing the village industry has achieved a leap from “potato cultivation in the north” and “rice and potato” to “the whole sweet potato industry”.

At present, the sweet potato planting area in Suixi County is about 500,000 acres, with an annual output of more than 1.2 million tons. The main planting varieties are Huoshu No. 1, Pushu 32 (watermelon red), Jinshan 630 (Beijing red), Jishu 26, Yan Sweet potato has a direct output value of about 4 billion yuan, driving the entire industry chain of seed industry, planting, processing, transportation, and labor services to an output value of about 10 billion yuan. Sweet potatoes have become a veritable “rich potato” and “revitalizing potato.”

  The market is very strong at the front end of production and calls the national brand Suixi sweet potato

“Small sweet potato” has become a “big industry”, farmers’ income has increased, and the industry has developed. But Suixi County has seen more than this: the market is in front of production, and the market must become the power source of production to promote the industry to leap forward. Enter the next stage of high-quality development.


In recent years, sweet potatoes have become popular among consumers due to their rich nutritional value and environmentally friendly properties. However, there are many varieties of sweet potatoes on the market with uneven quality, which seriously affects consumers’ desire to buy.

Consumers have needs and Suixi has products. The two ends collide. Suixi County decides to hold a sweet potato industry promotion event in March every year to build up the reputation and popularity of Suixi sweet potato brand and promote Suixi sweet potatoes to “enter the Bay Area and go nationwide.” , go abroad.”

  Build a county public brand Opening a new chapter for “Suizihao” sweet potato

I don’t know that this event will not only bring a tasting of Suixi’s “Whole Potato Banquet”, but also a close-up visit to the sweet potato industry base full of “digital wisdom”, and truly experience in the fields how Suixi County uses “improved varieties +” “Good Technique” is the business of growing sweet potatoes that are sweet to the heart.


In order to standardize the operation of sweet potato planting, purchase and sale, market, technology and other aspects, the event will also officially release the regional public brand development strategy of Suixi County agricultural products and the Suixi sweet potato standard system, using brands to lead industrial development.


Today’s agricultural product marketing is inseparable from the empowerment of the digital economy. In order to promote the “cloud” and “sea” of Suixi sweet potatoes, the Suixi County Government has cooperated with, Guangdong Radio and Television’s “Bay Area Life Museum”, JD’s ecological partner “Left Bank Liangdian”, Jiangxi Yifamu Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jiachun Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the Zhanjiang Research Center of the Nanfan Seed Research Institute of the Guangdong Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Ocean University, the Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences and other units signed a contract to open a new chapter in the production and marketing docking of “Suizihao” sweet potato.

It is worth noting that at this event, the first Suixi Sweet Potato High-Quality Development Seminar will also focus on hot topics such as “digital agricultural transformation and upgrading”, “regional public brand creation”, “credit financing and insurance guarantee”, and gather ” “The Most Powerful Brain” discusses the development path of the sweet potato industry.


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