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New world, new voyage: China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Headquarters Building officially opened

New world, new voyage: China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Headquarters Building officially opened

  On November 20, China Pacific Life Insurance, a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance, held a relocation ceremony for its headquarters building, and the “Pacific Life Building” located in Xintiandi, Shanghai, was officially opened.As a new landmark of the city, theJointly developed by China Pacific Insurance, Shui On Real Estate and Shanghai Yongye GroupThe Pacific Xintiandi Commercial Center injects new vitality into the construction of the “International Composite Functional City Center” in the Greater Xintiandi area, and the T3 office building in it is used as the headquarters office building of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance. It is a “core” with the concepts of green, smart, friendly and sharing. The workplace will further stimulate organizational vitality, strengthen the construction of China Pacific Life Insurance’s “enabling headquarters”, and help the company’s “Long-term Voyage Operation” deepen its transformation and advance in depth.

Huangpu District Party Committee Secretary Gao Yun, China Pacific Insurance Chairman Kong Qingwei, China Pacific Insurance Chairman Pan Yanhong, and China Pacific Insurance General Manager Cai Qiang jointly unveiled the new workplace at China Pacific Life Insurance Headquarters

  Starting from the tide of Pujiang River, we build a new world together:Promote high-quality development in Shanghai

  China Pacific Insurance was born in Shanghai on the banks of the Huangpu River, resonating with the pace of urban development.We always have the original intention of taking root in Shanghai, building Shanghai, and serving Shanghai, and regard serving the integrated high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta as an important regional strategy. We always pay close attention to Shanghai’s development plan, and take advantage of insurance funds to participate in Shanghai’s urban construction. .

Shanghai Xintiandi is not only the city card of Shanghai, but also one of the top 20 cultural landmarks in the world. Under Shanghai’s vision of becoming a world-class city, the future Daxintiandi area will become an important part of the “dual core” in the new blueprint of “One Belt, Dual Core and Three Districts” in Huangpu District, and is committed to creating the best “world-class composite functional core area” practice.

Pacific Xintiandi Commercial Center is an important future-oriented commercial project in Xintiandi territory. It consists of a 250-meter landmark super-A office building, two 100-meter super-A office buildings and a podium commercial building. The total investment of the project is, The single building area has reached a record high in China Pacific Insurance’s history. China Pacific Life Insurance will fully connect strategic partners and gather high-quality corporate resources here to promote the commercial prosperity of classic Huangpu in terms of stabilizing the economy, promoting employment, and attracting talents, assisting the construction of Shanghai as an international consumer center city, and promoting the high-quality development of Shanghai.

New world, new energy, new achievements, more exciting

  Starting from a small office in Hengshan Hotel, China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance has successively relocated to multiple offices in Wusong Road, Lujiazui, and South Bund.. The opening of the independent office building in Xintiandi enables all employees of the headquarters to work together, which not only represents the gradual growth and expansion of China Pacific Insurance, but alsoIt is also a milestone moment for the company to adhere to the path of high-quality development and continue to promote the “Long Voyage Operation”.

  At the beginning of 2021, in the face of profound changes within and outside the industry, China Pacific Insurance Life launched the “Long-term Voyage Operation” to start a comprehensive and deepening transformation. After the 18-month “Phase I Project” focusing on field transformation was successfully concluded, the transformation has now entered a new stage of “Phase II Project”. According to the management of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Co., Ltd., the second phase of the “Operation Long Navigation” project focuses on back-office transformation. Through upgrading the organizational management model, it will stimulate the release of organizational vitality at all levels and create an “enabling headquarters” and “operating organization.” Comprehensively adapt to field professionalization, specialization, and digital transformation, further consolidate the results of the first phase of the project, and achieve “model transformation” to “model formation.”A new office building that incorporates multiple special designs such as intelligence, greenness, internationalization, and human cultureThe building will support the creation of the “brain” of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance Headquarters and help the “Long-term Voyage Operation” to run stablyZhiyuan.

The Pacific Life Building faces the site of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China across the lake. In this red place, China Pacific Life Insurance will continue to uphold and practice the core values ​​of “integrity in the world, stability in life, pursuit of excellence, innovation and win-win”, and will Forge ahead with new organizational vitality to create greater value for customers, employees, shareholders and society.

Relevant leaders and guests of CPIC witnessed the milestone moment together with shareholder representatives, customer representatives, employee representatives and marketer representatives.

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