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Northern Trust’s first batch of “Xinshi Series” family service trust projects were successfully issued

Northern Trust’s first batch of “Xinshi Series” family service trust projects were successfully issued

Recently, the issuance of Northern Trust’s first batch of “Xinshi Series” family service trust projects was a complete success! The series of family service trust projects issued this time have attracted enthusiastic attention from investors and won the favor of a large number of clients. Once launched, they quickly became a popular project in the Northern Trust Wealth Center and achieved good market response. The first batch of projects has been sold out, and subsequent projects are in the process of being launched. Hot booking now.

The “Xinshi Series” family service trust is a family service trust project independently developed by Northern Trust based on in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and guided by the new regulations on the three classifications of trust business and the “three quantities” work requirements of the municipal party committee and government. It is an active exploration of giving full play to the role of financial institutions in promoting long-term capital formation in the trust field. It aims to provide clients with one-stop wealth management services throughout the life cycle and guide investors to form long-term investment concepts.

In recent years, Northern Trust has actively explored the transformation and upgrading of wealth management, from customer services to family services, from single services to comprehensive services, constantly practicing the “customer-centric” concept, and striving to provide better solutions to better meet people’s needs for a better life. The company’s comprehensive financial services have successively launched wealth management service trust businesses such as family trusts and other personal wealth management trusts. The hot sales scene of the “Xinshi Series” family service trusts reflects the client’s high trust in Northern Trust’s professional management capabilities. , a true reflection of support and love!

As my country’s aging process accelerates, full-life cycle wealth planning and inheritance have become urgent problems for some high-net-worth individuals and their families. The “Xinshi Series” family service trust follows the “customer first” orientation and focuses on the long-term wealth planning needs of different types of families. It not only provides the client with family financial accounts and investment and financial products, but also a set of risk isolation and directional allocation. Comprehensive wealth management solutions with multiple functions such as wealth appreciation, generational inheritance, etc.

In the future, Northern Trust will continue to steadily promote the requirements of the trust business classification guidelines, actively embrace the transformation and development of the industry, continue to increase the research and development of innovative businesses, extensively carry out various trust-based businesses, and always adhere to the mission of being a booster of the real economy and inheritance of wealth. The guardian concept adheres to the principle of focusing on the interests of the client, not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind, and effectively fulfills the political, economic and social responsibilities of state-owned financial institutions, assists Tianjin’s “Ten Actions”, and continues to serve the majority of trust clients. Provide more professional, efficient and high-quality services.

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