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OnePlus joins hands with BOE to create “Oriental Screen” OnePlus 12 launches

OnePlus joins hands with BOE to create “Oriental Screen” OnePlus 12 launches

On October 24, Oriental Screen, the pinnacle of mobile phone screens jointly created by OnePlus and BOE, was launched in Chongqing. OnePlus and BOE jointly conducted pre-research two years in advance and invested hundreds of millions in R&D funds. With the joint efforts of both parties, the Oriental Screen has top-notch display, ultra-high brightness, ultra-long life and comfortable eye protection, and at the same time brings 6 Major technological breakthroughs, achieving 9 world premieres and 12 global premieres. Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, said at the meeting: “The release of Oriental Screen is a breakthrough in the history of Chinese screens. The Chinese have climbed to the Mount Everest of screens.” The 2K resolution Oriental Screen will be the masterpiece of OnePlus 12 in ten years. World premiere.

The world’s best screen breaks 18 DisplayMate records

OnePlus has brought a self-developed image quality engine to the Oriental Screen. With the powerful capabilities of OPPO’s first-generation display chip Display P1, the Oriental Screen can not only achieve higher brightness and lower power consumption, but also achieve a purer display effect.

The excellent display effect of Oriental Screen has also been recognized by DisplayMate A+. The 2K resolution Oriental Screen first launched on OnePlus 12 has obtained DisplayMate A+ certification by breaking 18 records. This means that Oriental Screen is not only the first 2K domestic screen to obtain DisplayMate A+, but also the first DisplayMate screen among all candybar phones. A+ screen with many records.

Breaking the screen brightness record, leading the world in longevity and eye protection

Brightness has always been a major shortcoming of OLED screens. If you want to bring high-end OLED screens, you must break the brightness bottleneck. OnePlus has launched the world’s first multi-channel load reduction technology on Oriental Screen, and added the “Sunshine Highlighting Algorithm” exclusively customized by OnePlus and BOE to OPPO’s first-generation display chip Display P1. With the support of these technologies, the brightness of Oriental Screen has far exceeded the 2600nit of the current 2K screen in the industry, making it the brightest screen in the world. Such high brightness makes the display effect of Oriental Screen more transparent, more visible outdoors, and the HDR effect more vivid.

Oriental Screen also takes into account longevity and eye protection, providing users with a long-lasting and healthy screen experience. Through a number of industry-first processes, technologies and circuit designs jointly developed by OnePlus and BOE, Oriental Screen has made the lifespan of Oriental Screen more than twice the industry average. In terms of eye protection, Oriental Screen has common eye protection solutions in the industry, such as high-frequency PWM dimming, blue light filtering, DC-like dimming, etc. In addition, the exclusive self-developed eye protection technology will be used in the first OnePlus 12 equipped with Oriental Screen published on.

OnePlus has always been the leader in LTPO technology in the industry. On Oriental Screen, OnePlus and BOE jointly developed and launched the world’s first new generation LTPO hardware circuit design. It brings strong driving performance through OPPO’s first-generation display chip Display P1, and with the exclusive customized “enhanced driving technology”, it brings a better screen Fluency, making smoothness clearly visible.

Oriental Screen is currently the best screen in the world, providing users with the best visual experience in terms of display quality, screen brightness, eye protection effect, service life, and fluency. Oriental Screen will be used in OnePlus digital series and Ace series: 2K resolution Oriental Screen will make its world debut on the high-end flagship OnePlus 12, and 1.5K resolution Oriental Screen will make its world premiere on the performance benchmark OnePlus Ace 3.

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