[Night Eye Care]Gold medal coach has no limit in life, 65 years old, skateboarding and sliding out of freedom

[Night Eye Care]Gold medal coach has no limit in life, 65 years old, skateboarding and sliding out of freedom

(Hong Kong News) There is a “Very Old Skateboarders” group on Facebook (Facebook), which breaks the age limit of skateboarding and gathers a group of “senior” skateboarders and skateboard girls to have fun. Zheng Weiming (Sir Zheng) is well-known in the sports world. In 1997, he led the local basketball team Wiley to win the Asian Champions Club Cup and was selected as the “Best Coach”; He has been a lecturer in the Department of Physical Education at Huihui University for more than 20 years. He has been inseparable from sports for half his life.

Ask Sir Zheng how many sports he plays, he counts them one by one with his fingers: basketball, hockey, badminton, tennis, swimming, hockey, table tennis, archery, Wing Chun… After today, he has added another player to his sports map: skateboard!

Challenge yourself with different sports

When the reporter invited Sir Zheng to try out skateboarding, he was worried whether he would be rejected. Although he has been doing sports, he is over sixty years old, and challenging the extreme sports of skateboarding has certain risks. Confidence: “Instead, I mentioned this to my elementary school teacher. He told me to be careful. He knew that I was playful and often said that I couldn’t calm down!”

Sir Zheng is really active. After retiring from teaching five years ago, he actively tried new things, including rock climbing and sailing. “The more you don’t use the human body, the more degraded it is. People’s thinking is the same. I try to do different sports and challenge myself, just to maintain my health!”

Instructor Guided 1-Day Pedal Challenge

Prepare:Stretch, warm up, wear protective gear

“Skateboarding requires a pair of very flexible feet to do various fancy movements, so it is necessary to warm up, so that the flexibility of the feet will be greatly increased, and the strength will also be different.”

Skateboarding school SeedSkate skateboard coach King Yiu warmed up with Zheng sir, emphasizing that in addition to enhancing sports performance, preventing injuries is also an important part. They put their hands behind their heads, and stretch their waists left and right; stand with one foot, grasp the other foot and pull back to stretch their thigh muscles; stand with their feet crossed, straighten their hands and bend forward, etc. Seeing that Zheng sir’s balance on one foot is not bad.

After wearing the helmet, wrist guards and knee pads, the safety measures are ready, and the pedals are formally stepped on.

Basic actions: Find out the center of gravity and learn to stand on the board

The first thing to do when stepping on the pedals is to find the center of gravity and determine the front and rear positions of the left and right feet. How to find the center of gravity foot?

King Yiu pointed out: “Keep your feet together, and then your body will fall forward in a posture. The first one that sticks out is the foot of the center of gravity.” Zheng sir tried it, the right foot responded first, and the responsibility was in front, while the left foot after put.

Zheng sir officially boarded the skateboard. The coach first stepped on the wheels to fix the skateboard. Both of them were careful. Zheng sir stands on the board with one foot on the center of gravity, practicing the sense of balance and getting familiar with the feeling on the skateboard; when there is no problem with one foot, it is the turn of the two feet to go on the board.

King Yiu gave clear instructions, “The front toes point to the head of the board, the rear toes point to the edge of the board, step on the 4 screws at the rear, and then turn with the front foot against the skateboard, in the same direction as the rear foot, with both feet forming a figure 11. When preparing to get off the board , turn the toe of the front foot to the head of the board first, and step on the ground with the back foot.”

It was Zheng sir’s turn to try. Although the coach continued to fix the skateboard with his feet, Zheng sir’s body on the board was still shaking unavoidably. He took it step by step slowly to ensure that the center of gravity was stabilized after the front foot was on the board, and then slowly raised the back foot. The coach helped him adjust the station from time to time. Posture: “Don’t have an outer or inner eight. The toe and heel protrude slightly outward, and you will stand more stably.”

Slide, turn:Capture the center of gravity, body balance and slide far

After mastering the standing posture on the board, finally came to the “main course” of the novice class – sliding, pushing forward with the toes of the back feet. The two practiced straight lines together. At first, King Yiu leaned sideways, and from time to time, he needed to lean forward slightly when skating. Once Zheng sir almost lost his balance, the coach immediately reminded: “If you lose your balance, don’t wait if you lean back , hit the ground right away!” He emphasized that don’t be impatient, and that safety is paramount when stepping on the pedals.

