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One-stop link to global business opportunities, C-Touch and Display Shenzhen 2023 leads new trends in industry development

One-stop link to global business opportunities, C-Touch and Display Shenzhen 2023 leads new trends in industry development

Under the normal control of the epidemic, driven by market demand, technological innovation, and policy empowerment, the touch display industry has also ushered in a new market turning point. The core technology continues to iterate and produce new ones, and the market demand continues to soar, especially the development situation of the Chinese market is improving. Data shows that in 2022, the annual output value of my country’s display industry will be nearly 500 billion yuan, accounting for more than 38% of the global market. The industry is recovering in an all-round way, and related work such as industrial cooperation, market development, technology sharing, and resource integration is imminent. As a wind vane exhibition of the display industry, Shenzhen International C-Touch and Display Exhibition is committed to integrating global new display, smart touch and terminal application industry resources, promoting efficient links between upstream and downstream enterprises, technological innovation and business cooperation, nurturing new business opportunities, and promoting new development.2023Year10moon11-13The Shenzhen International C-Touch and Display Exhibition will comprehensively present display and touch cutting-edge products and technical solutions in the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, promote the coordinated development of domestic and overseas markets, realize complementary advantages and resource sharing, and bring internationalization to fellow exhibitors and visitors. high-end social circle.

Unprecedented exhibition scale, multi-dimensional one-stop expansion of global business opportunities

As a wind vane exhibition of the entire industry chain of the display and touch industry, Shenzhen International C-Touch and Display Exhibition has been committed to integrating global industrial resources for many years, helping companies in the new display and smart touch industry chain to continuously enhance brand influence and expand global business opportunities. Leading the new trend of global new display, smart touch and terminal application industry development. 2023 Shenzhen International C-Touch and Display Exhibition will be jointly organized by COMMERCIAL DISPLAY Shenzhen Commercial Display Technology Exhibition, AUTOMOTIVE WORD CHINA China Automotive Industry Technology Exhibition, AMTS & AHTE South China 2023, and NEPCON ASIA Asia Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition and other eight exhibitions.The 160,000-square-meter super exhibition feast is expected to attract more than 3,000 participating brands and over 120,000 domestic and foreign audiences to gather at the site. All-round display of the latest materials and intelligent manufacturing solutions related to the production of the latest electronic components and semiconductor packaging and testing processes, new display and smart touch manufacturing, automotive electronics technology, consumer electronics terminal product manufacturing, and one-stop solutions for corporate procurement and technical exchanges , Business development needs.

Restart the overseas market One-stop matching overseas market demand

In 2023, the continued recovery of the global economy and offline exhibitions will also allow overseas markets to further focus on the Chinese market.2023deepShenzhen International C-Touch and Display Exhibition, from all over the world40multiple countries and regionsMore than 4,000 overseas audiences will fully return.The demand of overseas buyers accumulated for three years will be fully released in this exhibition, helping exhibitors to sign more overseas orders and accelerate the development and expansion of overseas markets! Relying on the influence of the organizer’s global exhibition platform and the huge database resources, the site will attract global buyers from the upstream and downstream of the new display and smart touch industry chain, and the organizer will also build a one-stop procurement of large display categories for Chinese and foreign buyers The platform establishes a high-quality display purchasing platform with rich resources, close interaction, and industrial vitality to comprehensively help enterprises to achieve business negotiations and accurately harvest first-hand procurement information and orders.

The Display Technology and Application Scenario Display Area Reaches the Target Market

The exhibits of this exhibition are aimed atsemiconductor display,3C, automobiles, smart commercial displays, smart industrial control, home appliances, new energy, medical care, semiconductors, Internet of Things, 5G, communications, AR/VR, smart wearables, smart security, etc.Application industry12million professional buyers. The organizers of the exhibition will provide customized one-to-one business matching services for exhibitors and professional buyers, helping enterprises to efficiently complete business negotiations, and accurately harvest first-hand domestic and overseas procurement information and orders.

In recent years, various subdivisions of the display and touch industry have been continuously upgraded and iterated, especially new technologies such as Mini/Micro LED, flexible display, vehicle display, and electronic paper. Market layout of new products.

Statistics show that China has become the world’s largest LED display manufacturing base. my country’s LED display companies take over 80% of the world’s LED display production, and LED displays from more than 160 countries and regions are imported from my country. Among them, Mini/Micro LED is an industrial hotspot in recent years. Mini LED has been applied in multiple scenarios, including VR, Pad, NB, automotive, MNT, TV and other consumer markets, showing strong industrial momentum. Micro LED is also regarded as the future of global panel technology. With the advantages of self-illumination, high refresh rate, and random folding, it is widely recognized in industries such as folding mobile phones and AR/VR glasses. Many economies around the world are actively developing this technology. . C-Touch and Display Shenzhen 2023 will be further optimized and upgradedMini/Micro LEDShow tech zone coverageMini/Micro-LEDThe entire industry chain of upstream materials and equipment technology, midstream display panels and terminal innovative applications will bring hot technology demonstrations to the display industry.

