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On the first day of construction, Bank of Shanghai worked hard to write a new chapter

On the first day of construction, Bank of Shanghai worked hard to write a new chapter

The first day of construction in 2024

All business units under the jurisdiction of Bank of Shanghai

with a new look

Passionate fighting spirit

Taking strides towards a new journey

At business outlets

At the company site

With precise and professional services

Integrate into the overall development situation

Serving society and people’s livelihood

  Work hard to integrate into the overall development situation

The ecological and environmental protection industry is a strategic emerging industry and the main force supporting the battle against pollution and promoting green and low-carbon development.Bank of Shanghai Head Office Sales DepartmentThrough the platform established by the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, we actively follow up on the financing needs of enterprises in the ecological and environmental protection industries, actively create upstream and downstream supply chain finance in the environmental protection industry, and provide financing services to upstream and downstream enterprises, including accounts receivable pledge and distribution. Suppliers, supplier financing, and employee stock ownership can meet the financial needs of enterprises in an all-round and multi-level manner, empower the development of environmentally friendly enterprises, and help write a major article on green finance.

  Bank of Shanghai Puxi BranchWith New Year greetings, I visited key customer Shanghai Zhiyuan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. This company has just launched the first generation of humanoid robots. In the second half of 2024, it will realize the first small-scale implementation of embodied humanoid robots for scenarios such as flexible intelligent manufacturing and interactive services. Commercial. The Puxi Branch of the Bank of Shanghai took the initiative to explore precise services in recommending investment institutions, matching commercial scenarios, and deepening financial solutions. The branch will use this enterprise as a starting point to strengthen policy supply and support future industrial development and growth.

  Bank of Shanghai Pudong BranchVisited Lanfan Medical, an enterprise representative in Zhangjiang Science City. The enterprise is building a “modern industrial intelligent manufacturing complex” with production, R&D, incubation, office, supporting and other functions. After the project is completed, it will become a domestic high-end medical device field with talents and technologies. The gathering place and development center has become the “headquarters among innovative and intelligent manufacturing headquarters” that links domestic and foreign countries and radiates across the country. The Bank of Shanghai actively responded to the policy guidance of “promoting industrial upgrading and creating intelligent manufacturing space” proposed by the municipal government, and provided special loans to Lanfan Medical to support project construction. In the later stage, it will rely on the Bank of Shanghai’s comprehensive financial platform and technological innovation finance advantages to Full life cycle financial services help enterprises develop.

In order to promote the development of “Big Zero Bay” technology enterprises,Bank of Shanghai Shinan BranchOn the first day of the new year, I visited “Big Zero Bay” Qionglong Technology to conduct post-loan inspection and deposit marketing work. The company focuses on satellite/space laser communication equipment manufacturing and data services, and is committed to solving stuck technology issues in my country’s laser communication field. The Bank of Shanghai broke away from traditional credit and provided tens of millions of credit support in the company’s start-up period. In the future, the branch will continue to provide a steady stream of financial resources to the “Big Zero Bay” science and technology innovation enterprises, and assist in the construction of Shanghai’s science and technology innovation center.

In order to accelerate the integrated development of industrial innovation enabled by science and technology and finance, Suzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau pioneered the launch of industrial innovation “cluster loan”.Bank of Shanghai Suzhou BranchTake the initiative to “take charge” to help biopharmaceutical companies solve their urgent needs. The science and technology innovation team immediately contacted the companies on the “Innovation Cluster Key Support Enterprise List” and communicated in depth to understand the company’s basic situation and financing needs. The approval line responded immediately and introduced measures such as differentiated approval and time-limited approval to improve the timeliness of approval. On the first working day of the new year, the 8th company was launched, which solved the company’s financing needs for a total of 26 million yuan, attracting “financial vitality” to the biopharmaceutical companies on the list.

  Bank of Shanghai Tianjin BranchThe corporate team of Hexi Sub-branch, a branch specializing in digital economy within its jurisdiction, visited and conducted on-site visits and research on enterprises in the digital economy park within its jurisdiction. As a major economic zone in Tianjin, Hexi District has a booming private economy and digital economy. Tianjin Branch will take advantage of the good market environment and business foundation in the region, give full play to the advantages of characteristic branches, drive the digital engine, intensively cultivate the digital track, and continue to support Hexi The district accelerates the process of “digital industrialization, industrial digitization, and urban intelligence”.

  Working hard to serve society and people’s livelihood

  Bank of Shanghai Pudong BranchThe staff of the Lujiazui branch are educating residents on how to build a pension security system and enjoy a stable and prosperous life in their later years. As one of the first pension issuance banks in Shanghai, Bank of Shanghai serves more than one-third of the pension population. In the new year, Bank of Shanghai will continue to enrich the connotation and extension of pension finance, specialize in the core competitiveness of pension business, and deepen the overall life The cyclical financial service system builds a complete pension financial service ecosystem across the entire industry chain.

  Bank of Shanghai Shibei BranchIn Ruihong New City outlets, after residents have completed financial services, they can use the self-service machines in the outlets to complete a “cloud diagnosis and treatment”. The Bank of Shanghai and the Municipal First People’s Hospital have promoted the upgrade of “doorstep” elderly services through bank-hospital linkage, so that the one-stop service of “Internet + medical + finance” can benefit more elderly groups.

  Bank of Shanghai Nanjing BranchStaff proactively provide frontline services to help customers sort out deposit and financial management maturity information, and help with asset allocation based on customer risk preferences and asset status; service specialists carry mobile card opening equipment and walk out of the counter and into the hall to meet customers face to face. Communicate, get closer to each other, and better serve customers.

  Bank of Shanghai Shenzhen BranchFrom top to bottom, they are devoted to their work with full enthusiasm. Each branch actively implements the deployment of a good start, studies diversified marketing strategies and high-quality hall service strategies, and adheres to the principle of “early planning, advance deployment, business linkage, and optimized management” As the starting point of the branch’s work, we strive to get off to a strong start.

  Bank of Shanghai Beijing BranchWe will continue to focus on outlets, while improving the hall environment, and strive to comprehensively upgrade our featured businesses. We will launch innovative products to meet the diverse needs of customers, optimize online and offline service channels, and continue to uphold the service of “finance for the people” concept to provide customers with more professional and reliable financial services to ensure that in 2024, “win by opening the door, win in the Year of the Dragon”.

One Yuan begins again, and the curtain opens again. In the new year, Bank of Shanghai adheres to the fundamentals of financial services for the real economy, serving national strategies, integrating into regional economies, and supporting major projects. Adhere to customer-centeredness and write five major articles on technology finance, inclusive finance, green finance, pension finance, and digital finance with meticulous painting.

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