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Official Announcement丨Gaozi Global Brand Spokesperson (Sunscreen Series)??Cheng Yi

Official Announcement丨Gaozi Global Brand Spokesperson (Sunscreen Series)??Cheng Yi

In 2024, Gao Zi joins hands with Cheng Yi, the global brand spokesperson (sunscreen series), to pursue the light, pursue love, and open up many aspects of excitement!

  hand in handCheng Yi OpenHard core sunscreen newstrength

Whether it is chivalrous costumes or affectionate couples, facing different characters, Cheng Yi uses sincerity and strength to give back to every audience with his heart. Just as Gao Zi has devoted herself to researching skin health for 38 years, insisting on researching new technologies, pioneering this era with new technologies, new concepts, and new experiences, and carefully protecting the skin health of the people. Especially when exploring the field of hard-core sun protection, we always adhere to the concept of “sun protection is the first step to whitening”, constantly upgrade sun protection products, grow towards the sun in the fields we are good at, and pursue the light forward!

  Focus on technological skin care and explore sun protection needs

Come from the role, go to the role. Focus on your own field and keep polishing. His sincerity and professionalism coincide with the original intention of the high profile brand. Gaozi has always focused on the needs of consumers, deeply explored the whitening, sun protection and anti-aging needs of Oriental women, continued to explore and make breakthroughs in the field of scientific and technological skin care, and provided consumers with professional, safe and effective whitening and sun protection solutions.

With more than 30 years of deep understanding of consumers’ needs for sun protection and skin care, as well as the use of pioneering technologies, we continue to explore innovative formulas and high-efficiency ingredients. We strive for excellence in every aspect from the strict selection of raw materials, refined formulas, and actual testing of efficacy. Give consumers a new comfortable and effective sun protection experience.

  Sun protection strength upgraded again Protect everyone with peace of mind

In order to break through the difficulty of balancing sun protection and skin feel, Gao Zi has devoted many years of research, accumulated a number of technology patents, and built an exclusive sun protection system through continuous innovation – “UV PLUS light protection technology” to adapt to the sun protection needs of multiple scenarios. , “UV BLOCK encrypted sunscreen shield technology” improves the uniformity of sunscreen film formation and UV COVER continuous waterproof technology “embodies the excellent performance of waterproof and sweatproof, ensuring hard-core sunscreen strength while taking into account excellent skin comfort. Not only In this way, on the basis of sun protection, it integrates the advantages of whitening scientific research. It truly achieves hard-core sun protection and powerful whitening.

In terms of scientific sun protection, Gaozi teamed up with industry experts, dermatologists and professional platforms to strengthen the public’s awareness of sun protection based on sun protection principles and healthy skin knowledge, decipher the technology behind sun protection, and jointly launched the “Sun Protection Instruction Manual III”, which collects Combining strong practicality and high professionalism, it popularizes dry sun protection knowledge to the public and becomes a daily essential professional sun protection guide for citizens, so that consumers no longer feel confused about sun protection. It provides the public with a scientific guide for selecting sun protection products, and can obtain more scientific information. , a more comprehensive sun protection and skin care strategy.

In order to spread the sun protection concept of “sun protection is the first step to whitening” to a wider audience, Gao Zi once again joined hands with’s “Domestic Products Have New Recipes” column and teamed up with many industry experts to provide consumers with an in-depth analysis of the impact of ultraviolet rays on skin. Interpret professional sun protection knowledge, promote national sun protection awareness, and protect national skin health.


The hard-core domestic brand has joined hands with actor Cheng Yi to use its professional protection capabilities to convey scientific and effective sun protection concepts to the people across the country, and guide more consumers to make more professional and effective sun protection choices.

Don’t be afraid of the sun, now! Together with Cheng Yi, the global brand spokesperson of Gaozi (sunscreen series), shine as much as you can and bring out the splendor of every aspect!

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