After practicing almost, Sir Zheng connected the learned movements together. I saw him put his front foot on the plank, step on the ground with his back foot and push forward. His motor nerves are indeed outstanding, and he has succeeded after two or three attempts. At first, the coach watched him and saw him shaking slightly, so he immediately grasped it; after Zheng sir practiced repeatedly, he skated a straight line by himself soon after.

bonus:Heel grinding slows down after braking

Seeing that the student is in a brave state, the coach taught him to turn, “Turn left when (both feet) are pressed to the toes, and turn right when pressed to the heel.” Zheng sir did it with ease.

Learning to understand basic movements, how to consolidate the foundation, improve skating distance and speed is the real challenge. Zheng sir said: “To slide farther, you need to slowly capture the center of gravity of your body on the skateboard. If your body becomes unbalanced and the skateboard shakes from side to side, the (skating) power will be reduced.”

He continued to practice going up and down, skating, and turning. Every time when the movement was not good, or the skateboard lost its forward momentum, he would stop slowly, and then make persistent efforts after landing safely. After 40 minutes of non-stop pedaling, the coach couldn’t help but Ask if you need a break?

“OK, I just started to understand some tricks.” After finishing speaking, he continued to practice.

Master the trick, the smoother the smoother

After one class, I can clearly see Zheng sir’s progress. From the beginning, his feet were shaking back and forth on the board, and he was about to land in one or two steps. Later, he was able to slide for more than 10 meters alone, and then turned, the more he slid, the smoother he was. The coach praised him for getting started faster than young beginners, and he was able to complete the entry requirements on the first day, such as boarding, foot placement, etc.: “The most surprising thing is that he can make turns. Some students may take several classes to do it, but He played for the first time, and he has been able to complete so many movements, which is very good.”

The most important type of pedaling, King Yiu teaches the technique of closing the board. Step on the end of the skateboard firmly with your toes, and immediately grasp it with your hands when the skateboard is tilted upwards. Zheng sir followed suit and cooked the bowls. He touched the skateboard with one hand, and immediately lost the novice feeling. It really looks good!

Seeing that Zheng sir has mastered the novice skills, King Yiu additionally taught him the “brake”, which will come in handy when he wants to stop at a faster speed. King Yiu jumped onto the board to demonstrate, first sliding normally, then turning the toe of the front foot to the head of the board, placing the heel of the back on the edge of the skateboard, and grinding the ground with the back heel, slowing down the speed of the skateboard. Sir Zheng learned it after only two practice sessions, the coach couldn’t help applauding!

A great sense of satisfaction

After stepping on the pedal for more than an hour, Zheng sir is still in high spirits. “I think it’s very fun. I feel that I can control the balance of my body while learning, and I can do different movements slowly, and I feel quite satisfied!”

He even took the initiative to ask the coach the price of the skateboard, “It turns out that the price of buying a board is not too expensive, so I may buy a board and continue to try”!

In fact, this is not the first time Zheng sir has come into contact with skateboards. When he was a child, his neighbor had a skateboard, and he borrowed it ten times and eight times. After decades of going on the board, he does not deny that his body has no muscle memory, but he can still remember the freedom of stepping on the board.

Stretch before and after boarding to prevent injury.

Frightened by all kinds of fancy moves

“I once stepped on a roller (roller skating), and I really like skating on a roller. You will feel a sense of freedom. Skateboards have such a dynamic feeling, which is very comfortable and very happy.” There is a beautiful scenery beside Ru It is even more wonderful to be a companion.

Many people are intimidated by the various fancy moves of the skateboard, and the elders even twisted their heads when they heard about the trial. Sir Zheng encouraged that if you have a good mentor and take adequate safety measures, you might as well give it a try.

Zheng sir repeatedly went up and down the board, skating, and turning, and practiced silently. After an hour, he would slide farther and farther, and the smoother he would slide.

Invite friends to play together

“The elderly are most afraid of falling. Once they fall and get injured, the recovery time is not short, and their physical function and physical fitness will fall quickly; while skateboarding focuses (exercise) on the control ability of the body, especially the balance, which can keep the balance in a good state. “. Sports are good for the body and mind, of course not only skateboarding, he suggested that the elderly can start with the sports they are interested in, and invite friends to play together, so that they will have more motivation!

Text Zhang Shumei Picture Zhu Anni “Ming Pao”

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