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Officially completed! Sunshine Life’s aided photovoltaic water pumping project “quenched thirst” for Wu? Dian Village in Yunnan

Officially completed! Sunshine Life’s aided photovoltaic water pumping project “quenched thirst” for Wu? Dian Village in Yunnan

On June 26, the sun was shining brightly in Wu? Dian Village, Wuding County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, which made people feel relieved. This day is the 18th day of the trial implementation of Wu?

In April this year, Sunshine Life donated 320,000 yuan to aid in the construction of Wu? . Two months later, the project was officially completed, which also means that the water problem of all villagers in Wu? Dian has been completely solved.

At the completion ceremony, Zhang Wenda, secretary of the village committee, said that the two photovoltaic water pumping projects assisted by Sunshine Life Insurance not only solved the water problem of the villagers, but also helped irrigate the crops during the drought at the beginning of the month, which solved a major problem for Wudian. In just 18 days of trial implementation, it has been greatly recognized by party members and masses of 4 village groups, and the villagers’ sense of happiness and sense of gain has been significantly improved.

Bi Rongfu, a party member of Mugaogu Village, looked at the clear and flowing tap water pumped up by photovoltaic power generation, and said excitedly: “In the past, we used electric motors to pump water. In order to save costs, the water pumped once was accumulated for one or two months, and the mountain spring water turned into water. It has become a ‘dead water’, and now relying on photovoltaic power generation to pump water, it can be pumped and used at any time. There is no problem of drinking ‘dead water’. I am really happy to finally use clean and safe tap water! Thank you very much Sunshine Insurance for our village care and support!”

April and May are the most suitable seasons for spring plowing and sowing in rural areas. It should have been a busy spring plowing scene, but Li Pigui, a large pepper grower in Houcun, Wu? “Drought in spring plowing every year, people and animals are in short supply of drinking water, without irrigation water, we dare not plant peppers, even if we transplant them, we will not survive.” He said with a sad face.

However, since the completion of the photovoltaic water lifting project on June 8, streams of clear mountain springs have flowed slowly up the slope into the villagers’ yards and water storage pools. Smiling, the masses also looked forward to the sight of a bumper harvest of crops such as corn and peppers grown by themselves.

Such smiles were also displayed on the faces of the Sunshine people who participated in the ceremony. The simple praise from the people in Wu? The relevant person in charge said that Sunshine Life has always taken social responsibility as its own responsibility and insisted on being a warm enterprise. Since 2020, the company has actively complied with the calls of “insurance assistance” and “helping rural revitalization”, giving full play to the advantages of insurance protection, and is committed to To improve rural medical security, infrastructure construction, assistance to village doctors, support rural education, promote rural civilized construction and other public welfare activities, actively integrate internal and external resources, help consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and serve the strategy of rural revitalization. This construction assistance is the embodiment of Sunshine Life Insurance’s insurance concept and social value of “love and responsibility”.

With deep feelings for Wu? Dian, Sunshine Life Insurance also launched the “Most Beautiful Garden” selection activity for the beautiful rural style construction of Wu? Dian Village on the same day. Sunshine Life will support 20,000 yuan per year for three consecutive years to commend and reward the “most beautiful courtyard”, promote the construction of rural civilization in Wu? Revitalize.

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