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Online and offline linkage to share the beauty of life. Fude Life’s 2023 “Family Love” customer service event concluded successfully

Online and offline linkage to share the beauty of life. Fude Life’s 2023 “Family Love” customer service event concluded successfully

  Recently, with theThe winter customer service activity of “Stay Together and Always Well” came to a successful conclusion, and the 2023 “Family and Love” customer service activity of Fude Life Insurance came to an end. With more than 350 on-site activities, 1.8 million people participating, and a variety of online and offline services, Fude Life Insurance works hand in hand with customers to warm the whole year and share the beauty of life.

  “Fuqi·Wen Shenglai” VIP Art Season

  As a high-value customer activity brand of Fude Life Insurance, the new year’sVIP Art Season meets customers for art time and also kicks off the annual customer service activities.

  on-line,The six art lectures of “Art Appreciation” specially invited Cheng Xiaoru, a young calligrapher and member of the Central State Organs Calligraphers Association, and Fan Tianming, executive director of the National Cultural Relics Restoration Committee and an expert in cultural relics appraisal/cultural relic restoration at the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, to discuss calligraphy and classical murals. Provide special explanations, unlock the Chinese style with the audience, and appreciate the paintings on the wall. Offline, 31 theme concerts, stage plays, and special song and dance performances were performed across the country, creating a warm and elegant artistic feast for nearly 18,000 distinguished customers, and experiencing the cultural charm of the blend of Chinese and Western cultures.

  Traditional symphony concerts, animation audio-visual concerts,Chinese classics concerts, National Center for the Performing Arts Orchestra concerts and other performances played magnificent music epics in the elegant concert hall, whether it is the solemn style of the classical music school, the lively style of the animation classics, or the tranquility of the romantic music school High-flying, internationally renowned performances by famous artists bring customers an unforgettable artistic experience.

  Domestic firstThe dance drama “Du Fu” with the theme of “Poetic Saint”, the national dance drama “Awakening”lion”, the large-scale dance drama “Shui Yue Luo Shen” brings customers wonderful audio-visual enjoyment, with the piano and flute dancing, the drums singing, and the cultural narrative reappearing the power of classical and national traditional culture. At the same time, the “Golden Sound and Jade Zhen” ritual music performance and characteristic cross talk performance also combine regional characteristics and customer needs to show the regional cultural characteristics of artistic activities.

  “Riding the Wind, Holding the Future” Summer Customer Service Activities

  Summer customer service event launchedThe “Fude Heart Service” platform points and rights upgrade, the “Youth Growth Power” and “Voice Environmental Protection Action” themed activities, and the free replacement of insurance policies have three major series of activities. Through online and offline linkage, “Heart Service”, “Heart Activities” and “Heart Heart” “Guard” throughout.

  Fude Life Insurance continues to explore and innovate online service experiences for customers to meet their differentiated service needs.With a one-stop value-added service platformThe 2.0 version of the “Fude Heart Service” mini program has been upgraded and iterated, and nine major VIP services have been refreshed. The “Fude Heart Service” platform has carefully launched an upgrade event for points and rights, and there are constant surprises in point redemption, including more than 47 times of points redemption for 5 times the number of steps. Ten thousand.

  At the same time, focusing on children’s growth and environmental protection, summer customer service activities are launched onlineThe “Road to Growth” special lecture invited three famous growth education experts, Wang Dawei, former professor of the People’s Public Security University of China, Liu Yonghe, a children’s literature writer, and Wu Chen, a national second-level psychological counselor, to give lectures at the “Fu Dexin Service”, focusing on how teenagers deal with campus bullying. , high-quality parent-child companionship, parent-child emotional management and other topics to help customers develop healthy parent-child relationships in their families, attracting a total of 1.284 million participants.

  offline, aroundWith the two major themes of “Youth Growth Power” and “Audio Environmental Protection Action”, Fude Life Insurance plans to carry out museum study, outdoor practice of nature education, study of Hanfu etiquette in the Confucian Temple, bamboo weaving intangible cultural heritage experience, parent-child DIY environmentally friendly wool ball painting, searching for water sources and building canals, etc. More than 200 on-site activities, with more than 12,000 participating customers, enriched children’s growth experience and assisted the construction of ecological civilization.

  The free policy re-issuance service launched during the same period has cumulatively re-issued approximately approximately4,700 copies, worry-free care for life, making service guarantee more considerate.

  “Together, Xiang Xinrong” and “Standing Together, Chang Ankang” Autumn and Winter Customer Service Activities

  Staying together, the autumn and winter customer service activities extend the warmth of life.The “Fu De is by Your Side” online short video competition, as well as parent-child Hanfu Festival, Song Yun tea traditional culture study and other activities have brought wonderful experiences to thousands of customers.

  After more than two months of collection and selection, a total of 51 works were shortlisted for the “Fude by Your Side” short video competition. Video experts from various competition areas across the country reproduced the warm stories behind the insurance policies and told the responsibilities of insurance protection through lens language. and responsibility, fully demonstrating the “customer-centered” service intention of Fude Life Insurance.

  Offline, the branch has carried out nearly a hundred on-site activities across the country, including golf and equestrian parent-child activities, golden autumn fragrant mountain red leaf viewing, Song Yun tea traditional cultural experience, Mid-Autumn cultural experience, parent-child Hanfu Festival and other exciting activities to attractMore than 6,000 customers participated, savoring the beauty of traditional culture and feeling the charm of nature.

  Activities are open year-round and services never end.Fude Life Insurance AdvocacyWith the concept of “good service comes from Fude”, we strive to create a “homelove“Customer service activity brand, innovate activity forms, improve service quality, meet customers’ differentiated activity needs, build a zero-distance contact platform, and express gratitude to customers for accompanying them all the way.

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