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On Qixi Festival, the premiere of “Forgetting Each Other” is so sweet and touching

On Qixi Festival, the premiere of “Forgetting Each Other” is so sweet and touching

Group photo of the movie “Forgetting Each Other” in Beijing Premiere Ceremony

Today, the movie “Forgetting Each Other”, which will be released on Qixi Festival on August 22, held the premiere ceremony of “Better to See You Than Missing Me” in Beijing. Director Liu Yulin, original writer/producer Zhang Haochen, actors Liu Haocun, Song Weilong, Bu Guanjin, Guo Cheng, Zhang Lei, and Guo Keyu were present. In the movie, the sassy Niannian (played by Liu Haocun) and Sihuo (played by Song Weilong) in the second grade, the two went from a passionate and joyful mutual choke PK, to a two-way crush on each other, accompanied each other with a unique youth, and let the audience We went back to that beautiful youth time. The countless heart-moving details in the movie, and the brave confession of the two after their reunion, all made the audience call “I was so sweet by the straight ball love”, and the pure love fighters fell to the ground one after another.

“At the first hour, 25 minutes, and 22 seconds of the movie, there is what I want to say to you; at the first hour, 35 minutes, and 25 seconds of the movie, it is the answer I want from you.” In addition to the passion of youth and the sweetness of crush, The movie’s resonance about “never forget” also touched the audience deeply. And the ritual sense of “meeting is worse than missing” conveyed inside and outside the movie also gave courage to the audience when Qixi Festival is approaching. At the end of the premiere, the youth group composed of Liu Haocun, Song Weilong, Bu Guanjin, and Guo Cheng also playfully demonstrated how to invite people you like to watch movies together on Qixi Festival. That “I like you”. The movie is currently on pre-sale.

From mutual choking to heartbeat, the sense of substitution of passionate youth is full

Liu Haocun and Song Weilong return to campus for the first time

In the movie, Niannian and Sihuo forged a beam due to misunderstanding. From the playfulness at the same table to the head-to-head basketball game, the scenes of youthful scenes are joyful and sweet, and the ignorant feelings when they were young are also unknowingly began to sprout. When talking about the role, Liu Haocun said: “Niannian is like a little hedgehog wrapping himself in a hard shell, and he didn’t open himself until he met Sihuo.” Song Weilong also said: “Sihuo is very energetic and can give himself and the movie The little friends in the film have a lot of energy.” This is also the first time that Liu Haocun and Song Weilong have collaborated to shoot a youth campus-themed film. When they returned to campus, they went through an unforgettable journey together as Nian Nian and Si Huo. Both of them feel that the cooperation is very tacit, and Liu Haocun also shared the feeling of shooting together with everyone, “It really feels like a campus with a few friends every day.”

After watching the movie, many viewers also gave comments such as “very youthful, very real and not hypocritical”, “after watching it, I remembered my high school life”. When talking about Si Huo’s “conspicuous bag” behavior of wearing a skirt, Song Weilong said that he was actually very excited when shooting, “Si Huo’s behavior of willing to bet and admit defeat is very manly, and it is also an apology to Nian Nian.” The director also mentioned that the happy scene of Sihuo wearing a skirt and playing with his friends on the playground also happened naturally on the set, “This is the energy of youth.” These joyful and passionate scenes constitute the most vivid memories of our youth that we will never forget. At the scene, the youth group of four also conducted a wave of fancy PK. Liu Haocun and Song Weilong, Bu Guanjin and Guo Cheng contributed a lot of famous scenes and sent sweet blessings to the audience on the Qixi Festival. The atmosphere of the scene was very joyful.

Bu Guanjin and Guo Cheng talked about campus memories “moved by the details of youth”

“National class teacher” Zhang Lei amuses the audience, Guo Keyu admits that youth is beautiful

There are not only joyful and passionate slapstick in the movie, but also countless real youthful details. Bu Guanjin shared: “There will be post-it notes on the desks in the classroom. Although the camera may not be able to capture them, they are very real.” When I put on my school uniform and sit in the classroom, I feel like I have returned to that period of youth. Guo Cheng also talked about many plots in the movie that actually happened when he was studying, coupled with the careful setting of the scene, it is very immersive, “The brotherhood between Lu Wang and Sihuo is to accompany the brothers to be stupid Brothers are sorry, but also the epitome of our youth.” Through these well-designed small details, the audience seems to see their own youth.

