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On-the-spot investigation revealed real results, the wisdom of young people reflects social conditions, and the 2023 Ping An Inspirational Plan Finals concluded

On-the-spot investigation revealed real results, the wisdom of young people reflects social conditions, and the 2023 Ping An Inspirational Plan Finals concluded

January 6, 2023 China Ping An"Motivational plan"The finals were held grandly at the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Nine promoted teams from eight well-known domestic universities competed in a peak showdown focusing on three major topics: finance and insurance, medical care and elderly care, and low-carbon environmental protection.In the end, three teams from South China Normal University, Hunan University, and East China Normal University stood out in the fierce competition and won the"best research report"prize.

This year is China’s Ping An"Motivational plan"In the 20th year since its birth, this competition has been upgraded to the College Student Social Research Report Contest for the first time.After more than three months of social research, each participating team brilliantly presented the results of the phased research in the countryside and at the grassroots level in each stage of the competition, fully demonstrating the achievements of the new generation of young students."ivory tower"His courage and wisdom also contributed a young force to the development of the country.

Nine university teams conducted field surveys to focus on people’s livelihood problems

The 20th China Ping An"Motivational plan"Officially launched on July 28, 2023, it combines popular topics such as agricultural protection and development, pollution reduction and carbon reduction, poverty prevention and wealth promotion, health care and health care, focusing on the three major topics of financial insurance, medical care and elderly care, and low-carbon environmental protection, and advocates for the general public Young people closely combine classroom learning with social practice, communicate face-to-face with the people, visit the field to understand the situation, and both observe and emulate"high-rise buildings"also in-depth"fields"to understand people’s livelihood and governance during field surveys, to gain a deep understanding of the difficulties and pain points in people’s lives, and to explore solutions to social problems.

Since its launch, the competition has attracted a total of 83 participating teams from 30 universities across the country, with a total of 698 teachers and students participating. In the end, nine teams from Central University of Finance and Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Fudan University, East China Normal University, South China Normal University, and Hunan University entered the finals for the ultimate showdown.

In addition to getting"best research report"In addition to the three teams that won the award, three teams from Fudan University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and South China Normal University won the awards in the topics of medical care and elderly care, finance and insurance, and low-carbon environmental protection respectively."Excellent research report"Award; the three participating teams from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences University, Central University of Finance and Economics, and Beijing Normal University were awarded"Innovation research report".

The winning teams for the best research report, outstanding research report and innovative research report will receive grants of 15,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan respectively, as well as opportunities to advance to study abroad.In addition, this session"Motivational plan"Universities that provided key support were also awarded certificates of honor at the finals.

Professional values ​​escort ideals and help new youths fly in pursuit of their dreams

The finals invited more than a dozen experts and scholars from the fields of finance, insurance, medical care, and low-carbon environmental protection to serve as professional judges. Together with representatives from the China Youth Foundation and China Ping An, they formed the main jury of the finals. At the finals, the research results of the student representatives fully demonstrated the courage and wisdom of the young students, leaving a deep impression on the audience. The judges ensured the professionalism of the competition, and their interaction with the contestants also allowed people to see the passionate style of two generations who have inherited the spirit of building the motherland.

Guo Meijian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the China Youth Development Foundation, also expressed his sincere expectations for young students."I hope everyone will take the inspirational plan as an opportunity to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs. Apply the knowledge learned in the research competition to real life, maintain a striving and enterprising spirit in the future life, sincerely devote yourself to the cause of contributing to society, and contribute your efforts and shine."

Sheng Ruisheng, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Brand Director of Ping An of China, mentioned in his speech that this year"Motivational plan"Many of the topics are not just simple competition questions, but also represent the future business needs of many industries."These research reports are likely to provide reference directions for Ping An to improve its products, services and business capabilities. Therefore, we hope that the inspirational plan can become an opportunity to seize industry development, seize market opportunities and user needs, solve people’s difficulties, and find our new solution."  

  Zhu Xinrong, professor of finance at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, doctoral supervisor, and expert review member of the motivational plan, said in her comments on the contestants’ reports that this year’s participating teams went from field research to the finals step by step, and also accurately pointed out that China Regarding the difficulties in the development of finance and insurance, the on-site performance is remarkable.

Gather the power of youth to create a better China

The Inspirational Program is a long-term educational public welfare project for young students jointly sponsored by the China Youth Development Foundation and Ping An since 2003. Every year, topics of high social concern are used as the competition theme. In the 20 years from 2003 to 2023, the inspirational plan has rewarded more than 6,000 outstanding students and distributed more than 21 million yuan in bonuses, helping many young people to adapt to and integrate into society more proactively and confidently, and serve the socialist modernization drive with practical plans and actions. The co-sponsor China Youth Development Foundation was established in March 1989. It is a 5A-level national public fundraising foundation initiated and managed by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs.Actively practice"Educate people for the party and the country, gather love and convey warmth, provide new assistance for the growth of young people and sow new hope"organizational mission.

In March 2023, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Work Plan on Conducting Investigation and Research in the Whole Party”, which emphasized:"With the fundamental purpose of solving problems, we must truly understand the situation, identify the problems accurately, propose practical countermeasures, and constantly propose new ideas and methods to truly solve the problems."Fieldwork is a method of in-depth on-the-spot research and problem-solving.

Therefore, this year"Motivational plan"The theme also carries"Promote solutions to development problems through in-depth investigation and research"The purpose of the project was upgraded to a social research report competition project for college students.Through this change, it not only brings into play the youthful passion of the youth who are good at innovation and dares to practice, but also encourages young people to go out of their way through a combination of internal and external methods."ivory tower"get close to the people, go among social phenomena, see, listen, and understand the problems and challenges of social development, and use the knowledge learned in the classroom and the experience gained in practice to make suggestions for creating a better China.

In the future, Ping An will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities and persist in developing"Motivational plan"take public welfare activities as an opportunity and play a platform role to build a channel for deep integration between youth groups and society, encourage more outstanding students to care about social progress, participate in beautiful creation, and gather more young forces for national development.


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