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New trends in smart bathrooms: From function to experience, healthy bathrooms lead the new trend

New trends in smart bathrooms: From function to experience, healthy bathrooms lead the new trend

In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption concepts, the modern home furnishing market is undergoing a profound change. Traditional product function orientation is gradually being replaced by new consumption concepts, especially in the field of bathroom products. Smart bathroom products designed and developed around the concept of “health” are triggering the emergence of a new consumer trend.

Looking at the development and evolution of the consumer market, consumers in the past emphasized product functions, but now they pay more attention to the feelings and services that products can bring. As a core component of the home scene, smart bathroom products have in-depth exploration in functional innovation, product integration, integrated scene design, etc., which not only greatly improve the comfort of the bathroom space, but also become the driving force for the upgrading of the bathroom space. Strength, giving a richer connotation to the healthy environment of human settlements.

At present, the quality upgrading of smart bathroom products is intensifying, but it is undeniable that bathroom products represented by smart toilets have always been in a “delicate” state with low penetration rate but high reuse rate. From 2015 to the first half of 2020, the number of smart toilet brands in China surged from 30 to 258, with sales reaching more than 2 million units in 2020. The surge in the market will inevitably go through a process of hundreds of rivals vying for market share and gradually increasing brand concentration. This process will lead to all-round competition in the industry and a magnificent business situation.

Smart toilets have evolved from remote control operation to somatosensory operation and voice operation. Users do not need to use their hands. The seat cover automatically opens and flushes and sterilizes automatically after standing up. The information screen has changed from information display to smart reminders; the bathtub has added many innovations such as health massage and constant temperature… Bathroom The packaged sales of space are more obvious. When consumers purchase bathroom products, they have a clear habit of purchasing toilets as a single item, along with washbasins, hardware, bathroom cabinets and other packaged products.

Wang Jia, president of Huida Sanitary Ware, said that the main body of home consumers is accelerating to the post-90s and post-00s generations, and consumption concepts are also changing. User demands have shifted from single high-quality goods to packaged and healthy scene solutions. She believes that the involution process is a process of eliminating the dross and selecting the essence. Market reshuffle is inevitable and small brands will eventually disappear in the market wave. This industry involution also promotes brand manufacturers to continuously explore the use scenarios and connotations of bathroom products. value.

In this context, companies can only adapt to market development and changes by returning to their original aspirations and making products based on users. Huida Sanitary Ware has always adhered to the development philosophy of people-oriented and technological innovation, deeply ingraining the concept of health in the company’s genes, and “breaking the game” with differentiated and diversified products through technological innovation. In 2024, Huida Sanitary Ware proposed to focus on creating “healthy bathrooms” and implement health into product research and development. Taking Huida Sanitary Ware’s best-selling smart toilet as an example, it uses an antibacterial seat with an antibacterial rate of greater than 99% and nano-silver antibacterial material. The cleaning spray bar is also equipped with a complete sterilization system: electrolyzed water, ultraviolet rays… the sterilization rate can also exceed 99%, allowing people to feel more assured and at ease during use. From materials to water quality, to the application of sterilization technology, Huida Bathroom integrates the concept of healthy bathroom into every detail of its products. A number of healthy smart toilets have been recognized by distributors and consumers after their launch.

In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the increasingly diversified consumer demands, the smart bathroom market will usher in broader development prospects. And those brands that can keep up with the times, continue to innovate, and focus on user experience will surely stand out in this change and become market leaders.

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