In addition to the four young protagonists, there are also powerful actors such as Gao Yalin, Ni Hongjie, Zhang Lei, and Guo Keyu who are special stars in the film. Their joining has brought many surprises to the film. Guo Keyu, who played the role of Nian Nian’s mother, said with emotion after watching the film, “This film is like fresh air. Haocun and Weilong’s eyes are very clean, and youth itself is very beautiful.” The actor Zhang Lei, who is affectionately called the “national head teacher” by netizens, returns to his “old profession” in the film, playing the role of the head teacher in his true colors. His appearance surprised the audience, and they all said that “it seems to be back in the high school classroom” and “he has the aura of a class teacher standing there.” On the set, Zhang Lei also improvised and contributed a lot of soulful lines, every sentence made people seem to see his former teacher, which caused constant laughter. Guo Cheng also praised at the premiere scene: “The teacher’s improvisation is too good. “

The two-way secret love hidden in the details is beautiful and resonant

The live “Contentment” chorus was full of emotion

Maybe there is a person who never forgets in everyone’s heart. Because of this, the story of Nian Nian and Sihuo from heartbeat to miss and finally reunion can arouse countless resonances. From falling in love without knowing it to walking into each other’s world, I thought it was Sihuo’s secret love for Nian Nian, but Nian Nian had already preempted his heart. At the end of the movie, Nian Nian’s active confession moved the audience even more, and many viewers bluntly said that “pure love is the most beautiful existence”.

In the movie, the first song that Niannian shared with Sihuo on the bus was “Contentment”. The “perfect” whispered over his head made many audiences smile. When the two reunited, the earphones that Sihuo put on for Niannian played “Contentment” sung by himself. It turns out that people who like you will always remember every preference of you. The details of such pure love also made the audience very happy. Resonate, Zhang Haochen also expressed the hope that this film can “show everyone the initial heartbeat of love”. At the premiere, the creators also sang the song “Contentment”. The familiar and warm melody brought the audience back to that good time. Many audiences also took the initiative to join in the chorus, which was touching and romantic.

Zhang Haochen talks about the original intention of the adaptation “to turn the ending into a candy”

Director Liu Yulin encourages everyone to “see you in disguise on Qixi Festival”

The movie “Forgetting Each Other” is adapted from the short story of the same name in Zhang Haochen’s best-selling work “I and the World Are Only One You”. From the novel to the movie, it took eight years of preparation, and the script was revised many times in the middle, before it became The final look on the screen. It is worth mentioning that, compared to the difficult meaning in the original book, the movie brought a happy ending to everyone, and many fans of the original book said it was “complete”.

Talking about the original intention of the adaptation, Zhang Haochen also said: “The original story was written eight or nine years ago. I have also changed a lot in the past few years. Everyone will experience many difficulties in life, so I left the ending of be in the original book. , I hope the ending of the movie can be turned into a candy for the audience.” Director Liu Yulin also expressed that he wanted to send the blessing of “Never Forget” to everyone through this movie, saying bluntly, “I hope the movie can bring you courage. Say what I haven’t said in my heart for a long time, and meet the person I really want to see.” The audience also expressed that watching such a film on Qixi Festival has a sense of ritual, “After watching Nian Nian Sihuo’s brave and straight ball youth, I also have The courage to confess to someone you love.”

The movie “Forgetting Thoughts” is directed by Liu Yulin, supervised by Zhang Haochen, starring Liu Haocun, Song Weilong, Bu Guanjin, and Guo Cheng, with Gao Yalin, Ni Hongjie, Zhang Lei as special stars, Guo Keyu as a special star, Shanghai Tingdong Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taopiaopiao Film and Television Co., Ltd. It is jointly produced by Culture Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Blue Sky Dark Horse Culture Media Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Linghe Culture Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Movie pre-sales are in full swing, looking forward to seeing you on Chinese Valentine’s Day!

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