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On the 28th, the “National Luck Feng Shui Conference” of the Year Jiachen was held at University of Malaya. Zhong Fengming and Huang Weilin explained the Nine Lucks of the Beidou Purple Fire.

On the 28th, the “National Luck Feng Shui Conference” of the Year Jiachen was held at University of Malaya. Zhong Fengming and Huang Weilin explained the Nine Lucks of the Beidou Purple Fire.

(Kuala Lumpur News) Dr. Zhong Fengming and Dr. Huang Weilin, well-known corporate Feng Shui consultants in my country, predict that although the global economy will decline in 2024, my country’s national destiny will develop in a good direction in 2024. As for the stability of the unity government, Prime Minister Anwar is in control. , the offensive of the National League was unable to play a role in the unity government. Therefore, the unity government’s governance was successfully launched and implemented!

Talking about my country’s fortune, Zhong Fengming said that the new cabinet lineup and the appointment of the new head of state are good omens for Jiuzili’s fortune.

“According to the analysis of the national horoscope, which is the best in the world, the “Tianliang Star” has transformed into power, and the national leaders have great power. Although the opposition parties are making trouble, it is difficult to cause ripples, and the unity government is governing smoothly.”

“As for economic development, after the first month of the lunar calendar, with the influence of the world’s destiny, our country’s economy will also be affected. Until after the ninth month of the lunar calendar, under the influence of the power of the “Pojun Star”, the overall economic situation is expected to improve and recover.”

Malaysia’s national destiny will be affected by multiple factors, including:

(1) Manufacturing creates GDP growth: Malaysia Ratings expects GDP growth to be between 4-5%, which is a key driving force.

(2) The inflation rate drops: It is expected to drop to 2.5% to 3.5%.

(3) Export recovery: Inflation pressure has eased, and exports are expected to recover.

(4) Fiscal policy improvement: Budget 2024 is a step towards achieving high-quality GDP growth and promoting further socio-economic development.

(5) Boosting the tourism industry: Implement visa liberalization and simplify visa-on-arrival procedures to attract more tourists and investors, promote the development of the tourism industry, and drive overall economic growth.

(6) Impact of the international environment: Changes in world development and the international economic environment, especially international trade relations and investment flows, will affect my country’s foreign trade and the introduction of foreign investment. The global health crisis continues to evolve and will also have an impact on Malaysia’s public health system, tourism and other service industries.

If you want to know more, for example: Is your personal fortune improving in this new year? Which industry will make a lot of money in 2024? Which industries will be challenging? Where is the direction of wealth this year? Want to know your personal financial fortune? What is your wealth password?

To know all this, please attend the “National Luck Feng Shui Conference” to be held at the University of Malaya at 11 a.m. on January 28 (Sunday). Dr. Zhong Fengming and Dr. Huang Weilin will explain it. An in-depth analysis of the nine fortunes of the Beidou Purple Fire.

The course will use the “Beidou Star DNA Code” and “The First Plate in the World” to delve deeply into how the arrival of the nine fortunes is linked to everyone’s lives, and analyze national trends, economic development, and personal impact. Attendees can also obtain An exclusive “12th House” report.

Dr. Zhong Fengming said in an interview that in addition to personal fortune, Ziwei Dou Shu can also be applied to a more macro level, such as the analysis of national destiny and world destiny. Lu, Huaquan, Huake and Huaji reflect the changing trend of stars in a specific time and space context, and help determine the national destiny at a specific time.

Talking about the world situation this year, he said that after the first lunar month, the global economic decline is predicted. The world is burdened with economic challenges. Inflation levels in some countries may continue to rise. The energy market is not ideal. Changes in oil and natural gas prices will affect energy. Costs and economic growth in importing countries.

“In emerging markets and developing countries, the growth prospects of developing economies may be affected by the debt crisis, currency depreciation and capital outflows. The situation will continue until September of the lunar calendar and is expected to improve. With the arrival of Li Huo, natural disasters The crisis with the woods is a big issue.”

The “National Luck Feng Shui Conference” will also scientifically analyze the 10-year trend of the Nine Luck Golden Games, the Big Dipper zodiac signs, etc. In order to give back to readers, the first 30 registrants will receive free places. Registration link:

For any questions, please contact: +601111026999 (Whats app messages only).

Dr. Zhong Fengming is also very grateful to the sponsors for their kind sponsorship, which made this course successfully held. The following is the list of sponsors, strategic partners and VIPs:

Platinum Sponsor

1. ActaPHOS, Malaysia’s first anti-blue light skin care product

2. EST Success G-Forty Top 40 Entrepreneurs

3. ExGreat, the youngest cemetery team in Malaysia

4. AVG Real Estate Sales Star Team

5. JS Blind Malaysia’s largest manufacturer of outdoor electric hand-painted roller blinds


Lotus Reverie Malaysia’s No. 1 energy care brand

Taka Pattisserie, a well-known cake chain brand in Malaysia

Strategic Partner/Honour Guest Strategic Partner/Honour Guest

MTPN – Labuan Malaysian Consumer Certification Council

PUMM Malaysian Entrepreneurship Promotion Association

JCI Seremban Junior Chamber of Commerce International

BNI Royal Chapter International Business Introduction Alliance

JDT Hyperdrink Johor Royal Brand Beverage

FRA Restaurant Resources Alliance

One Belt One Road Certified Institute One Belt One Road Certified Institute

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