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OnePlus 12 will be fully equipped with a “new generation super light and shadow imaging system”

OnePlus 12 will be fully equipped with a “new generation super light and shadow imaging system”

On November 9, OnePlus officially held the OPPO Imaging Strategic Communication and Paris Film Festival OnePlus 12 Shenzhen branch event. At the meeting, OnePlus announced that the OnePlus 12 will be OnePlus’ first flagship product fully equipped with a “new generation super light and shadow imaging system”. Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, said:“The imaging performance of OnePlus 12 can be said to be a new peak in imaging. From imaging concepts to technical solutions to imaging effects, it has achieved new transcendence in all aspects.”

The OnePlus digital series has always been committed to creating high-end flagship products that lead cutting-edge technology. The OnePlus 12 launched this time, as OnePlus’ ten-year flagship, will achieve a comprehensive upgrade in imaging capabilities based on the “new generation super light and shadow imaging system”. Around this imaging system, OnePlus 12 is equipped with “Super Light and Shadow Full Main Camera System”, “Ultra Light and Shadow Image Engine” and “Ultra Light and Shadow ProXDR Display”, which collaboratively improves images through customized optical devices, self-developed top algorithms and top display technology. ability.

OnePlus 12 debuts Sony’s Lightyu LYT-808, creating a powerful main camera in the same class

In the field of camera sensors, Sony has been leading the industry in terms of technical architecture, focusing technology, color consistency and dynamic range. OnePlus and Sony jointly developed a new generation flagship sensor-Lightyu LYT-808 for the OnePlus 12 main camera. As a one-inch flagship sensor second only to Sony, LYT-808 is designed based on hardware and algorithms, and can perfectly restore the bright and dark parts that are difficult to restore at the same time, so that the bright parts are not overexposed and the dark parts have details. We can confidently say that the image quality of the main camera of OnePlus 12 is the best in its class.

Super light and shadow periscope telephoto, strong telephoto at the same level

In terms of telephoto, OnePlus 12 chooses a more expensive periscope telephoto lens. Compared with the upright telephoto, the periscope telephoto has a larger sensor area and a more precise and advanced optical structure, ensuring better telephoto image quality. The OnePlus 12’s super light and shadow periscope telephoto uses a 1/2-inch sensor that is the largest in its class, and is 1.53 times larger than the upright telephoto lens in its class. At the same time, OnePlus 12 has customized optical waves for this periscope telephoto lens and uses nano-level lens edge cutting technology, which greatly reduces stray light interference in imaging, improves the quality of the optical path, and makes imaging photos cleaner and clearer. The picture quality is even better under dark light and backlight.

  Ultra-light and shadow image engine + Ultra-light and shadow ProXDR display,Bringing top-notch imaging experience

OnePlus 12 is equipped with OPPO’s self-developed “new generation ultra-light and shadow image engine”. Through the collaboration of ultra-clear image quality algorithm, ultra-light and shadow image algorithm and natural color algorithm jointly created with Hasselblad, photos are made clearer, more natural and full of space. sense and three-dimensionality. Good photos are inseparable from a top-notch screen display. OnePlus 12 is equipped with the industry’s top 2K Oriental screen, combined with ultra-light and shadow ProXDR display technology, to make the photo display more beautiful and vivid.

As a special product for the 10th anniversary of OnePlus, the powerful image performance of OnePlus 12 has reached a new peak of imaging by leaps and bounds, surpassing Pro-level products. For more information about OnePlus 12 new products, you can follow official platforms such as OnePlus’ official website and OnePlus Mobile’s official Weibo to learn about new developments.

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