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New Year’s Eve movies jointly send good luck and gain a full sense of ritual to welcome the first blessing of 2024

New Year’s Eve movies jointly send good luck and gain a full sense of ritual to welcome the first blessing of 2024


Today, six New Year’s Eve movies “Twinkle Twinkle Star”, “Goldfinger” and “The Annual Party Can’t Stop!” “If You Are the One 3”, “Stealth” and “Shuke Beta·Five-Pointed UFO” launched a joint action to send good luck to New Year movies, and released a special video of “New Year Movie Combined Summons to Sign”, inviting the audience to enter the cinema during the New Year’s Eve ceremony. Welcome the first blessing of the new year with full feeling. The dream linkage of six new films of the same period covering the viewing needs of all ages is unprecedented. It also represents the beautiful wishes of several films to bless the audience with love, wealth, career, companionship, and family in the new year. I hope everyone will watch the movie. Lock in good luck and welcome the New Year!

  Make things happen in a fancy way: Six New Year’s Eve blockbusters wish you good luck in the new year!

The several movies that will be released during the New Year’s Eve period are all unique and colorful. The movie “Twinkle Twinkle Star” starring Qu Chuxiao and Zhang Jianing focuses on secret love coming true. Its drama version once created the myth of income sharing drama. Its popularity is so high that it can be described as the “ceiling of pure love”. The phrase “Zhang Wansen, it’s snowing” ” has become popular all over the Internet, and the movie version will continue to offer the ultimate romantic sweetness of lovers running in both directions. The movie “Goldfinger” directed by Chong Man-keung and adapted from a true mystery case, has assembled a top-notch lineup such as Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Charlene Choi, etc. It is an extravagant and enjoyable film that reveals the secrets of getting rich in the tens of billions. “The annual meeting cannot be stopped!” “As a hilarious comedy movie in the schedule, Dapeng Baike transforms into a “crazy mouth substitute” for a working class. The theme is suitable for the New Year’s Eve atmosphere, making people laugh at promotions, salary increases, and reaching the pinnacle of life. In Fung’s comedy “If You Are the One 3”, Ge You and Shu Qi will join forces to continue writing love classics, which is arousing expectations. In “Stealth”, Andy Lau will play the villain again after 16 years. He will join hands with Lam Jiadong and Eddie Peng to bring an audio-visual feast of Hong Kong-style action crime movies. “Shuke Beta·Five-Pointed UFO” is adapted from the popular IP of “Fairy Tale King” Zheng Yuanjie. It has new settings on the basis of full of memories and a family-friendly atmosphere. It is the first choice for parents and children to watch movies. Six new blockbuster New Year’s Eve movies have joined hands to launch “Koi Lucky Draw”, “Surprise Theme Movie Viewing”, “Planes Taking Movies to Sky” and other fancy new ways to play. We hope that audiences will choose to enter the theater during the New Year’s Eve and watch love. , crime, comedy, family fun and other types of movies, at the same time, it also welcomes all-round new opportunities and good luck in the New Year!


  Going to the movies on New Year’s Eve: All the rituals you want are available in the theater!

As a time transition node to bid farewell to the past and welcome the future, the New Year’s Eve period often carries people’s longing and expectations for the new year and new atmosphere. Arranging a meaningful New Year’s Eve event and using a beautiful sense of ritual to create exclusive memories for yourself and your relatives and friends is a pressing need for young people. Cinemas provide young audiences with an excellent setting for offline gatherings. Together with friends, they can gain new experiences that cannot be experienced in daily life through the twists and turns of the story on the screen. “Twinkle Twinkle Star”, “Goldfinger” and “The Annual Party Can’t Stop!” “If You Are the One 3”, “Stealth” and “Shuke Beta·Five-Pointed Flying Saucer” six films jointly launched the “New Year Movies to Send Good Luck Joint Action” this time, hoping to awaken young audiences to watch movies in a groundbreaking and innovative way As a way to celebrate the new year. Participate in the lottery within the “Looking for Koi” mini-program and you will have the chance to win movie tickets, coupons, and mysterious gifts, the first good fortune of the new year! “Snow Field” theme movie viewing can realize your wonderful imagination of love and create romantic memories with a sense of ritual with the person you like; there are also more surprise and special movie viewing themes such as “Beer Field” and “Rich Wealth Field”. Drops regularly. In the New Year, set small goals for yourself in terms of study and career. The movie uses a “plane” to help you carry your wishes into the sky and soar into the sky! There are more exciting activities on the way. As long as you want it, you can have it in the cinema, which will definitely give you the most special New Year’s Eve experience. Go to the cinema on New Year’s Eve, relax in the company of family or friends, celebrate the arrival of the new year with important people, feel the joy and warmth of the festival, and use light and shadow to create an exclusive memory of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. You deserve it. !

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