OLED display panels have the characteristics of self-illumination, clear and bright, light and thin, fast response and low power consumption. Flexible OLED display panels also have the advantage of being bendable, and are regarded by the industry as one of the most promising lighting and display products in the 21st century. Entering 2023, as the application ratio of OLED display technology in smartphones and other fields continues to increase, a technological revolution involving the entire display industry chain is coming ahead of schedule. In 2023, the shipment share of manufacturers in mainland China will increase slightly, mainly because the global shipment share of flexible OLED panels for smartphones will increase from 32% in 2022 to 42% in 2023. With the development of next-generation information technologies such as 5G communications, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, flexible display has become a high ground for strategic competition in the display industry. 2023 Shenzhen International C-Touch and Display Exhibition will hold a specialFocused display in the flexible display technology zoneOLEDHot technology for folding flexible productsProduct design brings technology foresight.

With the development of the smart car market, electronics, new energy, and lightweight have become new trends in the development of the automotive industry. It is estimated that by 2025, the scale of China’s smart car market will be close to one trillion yuan. Electronic modules such as intelligent driving systems and new energy management systems have become the heart of smart cars, which has led to an increase in market demand for automotive touch display panels. The multi-screen trend of automobiles is obvious. In addition to the central control screen, the penetration rate of the passenger entertainment screen, rear entertainment screen, LCD instrument panel, streaming media rearview mirror, and HUD continues to increase. Disk, streaming media rearview mirror, HUD penetration rate reached 100%, 70%, 30%, 30% respectively. 2023 Shenzhen International C-Touch and Display Exhibition will be upgradedSmart cockpit and vehicle display technology zone: covering the entire industry chain of upstream materials and equipment technology, midstream display panels and terminal innovative applications of the vehicle display industry, and looking forward to the new ecology of vehicle display applications.

In addition, under the background of “dual carbon” and sustainable development strategy, the popular application of electronic paper is constantly accelerating. Data from Luotu Technology shows that in 2022, the sales volume of China’s e-paper tablet market will be 1.02 million units, accounting for 9.3% of the global market. With the hot pursuit of the market, it is expected that China’s e-paper tablet market will grow by at least 30% this year, and the sales volume will reach 1.35 million units. As an emerging display product, electronic paper technology is accelerating towards the market, and the display application fields such as office display, medical display, traffic display, and commercial display continue to expand. Driven by technological innovation and application expansion, the electronic paper display industry is bringing new opportunities to the global market.In order to meet the needs of the electronic paper industry for one-stop procurement, technical exchanges, and business development,2023C-Touch and Display Shenzhen will set up a special “Electronic Paper Zone” at the exhibition site. Covering the mid-stream and downstream enterprises of the global e-paper, we will jointly create an industry feast that is vivid on paper.

The 365 marketing plan is comprehensively followed up to help enterprises accelerate the expansion of business opportunities and enhance brand influence

Shenzhen International C-Touch and Display Exhibition 2023, through 1-on-1 in-depth interviews and demand insights with R&D, technology, and engineers in the field of display and touch application terminals, summarized industry pain points and procurement needs, and tailored 365 marketing plans for exhibitors.And through the housekeeping combination marketing service, such asOnline and offline new product technology conferences, media interviews and live interviews Brand announcements and dialoguesDisplay Touch Research Institutecore social circle,Industrial chain procurement/Technical online exchange meeting,Forward-looking industry summit focusing on popular applications, 365 marketing butler plan for one-stop customer acquisition, TAP specially invited VIP buyers business matching, business exchange dinner face-to-face with big names, Market insight and industry technology research report meeting, terminal theme pavilion classification displayA series of combined marketing programs, such as this, provide exhibitors with all-weather product exposure, business opportunity creation, transaction facilitation, insight sharing and knowledge learning services, further accurately locking business opportunities and building dreams for the future.

Since the start of C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2023, the preparatory work of the exhibition, including the progress of exhibitors, has been “hurricane”, and has received positive responses from global display and touch companies. Sign up to participate in C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2023, the new The number of booth application forms submitted by exhibitors has increased sharply. Up to now, the booth area reservation has reached a higher level in the same period of previous years, and the “battle” for grabbing a spot has started.Integrate global new display, smart touch and terminal application industry resources, promote efficient links between upstream and downstream enterprises, technological innovation and business cooperation, breed new business opportunities, and promote new development.2023 Shenzhen InternationalFull touch and display exhibition,October 11-13, ShenzheninternationalityThe Convention and Exhibition Center is looking forward to your visit!

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