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One of the most expensive museums!The off-road vehicle privately owned by the rich man in the UAE is shocking

Emirati billionaires have always collected whatever is unique and expensive, such as Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan – currentlyThe country with the most four-wheel drive off-road vehicles in the worldGuinnessworld record holderfrom his private collection560Multiple off-road luxury vehiclesPlaced in SharjahOff-Road History Museum(Off Road HistoryMuseum)will definitely cause a lot of crazy screams from car enthusiasts!

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The Off-Road History Museum is located on the main road of Sharjah’s E55 highway, with the Al Madam plain to the south and the Mleiha red sand area to the north.The towering off-road vehicle guide sign at the entrance of the museum is hard to ignore, but the most eye-catching thing is the behemothThe world’s largest Hummer (Hummer)car.

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This two-story super Hummer H1 is 6.6 meters high, 6 meters wide, and 14 meters long. It is three times the size of the original car, so it was named H1x3. An ordinary car parked next to it looks like a toy car. It seems quite mini. This big guy not only looks domineering, but also has great performance. It is equipped with a total of 4 diesel engines, so it is no problem on the road. The car also has a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, making it a mobile mansion!

The Off-Road History Museum is absolutely unique among its kind.The three exhibition halls “show off” off-road vehicles of different brands, ages and models, spanning more than a century of off-road vehicle development history, as well as the structure and mechanical devices of the vehicle, you can clearly understand it at one stop. Rare or special models are marked with a rainbow and can be highlighted for exploration.

  Modified car showroom (Modified Section)There are local and foreign modified cars in the collection, including customized, weird and oversized vehicles. In fact, these cars were once owned by the Sheikh family and were not purely ornamental cars used for decoration.

In addition, there are specializedMilitary vehicle exhibition hall (Army Building)displayed a whole series of military vehicles and amphibious vehicles.

Photo source: Ins@shhamadbinhamdan

  History BuildingThe number of cars is particularly astonishing. In chronological order, Dodge, General Motors (GM), Jeep, Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota ( Toyota, Suzuki and other brands from various countries have models in various time periods, including those for daily driving and those for special purposes, such as fire trucks, snow plows, and transportation, civilian and military trucks. Older models even date back to the early 20th century, such as the 1910 Nash-Quad, the 1915 Ford Model T and the first four-wheel drive (4WD) truck in 1918.

In addition to visiting the Off-Road History Museum, you can also explore the nearby Buhais Geological Park and Mleiha Red Sand Area and Archaeological Center. It is also recommended to book the Sharjah Collection in advance. Spend an adventurous and romantic desert trip at Moon Retreat or Al Badayer Desert Camp (Al Badayer Retreat).

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