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On March 28, Chaoting Food will meet you in Wuhan Liangzhilong

On March 28, Chaoting Food will meet you in Wuhan Liangzhilong

Dear customers and friends:

Hello! Thank you very much for your long-term support for Shantou Chaoting Food Co., Ltd. From March 28 to March 30, 2024, Chaoting Food will soon appear at the “Liangzhilong 2024 12th China Food E-commerce Festival” at the Wuhan International Expo Center. We sincerely invite you to visit the Chaoting Food booth to visit and negotiate. We The company will serve you wholeheartedly and is always waiting for your inquiries.

Hereby invite!

Shantou Chaoting Food Co., Ltd.

Booth Guide

Chaoting Food Booth No.


About Chaoting

Chaoting Food was founded in 2005. It has an excellent management team and masters the core production technology of its products. At present, it has passed the HACCP system certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and obtained the “Shantou Beef Ball Making Technique” intangible cultural heritage protection unit. Chaoting Food will support the Winter Olympics in 2022, and its beef balls will appear on the Winter Olympics table. Chaoting has been awarded the title of Key Agricultural Leading Enterprise in Guangdong Province, “Guangdong Brand” Agricultural Brand, Guangdong Province Specialized and New Small and Medium Enterprises, Guangdong Province Chaoshan Special Food Engineering Technology Research Center, the 16th Batch of Shantou City Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, “Shantou “Time-honored Brand”, high-tech enterprise and other honors.

Many star products appeared

Since its establishment, Chaoting Food has been deeply involved in the production and research and development of Chaoshan specialty delicacies such as Chaoshan beef balls. While focusing on the category of beef balls, it has continuously developed Chaoshan pills, Chaoshan braised food, special snacks and other delicacies, forming Chaoshan specialty delicacies. group.

At this exhibition, Chaoting Food will bring its specialty products such as Kung Fu Beef Balls, Beef Tendon Balls, Kung Fu Fish Balls, Kung Fu Cuttlefish Balls, Kung Fu Shrimp Balls and other ball products as well as Chaoshan specialty snacks such as chive-flavored goose rolls, dragon fruit rolls, and vegetarian vegetable rolls. You are invited to have an on-site tasting.

Work together to create the future

Liangzhilong·2024 The 12th China Food E-commerce Festival

March 28th ~ March 30th

Let’s meet in charming Jiangcheng

Wuhan International Expo Center

Booth number: B1-G27

Chao Ting Food

See you there!

▲Chaoting Food’s participation in previous Wuhan Liangzhilong Exhibitions

About the exhibition

“Liangzhilong China Food E-commerce Festival” was founded in 2008. After 15 years of development, it adheres to the ultimate service concept of “making it easy to find food everywhere”, covering seven major regions across the country and gathering the resources of major food suppliers in 16 provinces. Become the leading IP in B2B exhibitions in the national food industry and the first brand in China’s exhibition industry.

Under the guidance of Sanliang Group’s symbiotic catering supply chain strategy, the “Liangzhilong·China Food E-commerce Festival” deeply explores the upstream and downstream of the food and beverage supply chain, and strives to build a symbiotic catering supply chain service brand. It is deeply connected with landmark food production and processing enterprises across China, the resources of major cuisine chefs in China, and the resources of cooking, catering and other industry associations. The exhibit categories cover aquatic products, meat and poultry, fruits and vegetables, seasonings, pasta, etc.; the exhibition titles cover food raw materials, Food machinery and equipment, supply chain services, food packaging materials and other dimensions.

Exhibition scale: 22w+ professional visitors, 4500+ food and catering companies

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