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“New Year’s Eve Snow in Jinwan Night” kicks off the New Year’s Eve prelude in Jincheng

“New Year’s Eve Snow in Jinwan Night” kicks off the New Year’s Eve prelude in Jincheng

Time flies by, and in the blink of an eye, 2023 has entered the final stage. In less than 10 days, 2024 will come full of expectations. In the strong New Year atmosphere, Jinwan Plaza’s “New Year’s Eve Snow Jinwan Night” themed event took the lead in playing the prelude to the New Year. The first large-scale wishing tree on the bank of the Haihe River – the “Jinwan Star” – was officially lit in the ceremony. The process of making New Year’s wishes has begun.

Ice and Snow Adventure – Make New Year’s wishes in the snowy atmosphere

Jinwan Plaza takes you to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of “falling snow”. In the Haihe water platform area of ​​Building 4, “snowflakes” are scattered to welcome you in the New Year.

The traditional intangible cultural heritage ironwork performance once again introduced intangible cultural heritage into Jinwan Plaza. “The iron trees and silver flowers fall, and thousands of stars bloom.” When the iron flowers scatter under the night, they turn into all kinds of bright stars in front of you, all blending with the background of the sea and river. Every inch of light is extinguished, turning into sounds of blessing, and the shining iron flowers bring a strong New Year atmosphere.

The “Luohua Electronic Waterfall” carefully arranged by Jinwan Plaza on the bank of the Haihe River made a stunning appearance. It is safe but gorgeous. The shooting stars are like waterfalls, turning into bright starlight in the background of the “City Cover”. It is beautiful and shocking, and it is a happy New Year’s Eve enthusiasm!

On the evening of the 22nd, volunteers from the “City Investment Management Cultural Tourism Team” and professional actors formed a parade team and presented interactive parade performances, bringing joy and laughter to the tourists at the scene. On the same day, the “City Investment Management Cultural Tourism Team” had just won the honor of “Tianjin Model” at the China (Tianjin) Internet Culture Festival. They are dedicated employees in their respective positions on weekdays, and they are silent service providers during events. . This night, they became the shining “Jinwan Stars” in Jinwan Square.

Performances in winter also have a unique mood. Although the weather is cold, the heat on the stage does not diminish. Each performance program allows visitors to experience an outdoor live show exclusive to Jincheng with the combination of music and lighting.

Warm Market – Looking for the breath of “spring” in winter

The Building 6 area paved the way to “spring” and introduced tourists to the “warm market”.

On the shore of Jinwan Pier, the Internet celebrity Big Yellow Duck appeared “on the shore” wearing a red scarf. When a time-honored brand meets a new Internet celebrity, watch the first combination between Big Yellow Duck and Duyang, making this place once again a hot spot for tourists after the National Day. Photo spot for checking in. The scarf worn by the big yellow duck this time is 22 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, and weighs 37 kilograms in total. It is made by hand using ice lines and pattern weaving techniques by two workers. It took ten days to complete, fully demonstrating the traditional skills. Style.

The much-anticipated “Tree of Life” lanterns were lit for the first time in Jinwan on the evening of the 22nd. From Zigong to Tianjin, it brings cutting-edge lantern experience and a new atmosphere in the New Year. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Let us welcome the New Year together under the shade of the “Tree of Life”.

Jinwan Plaza, which has always been focused on outdoor activities, has innovatively opened up the indoor area this time, moving the market scene into a French-style building. After checking in outdoors to take photos and watch the show, you can then go indoors to eat and play, checking in for a dual experience of “ice” and “fire”.

At the two entrances of the “Warm Market”, giant pandas are waiting for tourists. Looking up in front of the Jinwan Grand Theater, you can see the innocent image of giant pandas. The smiling faces of giant pandas greet you on the road along the river in Building 6, adding a liveliness and childlike innocence to the “city cover”! At the same time, Jinwan Plaza has also prepared a small surprise for every visitor. When redeeming a bracelet, you can receive a blank postcard. If you collect stamps in 8 colors, you can get Jinwan Plaza’s exclusive “Panda Theme” customization for New Year’s Eve. Postcards, if you are interested, please go to the site to find where they are!

City Confession Project – Warm the winter with “love”

Jinwan Plaza, which sits on the “beautiful bay” of Haihe River, planned a romantic confession session for Tianjin people during the New Year’s Eve event, providing tourists with the opportunity to express their love loudly.

As the first confession event, a public service announcement was staged here on the evening of the 22nd. Staff from various industries told their stories about themselves, their jobs and the city, and sent blessings to Tianjin’s 619th birthday one day in advance. .

The quota for confessions during the New Year’s Day holiday is still being booked. On such a memorable day, bring her along with you, using the Haihe River as evidence and the “City Cover” as the background, to express your love loudly at Jinwan Plaza! Let us witness the voice of love in this city in 2024.

There are more exciting contents waiting for you to experience and explore during the New Year’s Snow Jinwan Night. The scene content in four major areas allows people of different ages to find their own play areas. From the cultural heritage of time-honored brands to the technological innovation of Tiankai Park, from the interactive entertainment at the Erdu Fun Club to the check-in experience at the New Energy Auto Show, there is always something that can bring you limited happiness. Friends who didn’t catch the first wave of early bird tickets, don’t worry, the activities during the three-day New Year’s Day holiday are waving to you, see you at Jinwan Plaza on New Year’s Eve!

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